Homework: Set Your Priorities

Homework - Set Your PrioritiesThe great thing about setting your priorities is that it makes decision making simple and quick. Making a decision is usually the hardest part about making a decision. It is time and energy consuming and personally agonizing, but once a decision is made, whether negative or positive, it instantly relieves the stress and anxiety associated with making the decision in the first place.

So how do we make decision making quick and painless? Easy! Set your priorities on a regular basis and make your decisions based on your set priorities.

For example: Your priority for the month is to pay off your credit card. You are hungry and can’t decide whether to drive through Del Taco or swing by Whole Foods and get a vegan sushi. Del Taco is $3 for a meal, Whole Foods is $22 for a meal. Looking at your priorities, Del Taco wins. Easy!! Now, if your priority for the month is to eat healthy or lose weight, Whole Foods would be the clear winner. Simple as that! But, if you hadn’t set your priorities up in advance, you may be going back and forth with pros and cons between which to choose for lunch and miss your entire lunch hour all together. Make sense?

Here is another example: Your priority for the month is to get a promotion at work or grow your business. You stay up too late the night before and can’t decide whether to set your alarm for 5am to get some extra work done or to set your alarm for 6am and get an extra hour of sleep. Since your priority for the month is to build your biz, it’s a no brainer, get up earlier and get to work. If your priority for the month was sleep, rest, well-being, health, etc, then you would choose sleep. See how this works?

I like to do this monthly as it’s a long enough time to get used to my list and make a difference in my life, but a short enough time to account for the changes that are constantly happening.

1. Toward the end of the month, I take a few minutes to set my priorities for the upcoming month. I look at my calendar, life, and short and long term goals and make a list of my top 10 priorities IN ORDER for the following month.

2. I read through them and change any around until I have an order I am happy with.

3. I sleep on it and re-read them the following day to make sure they are still in order of importance. Don’t be afraid to make changes. The first few times you do this you will be making LOTS of changes!

4. Practice! Each time you have a decision to make, even as simple as the 2 examples I posted above, check your list before you make your decision. If you don’t like your decision, consider changing your list! Again, the first few times you do this you will be making lots of changes 5. Once you get in the habit and practice with the easy decisions, the hard ones will just take care of themselves!

6. AWESOME right!!! Now start living the life you created!

If you have any questions about this, please reach out! This has made my life so much easier and I want to help yours be just as easy.

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