The Pretty Girl Book Club: May 2015

The Pretty Girl Book Club May 2015 | Organize Now“The truth is that people are strapped for time these days and just want to be told (in the quickest way possible) how to get their lives organized” –Jennifer Ford Berry

Our May 2015 Book Club book was “Organize Now: A Week-by-Week Guide to Simplify Your Space and Your Life” by Jennifer Ford Berry.

Category: Personal/Home

I chose this book because I am constantly looking for systems and way to organize better. I am more organized than most, but that isn’t saying a lot! I am far less organized than I am comfortable with and I have lost many important things due to being unorganized, including sales in my businesses.

I love that Jennifer breaks down the year into weeks and each week has a different part of your life to organize. For example week 1-4 is “Organize Yourself” and each week is a different category.

Week 1: organize your mind and life vision

Week 2: organize your priorities

Week 3: organize your schedule

Week 4: organize your cleaning schedule.

Each week has tips, a checklist, and reminders of what to do each week, month, and year to stay on top of it!! Some other categories include week 5-12 organize your papers, week 31-37 organize your personal spaces, and week 53-56 organize your routines.

Since we only had a month to read the book, I was off to a great start, but then dwindled on assignments, actions, and implementation. In the end I read through the rest of the book but did nothing.

I am committed to picking it back up and taking it from the beginning again. I can see the value in the book and love the way she lays everything out very specifically and very detailed.

If you only need to work on certain areas of your life you can skip around. And there is even a table of contents in the back if you have an organizational emergency and just need to deal with it quickly.

The synopsis of the book on sums it up as…

Get Organized Fast!

Clutter has a cost. It steals your storage space, robs your time and energy, and takes away the peace and beauty of your home. Don’t pay for it another minute—get organized, now!

This updated and expanded edition of the bestselling Organize Now! features even more quick, effective organizing ideas. Easy-to-follow checklists show you how to organize any part of your life in less than one week. You spend more time organizing and less time reading—a perfect fit for your busy lifestyle! Long-term goals help keep the clutter away for the months and years to follow, so you can maintain the order you create.

You’ll find help with everything from time management and routines to mental clutter, paperwork, pets, purses, toys, rooms and life events such as moving, and celebrating the holidays. Special money saving tips show you how to use your organizing efforts to cut costs around the house and even make a little money.

Don’t let piles of paperwork, overflowing closets and overbooked schedules drain your resources and energy anymore. Take control with Organize Now!

The book is 256 pages long and is 80% action steps and checklists.

Here are a few words from others who have read this book…

I have read so many organization books and this one beats them all. Just the motivation it gave me, besides the ideas, was worth the cost. I have actually read it twice!”


“This is a good tool for those who like checklists, making notes, and breaking up the process of organization into smaller, weekly jobs. For someone who is overwhelmed by the organization process and needs to take it a step at a time with specific suggestions, this is a good resource.”

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