The Pretty Girl Book Club: January 2015

The Pretty Girl Book Club Yuri Elkaim“The best diet is the one you don’t know you’re on” –Yuri Elkaim

Our January 2015 Book Club book was “The All-Day Energy Diet: Double Your Energy in 7 Days“ by Yuri Elkaim

Category: Health/Wellness

I chose this book after I heard an interview with Yuri on the “School of Greatness” podcast with Lewis Howes (check out my fave podcasts here

In his interview he talked about several issues he had as a kid and adult with energy, skin conditions, weight, etc that I could relate to. And after several diagnoses with very little treatment ideas, he decided to learn all about food and his body and change his diet.

This was appealing to me because I have spent the past 20 years changing my diet to attempt to help my personal issues of digestion, skin complications, weight issues, and sports performance.

The synopsis of the book on sums it up as…

Is It Really Possible to Feel 10 Years Younger, Have the Energy of a Child, and Get More Done . . .

Without Giving Up Your Life or Depriving Yourself of Delicious Food?

The answer inside this book might shock you.

Are you tired of watching your life pass you by?

Is a lack of energy holding you back from playing with your kids (or grandkids), being productive at work, going after what you really want, and feeling truly happy?

If so, then this book could save your life.

I’m Yuri Elkaim, and I’ve been in your shoes. I know what it’s like to sleep ten hours a night and still feel
drained upon waking . . . to fall asleep after lunch and have little energy at the end of the day . . . to go through life like a zombie.

Now, I’ve got three young kids, two dogs, a super-busy life, and a compelling mission to help ten million people to amazing health and vitality by 2018. I need all the energy I can get!

I haven’t always been this energetic and full of life, but the All-Day Energy Diet saved me. I created it because I know it can save you, too.

This book helps busy, health-seeking individuals enjoy more energy, vibrant health, and easier weight loss by fine-tuning seven foundational (yet commonly overlooked) pillars of energy and vitality.

Implement any one (or all) of the strategies laid out in these pages and you’ll see and feel your body spring back to life. You might even notice a few more hours in your day!

The book is 208 pages long and was an easy read. There are a few technical chapters as far as the way certain systems in the body work, but since I am pretty obsessed about the details he discussed and I have my degree in Exercise/Sport Science with a minor in Nutrition, I stayed engaged.

The book was pretty much what I had imagined, and I was not disappointed. It gave practical advice and culminated in a 7 Day “cleanse” type meal plan which I half-assedly did. The timing was off for me to stick to a new meal plan in my life at the time, but I did save it because I think it’s a very sound plan.

It’s pretty much how I would ideally like to eat anyway, and close to how I do currently eat…alkaline foods, fruits and veggies, and primarily plant-based.

I would recommend it to someone who has a lot of health issues and eats the standard American diet.

Here are a few words from other women in the group…

“It didn’t sound like anything I hadn’t heard or read before. I know the effects of gluten, dairy, etc.
Maybe I didn’t give myself enough time to get to the good parts with new info. I’m sure I’ll finish it at some point.”

“I glanced at the book again tonight and realized that I was on board with everything until we hit chapter 7. When he announced all the different supplements, I just threw my hands up. I knew the meal plan was going to be a lot of prep but now the supplements were going to cost money. Honestly, I have amazing energy and I was really only reading the book to learn some new recipes and gain some new insight. Sorry I can’t be more helpful. I also learned that I hate reading on computers.”

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