Homework: Ask For Help

Homework: Ask For HelpIf you are reading this blog post, we probably have many things in common. If you are anything like me, you have a hard time asking for help because we are super self-sufficient and don’t need anyone or anything!

We are strong and powerful and confident in asking the universe for what we want, but have a difficult time asking an actual person for what we need when we aren’t able to provide it for ourselves.

I messaged a friend last night who is struggling with defeat when it comes to racing triathlon and I asked her if she was talking with anyone about it. She said “not really I just keep to myself”.

I felt her pain and wanted to do something to help her, but I have no idea what she needs, and she’s not about to ask for my help! But I got it, and didn’t push, because that’s exactly how I would be reacting if I were in her same situation.

Today while talking to my success partner, Tara, she called me out on the same exact thing. There are things I need right now in my life that I am not able to handle on my own with adjusting to mommying full-time to a newborn baby.

I wanted to be that person who could do it all! But I’m not, and that is super disappointing to me. Tara reminded me that not only is it OK to ask for help, but if I don’t, I’m not going to be a successful mommy, which is my ONLY job right now.

We talked about ways to do it and what words to use and to be honest I’m still not sure how it will all play out. The thought of being dependent on more than just me makes my stomach hurt. And with the damn hormones raging, I feel like I’m going to cry even thinking about it.

So I thought I would challenge myself and put out the same challenge to you! Together we can do this!

No one else knows what we need but us. They aren’t mind readers. They can’t possibly know our struggle. They will never offer to help because we usually don’t accept it. We can’t blame anyone but ourselves.

We need to be brave and make the first move. We need to be open and vulnerable and communicate what we need with those who love us the most. They want to help, but won’t know how unless we share. Just writing this is making me want to throw up!

Seriously! But I know I can’t keep beating myself up for what I can’t do on my own right now. My baby doesn’t need to feel my struggling or anxiety. She deserves only love and light. I want to give her the best chance for success.

I am listening to GIRL WASH YOUR FACE by Rachel Hollis and she says as a new mommy, you have 2 things to do each day and that is it! Number 1: Keep your baby alive and Number 2: Keep yourself alive. First of all, thank you for this! Second of all, I need to ask for help!

So here is our challenge:

Pick something small that you need help with right now. So small that if we don’t get the help we want/need, it’s no biggie! Ask for that! Ask someone you trust and that you know has your best interest in their hearts! Ask! Just ask!
Then pick something bigger, scarier to ask for. Or maybe something you need from someone who you are afraid to ask? And ask.

No need to rush from one “ask” to another, take your time, baby steps. Wait until you are ready, but don’t wait too long. Take each positive outcome and roll with it. Use it to help give you confidence for your bigger and scarier ask!!

Keep working your way up until you get to the one that’s going to make the biggest difference in your life right now!


I would LOVE to hear how it goes for you! I’m sure I’ll share how mine is going!


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Keep It Simple!

Keep It SimpleI am constantly working toward simplifying my life. I love decluttering, organizing, and coming up with systems to help make things easier for me. With a baby girl arriving in the next 6 weeks, I am working double-time to simplify, as I know babies are time consuming and can complicate life more than it already is.

One of the things I am working on is my lists. I have several businesses and income streams and most require me to do activities every single day. In the past I have made a list of every single thing I need to do each and every day to move toward my ideal life! Since I am an optimist, I make my lists with enthusiasm and the very best of intentions. I double check it, organize it, and print it out, ready to start the very next day!

Day 1: I do 80% of the activities – I am motivated and fired up and make extra time to move toward my ideal life!!

Day 2: I do 60% of the activities – a couple things come up but I’m still able to get stuff done!

Day 3: I do 50% of my list – I got behind on a couple other things I needed to do, plus at some point I have to sleep and eat and shower!

Day 4: I do 30% of my list – I’m a little overwhelmed and stayed up late the night before. I feel like I need to catch up from day 2 and 3 slacking and the overwhelm is paralyzing.
Day 5: I do 1% of my list – I do the one thing on my list that is the easiest and most enjoyable. It’s been a long week and I am ready to veg.

Day 6: Feel like a failure, yell at myself, get so annoyed with my undisciplined being that I eat too much and sleep too little AND get nothing productive done. I go to bed feeling like crap!

Day 7: Get my shit together, print out a new list, and am super excited to start fresh tomorrow!!


This has been my life for the past 10 years. Seriously! I keep telling myself these lists would make my life more simple, I just have to make the time to do everything on them each and every day.

Last week my friend and mentor, Tara, brought to my attention that I am setting myself up to fail every single day. Wow! That sounds depressing! It’s like loading your house with cookies and chips and then getting mad at yourself for eating cookies and chips.

There has got to be a better way!

So this month I am doing TWO new (different) things…

My list will have “only” 11 things a day ranked in order of importance.

I will pre-schedule ALL activities into my calendar each day. Starting with #1. When I run out of time, I stop scheduling. If time “appears”, I can add in the next activity, if not, no biggie.

I got up early this morning and made my lists. Put them in my spreadsheet. Printed them out! I will schedule them all in this weekend and then start my new system Monday!
I am hopeful!

I would love to hear what systems work for you in your life with scheduling, time-management, working from home, and raising a baby! I am open to anything that makes my life and myself better!

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Welcome Coura McCay Sutphin to this MIRACULOUS World!

Welcome Coura McCay Sutphin to this MIRACULOUS World!I may have gone a little crazy on social media the past 2 weeks on posting pics of my new baby girl, but I am not apologizing. I do the same thing every time I have been proud of an accomplishment, enthusiastic about a new adventure, or pretty much anything I am excited about in my life, which is usually a lot.

BUT…just in case you aren’t on Facebook or Intagram…here is the scoop…

A couple hours after I posted my weekly “Happy Bump Day” preggo photos for #36weeks, I went to the hospital to check on a “dribble” which ended up being my water breaking.

About 38 hours later, I popped out an amazingly perfect baby girl. In fact, she didn’t even have to visit the NICU! Most “preemies” do, but she is an over achiever and passed most of her initial tests with flying colors!

Check out Coura’s birth story! – Our Birth Plan: Have a F-ing Baby!

She did have to sleep under the bili light for 2 days, but that’s common in all babies, not just preemies.
Coura McCay Sutphin was born at 7:28 am on June 15, 2018. She was 18.5 inches long and weighed 5 pounds 13 ounces. She is a Gemini and a 5 in Numerology.

I know ALL moms think their baby is beautiful and perfect and such, so I’ll spare you the doting, but the second she came out of my body and lay straight over my heart, I knew how much I would adore her for the rest of my life.

As most of you know, Coura was not planned, and in fact was a bit of a miracle. But from the moment I found out I was pregnant, I was looking forward to the day I got to meet her. I look forward to seeing her experience life and explore this world with and without me. I am excited to see how she responds and reacts to every part of her life, and I can’t wait to see how we both grow and benefit from knowing each other.

Coura is short for Courage. Courage is one of the main themes in my life. I am not always brave, but I always strive to be. It’s not easy taking action when I have no idea the outcome, but if I’m not brave enough to try, I will never create my ideal life.

One of my favorite quotes is: “More often than not, being brave means doing it scared.” -Michael Hyatt
I am scared all the time, but I remind myself that courage gives me hope and hope is the only emotion stronger than fear. So I stay hopeful and courageous. And now I have this precious piece of me to remind me that courage trumps fear every damn day for the rest of my life!


Check out our journey…


Thanks for sharing this amazing experience with me!

See you soon!

Our Birth Plan: Have a F-ing Baby!

Our Birth Plan: Have a F-ing Baby!On Wednesday, June 13th, exactly 4 weeks before I was “scheduled” to have my baby girl, I had some “leaking” from my girl parts. If this is already TMI, I suggest you close out and pick another one of my 200 blog posts to read instead.

Anyhoo…I went straight to the experts at Google to find out what was going on. I read it was no biggie, but to call my midwife if I was concerned at all. After a call in and call back a few hours later, she specifically said (I swear I wasn’t in denial) it could be my water and if so I would need the antibiotic for the strep strain my body had in it (super common) so to come in to the hospital at some point that evening to get it tested. No rush. Eat dinner, do whatever, just come in sometime tonight.

We casually hopped into the car and drove to the hospital. The nurse on duty tested the fluid and yes, it was some water leaking. She said she needed to start me on the antibiotic and asked if I wanted to wear what I had on or I wanted to change into a gown. I was a little confused as to what we were doing as I thought I was just getting a shot of Penicillin or something and then heading home. So I asked “it depends, what are we doing?”. She looked at me like I was joking (which I wasn’t) and said “we’re having a baby!”

WHAT?? Now? Huh? I was super confused and I looked over at my boyfriend and shrugged my shoulders and said “apparently we’re having a baby”? He kind of nodded-ish? And that was that.

I watch a lot of movies and I had no idea your water can break without being a flood of fluid flowing down your legs on the street corner or in a fancy restaurant, but apparently it could be disguised as a small trickle of fluid that I thought was drops of pee from my incompetent bladder as a result of being 8 months pregnant! I had no idea that my water had “broken” and a baby was on it’s way! We had no bag packed and only a loose list of what we might need for the hospital when the time came. Well the time came! Matt went home to get us some stuff for the next few days and came back with vegan pizza from Whole Foods and a Zevia. Life was good!

We started the process to induce labor, but since I arrived at 0 cm dilation, this could take a while. After 24 hours my midwife was ready to start Pitocin, but my body wasn’t. I was only at 1.5 cm dilation and needed to be at least 2 to start the next step. So she manually (yes it is what is sounds like) dilated me another cm (OUCH) to get the party started.

The Pitocin kicked in WAY too fast and within an hour my contractions were coming back to back with no break. I needed something to take the edge off so they administered nitrous gas which is supposed to block pain signals to my brain.

I still felt the pain but added puking and dizziness and slurred speech and everything else that goes along with being higher than a kite. It was NOT what I wanted to feel at all. It was a great reminder why I don’t drink or do drugs. I hated that feeling of being out of control. The worst part was, after an hour on Pitocin and 3o mins on the gas, I was still only dilated to 3cm. CRAP!

I asked for an Epidural. They take about an hour to administer. That hour SUCKED!
After the Epidural kicked in (thank god) I was able to relax a little. I even slept a couple hours.

I was woken up at 5:30 the next morning feeling MUCH better! I was dilated to 8 cm and my midwife came in and broke the rest of my water. After that, things progressed quickly. Within 30 minutes I was at 10 cm and ready to push!

Pushing wasn’t hard. It just takes time. After 90 minutes of it, I was getting pretty tired, but was making progress. Her head was starting to peak out and my midwife grabbed my hand so I could touch her head (weird). She asked if I wanted a mirror to watch? Um…no thanks! I didn’t need to see all that 😊 but did look down during the final few pushes to see her make her way out of my body and into the world. She was immediately placed on my chest where she laid for a while before she was taken across the room for measurements, weight, and a few tests to make sure she was as perfect as I had known she was. My baby girl was born at 7:28am on Friday, June 15th.

Going into the hospital, my birth plan was “to wing it”. Whatever needed to be done for a safe delivery was what I wanted to happen. I didn’t plan on anything but was open to anything. When I told a friend about my birth plan, she told me hers was “to have a fucking baby”. YES! That was mine too! And that is exactly what happened.

If I were to do it all over again, the only thing I would change is to get the Epidural sooner. Having it made me so much more present and aware in the moment. When I was in pain and using the gas, I was trying my hardest to “be somewhere else” or to “not think about my body” and that isn’t what I wanted at all.

The birth of Coura was perfect! I had my bf, Matt, and my mom with me the entire time. My midwife was AMAZING and all the nurses were great! The Boulder Community Health Family Birth Center was exactly where I was meant to have her.

I can’t wait for her to read this!!

Thanks for all your love and support and messages and texts during the 5 days we were in the hospital. You have NO idea how much it helped me! THANK YOU!

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The Pretty Girl Book Club IS BACK!!! June 2018

The Pretty Girl Book Club IS BACK!!! June 2018Our June 2018 Book Club book is “You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life” by Jen Sincero.

“It’s not your fault that you are f*cked up, but it IS your fault if you stay f*cked up”

-Jen Sincero, musician, comedienne, self-help angel, no BS coach, and author of “You Are A Badass”

Category: Self-Help/Personal Growth

I have read this book a couple times before, but not in a couple years and I have been feeling like I am losing my confidence and power in my life. I thought this book would be a great jump back into personal growth and development after a hiatus. It’s an easy read, the chapters are short, and it packs a lot of important info into a small package.

The synopsis of the book on Amazon.com sums it up as…


In this refreshingly entertaining how-to guide, bestselling author and world-traveling success coach, Jen Sincero, serves up 27 bitesized chapters full of hilariously inspiring stories, sage advice, easy exercises, and the occasional swear word, helping you to: Identify and change the self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors that stop you from getting what you want.

Create a life you totally love. And create it NOW, Make some damn money already. The kind you’ve never made before.

By the end of You Are a Badass, you’ll understand why you are how you are, how to love what you can’t change, how to change what you don’t love, and how to use The Force to kick some serious ass.

The book is 256 pages long.

Here are a few words from others who have read this book…

“What an amazing book! Had a dear friend give it to me… and now I’ve given it to a dozen or more friends! It’s a must read!”

“Love this book – and her follow-up, You Are a Badass with Making Money!”

“I love the way she is super no-nonsense and straight forward with her advice. I also love that the chapters are super short!”

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Streak With Me: Writing

Streak With Me: Writing ... Every month for the past 3 years I have been doing a “streak”. A streak is a daily activity I do for a certain amount of days to move me toward a healthy habit or something I want in my life. Every month for the past 3 years I have been doing a “streak”. A streak is a daily activity I do for a certain amount of days to move me toward a healthy habit or something I want in my life. Last year I started invited others to join me. I wanted to introduce them to this “baby steps” approach to life that has worked so well for me.

So each month I make a facebook event and invite all my social media peeps to join me in streaking!

The great thing about this challenge is that each individual gets to decide what he/she wants to streak. It can be something in the fitness or nutritional world (like run a mile or drink a gallon of water) or it can be something completely unrelated (like flossing or telling your kids how much you love them).

I have done several different streaks involving all areas of my life.

This month I am doing a writing streak. I have tried this streak several times over the past couple years, and the longest I have gone is 6 days. The week days are very easy for me to schedule things in, but my weekend plans are all over the place and I typically just forget to continue the streak since it’s not quite a habit for me yet.

This time around I decided to shorten my minimum. The first time I attempted this streak, I chose a minimum of 30 minutes. The second time, I tried for 15 minute minimum. The next, 10. This time (after several fails) I decided to go for something there is NO excuse for not completing…5 minutes of writing a day!

Some people would say “what’s the point of writing 5 minutes a day?” It all adds up, baby steps, building good habits, doing small easy tasks each and every day to move toward a bigger goal and ultimately to the life of your dream. That’s the point!

I’m on day 4. So far so good! Got through the first weekend of the month. Today’s streak was writing this post about my writing streak! #multitasking

I lead a “streaking” challenge every month. It’s more fun to streak with friends! What would you streak? What could you change in your daily routine that will make a huge difference in your life over time?

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Plant Powered for Life: Coco Hydrate

Plant Powered for Life: Coco HydrateOf all the facets in my crazy unfocused “squirrel” life, the subject that I get asked the most questions about is being vegan. I am often asked specifically WHAT products (foods) I eat, drink, supplement, train, race, etc with. Instead of constantly running down my list of “the usuals”, I decided to start a list of my faves and write a quick summary of benefits and why I love the product for you to read and decide if it’s a product that will work for you in your life.

The first product I am highlighting is one of my newest additions for my health/pseudo-training/can-take-while-pregnant drinks I have during my workouts.

I have been wanting to like coconut water since it first became “mainstream” about 6 years ago. I tried every brand, flavor, even the real thing fresh in Kona, but hadn’t found one I could stomach. I didn’t like the flavor or the consistency of it. Now I’m all for health benefits, but I won’t stick with anything long term (or short term) that I don’t like the taste of!

I had been drinking a product called “Can’t Beet This” (beet powder) for health and training and LOVED it, but when I found out I was pregnant, I had to stop because it has caffeine and too many herbs in it that my doc said to stop until after I have my baby. So I was on the lookout for something else.

The same company that made the beet powder, Purium, had just come out with a coconut water
powder. I ordered some and crossed my fingers. I already believed in the benefits of the ingredients, just needed to make sure I liked the taste. And I did! PHEW!!

This product is called Coco Hydrate. It’s described as: Organic ecologically responsible Coco Hydrate!

Coconut water is amazing but most brands are not organic and are bad for the planet. Our coconut water is dehydrated on-site after harvesting to reduce our carbon footprint. Hydrate and reenergize with our blend of coconut water, mineral salts and rooibos. The concentration of balanced electrolytes can help promote hydration after a workout, elevation shift or just an afternoon thirst quencher.

It’s made by a company called Purium which is a company that goes back to the original purity standards. No artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, binders, fillers, hormones, pesticides, irradiated or genetically-modified ingredients. Just real food. Super food. For super results. Purium offers a solution that benefits our bodies, as well as the Earth.

I like and support the company because the majority of their products are plant-based and they promote a plant-based lifestyle.

I drink this every day at the gym when I am working out. I have also mixed it in my smoothies if I am feeling a little dehydrated or fatigued, which is a common occurrence in my third trimester of pregnancy!

Retail cost of Coco Hydrate is $29.95. I have a $50 gift card you can use for any orders over $75.

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Simplify Your Life: Easy Sushi Rice For Lazy Vegans

Simplify Your Life: Easy Sushi Rice For Lazy VegansMost of you know I am constantly working toward simplifying my life. Adding systems, de-cluttering, organizing, tossing stuff, etc, in order to make my life less complicated and easier to handle.

The area in my life that I think I have excelled in this the best so far, is meal planning, prepping, and cooking. I love eating food, a lot of it, and have found recipes that have made my life simple and easy when it comes to time in the kitchen!

I wanted to share with you some of the things that have worked for me!

To start off, in order for any planning, prepping, organizing, etc to work, you have to be willing to make time for it. I am fortunate because I work from home, so I can make things that take a long time to cook (and by long time I mean 30 minutes) while I am working!

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you choose to do this, set a timer on your phone (not the stove in case you leave the kitchen) for when to check on stuff. I have learned the hard way, several times, that it’s super easy to get distracted and forget what you are doing on the stove, and end up with eggs exploded all over the kitchen ceiling (pre-vegan) and a pan melted into the stove, and smoke filling the house. My bad!


Even if you don’t work at home, you can find time to prep things that take time to cook. While watching TV, while helping the kids with homework, while you are doing your exercise video (I mean streaming), while you are taking a shower and primping, while you are walking the dogs (short walk only in this case), etc. If something is important to you, you will find time for it!

Here is one of my fave things to prep and have on hand for the entire week…


I love making a giant pan of Sushi Rice because it is simple, inexpensive, and can be made into sushi burritos, sushi rolls, stir-fry, any rice dishes, or even eaten plain. You can make sushi rolls out of any fruits, veggies, etc that you have laying around the house or that you like to eat so it is quick and convenient to have handy. It also makes for a sweet/salty treat for after dinner or after a long workout. It’s versatile and something the whole family can enjoy. It’s healthy and can be eaten warm or cold.

Easy Vegan Rice Burrito Recipe

Here is my recipe…

Time: 30 minutes


  • Sushi Rice (I have used several brands and they all taste the same to me)
  • Rice Vinegar (I have used plain and with garlic and like both the same)
  • 100% Maple Syrup (I have also used coconut sugar when I was out of maple syrup and it was still really yummy, and a little cheaper)
  • Sea Salt

I make a double batch to save on time and have more available for me, so if you won’t be going through that much, make a single batch.


Cook rice as directed (my double batch makes 8 c of rice)

When you are 5 minutes away from rice completion, begin making the sauce.

In a saucepan, bring to a boil ½ c of rice vinegar, ½ c of maple syrup, and 1 tbsp of salt.

Once everything is dissolved together (about 1 minute of boiling and stirring), pour the liquid into the rice and stir.

You can eat it immediately if you want to make it into something warm (or eat plain) or you can cool it and store it for later use.

I store mine with a lid on the counter because I like it to stay soft (sometimes rice in the fridge gets hard) and have stored it up to 2 weeks.

I love eating it plain! For meals I usually take a seaweed wrap (nori paper) and lay a thin layer of rice on top, spread vegan mayo on top of the rice, and then add whatever veggies I have or want.

My fave is bread and butter pickles and pickles beets with minced garlic and ginger. I wrap it all up into a “burrito” and eat!

I would love to hear your fave uses for Sushi Rice and other super simple kitchen hacks that have worked for you!

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My Top 10: Reasons I Like Being Pregnant

My Top 10: Reasons I Like Being PregnantWhen I first began to share the news that I was pregnant, after the initial shock from others wore off, I started getting stories of how awful pregnancy is. From morning sickness to being uncomfortable all the time to weird cravings and back pain! Gee, something to look forward to!

Luckily, I know everybody is so different, and I always wait to see what my experiences are instead of worrying from others’ past experiences, so I was still optimistic. Curious and interested to see how the next 9 months of my life would look but had no expectations or judgements about the process.

I followed my “word” for 2018, which is “trust”. I trusted that everything would unfold as it should.

Fast forward almost 8 months…

The question I get most often these days is “how are you feeling?” It’s hard to answer that question because in general I feel amazing, I mean for being 8 months pregnant and 30 pounds overweight!

Am I full of energy and in peak racing condition and emotionally stable and high as a kite? No, but I never am. Is anyone?

I have had ups and downs, cried a few times, gotten down on myself, felt elated, and pretty much everything in between. I have had “perfect” eating days and shitstorm eating days. I have had great workouts and cleaned the house and worked on my bizes and been super productive one day, and then sat on my lazy butt and watched 8 hours of “Grey’s Anatomy” the next.

But this is exactly how my life has been the past 45 years, so really, not much has changed!

I will, however, say I don’t mind being pregnant at all! It’s been much easier physically, mentally, and emotionally that I had imagined. From stories I have heard, I am having a very easy pregnancy. I know I have several weeks to go, and I know I will be growing exponentially over this time so I prob shouldn’t put this in writing, but as of now, I would say being pregnant is a walk in the park!

Here are the 10 things I like most about being pregnant…

10: When I over eat I can say “I’m eating for two”
9: I can forget anything and say I have “baby brain”
8: When I want junk food I can blame it on pregnancy cravings
7: I can have sex and not worry about getting pregnant
6: Any excuse to go shopping
5: Motivation to eat healthier and exercise
4: It’s a great conversation starter
3: A way to connect with others I formerly had nothing in common with
2: Feeling her move around inside of me
1: I have the honor and privilege of bringing new life into this world

I am grateful you are in my life to share this journey and adventure with me!

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O.M.G!! Dave Ramsey Baby Step One…AGAIN!

O.M.G!! Dave Ramsey Baby Step One…AGAIN!So I thought I was DONE with Dave Ramsey’s “Baby Step 1” which is saving $1,000 to start an emergency fund. Dave Ramsey is a financial guru who gives very “common sense” and “sound” advice on finances, debt, and building wealth. He has been on the radio answering finance questions for the past 25 years. He has a general financial plan with 7 “baby steps” to help everyone get out of debt and gain more control of their personal finances.

Baby step 1 is to start a small emergency fund of $1,000. I have already written several posts about my struggle and journey of getting started and finished with this first step. Here is the last one…HELP! Baby Step 1…AGAIN…UGH!!

The last time I wrote about the baby steps, I was on baby step 4, which means I had already built up a full emergency fund of 3-6 months of expenses, for me that was $12,000. So imagine my disappointment in myself, when only 1 year later, I am back (yet again) to baby step 1, and working on building up my starter e-fund. RME!

It’s not a shock why I am here, I chose all of it, and to be honest, I wouldn’t change anything that has happened in the past year, but I am ready (New Year’s resolution) to get my finances back on track, and I have to start somewhere…baby steps!

So here I am, back to square one, at 45 years old, starting over, AGAIN!

Only this time I am a different person. I have not once told myself how stupid, irresponsible, immature, lazy, or unfocused I am. I haven’t labored over how much I hate money and finances and budgeting (which I don’t anymore). And I have only shed one (maybe two) tears when I have felt anxious or overwhelmed at where I am because of the choices I have made.

So what has changed? Maybe it’s getting older and wiser, maybe it’s loving myself more, or maybe it’s just that I know I am capable of starting over no matter what, because I have done it so many times before. My guess is that’s it’s all three!

I have a plan. I have it written down. I have shared it with those that support me. And I am excited to focus again on making money and building a future for me and my family!

Is there something in your life that you really want and have tried several times to have/get/do/be and have failed more times that you care to admit? Guess what? It’s OK!! You are OK! You are actually amazing! And resilient and powerful and forgivable and worthy. If it’s something you really want, get back up and go for it.

I challenge you to do one thing today to move toward what that is. You can keep it a secret, or you can share with me, I will support you no matter what!

Today I will follow up with at least 50 past customers in my Pure Romance biz to see if they need anything. Any money I make from any orders that come in, will go straight into my new emergency fund…baby step 1.

And then I will celebrate!!

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