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My 100th Blog Post | Fitness, Food and Finance Lifestyle BloggingHoly craziness! I can’t believe this is my 100th blog post!!

I remember over 3 years ago my friend, mentor and marketing coach Tara said to me “Kir, you need to start a blog” and I stared at her blankly for maybe a minute and then said “ok?” And yes…that was a question!

I went home and proceeded to do nothing about it…which actually goes against the idea of our monthly meetings which require action.

This same scenario played out month after month for two years. The good thing was that every single time we “discussed it” (meaning she mentioned it and I felt like I was going to puke) it planted the seed in my mind over and over again until one day the seed couldn’t stay under any longer.

“Ok!” I said…this time with an exclamation point, “What do I need to do?”

“Just start writing posts”. And then the questions started filling my head!

Seriously? It’s not that easy!

1. What do I write about?

2. What if people question my opinions?

3. How will I defend myself?

4. What if no one reads them?

5. What if no one cares about my content?

6. What if people laugh at my poor grammar or the way I write?

7. If I even can get out enough words for a full blog post, how do I put it into a blog?

8. How do I set up a blog?

9. How do I learn how to format it?

10. I don’t have time to learn anything new right now.

11. What if I run out of things to say?

12. What if people make fun of me because I’m trying to be a writer?

13. What if I put myself out there and share all I have to offer in this world and it helps no one?????

Better play it safe and put it on the back burner…again!!

Good idea right??? WRONGO!!

Too often we put things off because we are scared. But fear is not real!!! If fear were real we would all be afraid of the same things!! But there are countless people out there who are brave when to comes to what you fear and afraid when it comes to what you embrace!

Many people are afraid of speaking to large groups. I am not, so speaking in public is not a real fear because there are people who love speaking in public.

I have a fear of getting fat, of loving too deeply, of letting people down, of being average, and of not getting to experience all I want to in this life. Not everyone shares all (or any) of those fears. So they are not real fears.

They are things I have made up in my head to keep myself from getting hurt and making sure I am loved and accepted in this world.

Yikes! I went on a tangent there but what I want you to get out if it is simple…JUST DO IT!! You will never know if it will be the best thing or the worst thing in your life if you don’t do it!! And either way you learn and grow as a person.

If you have read my past 99 posts, you will see about half of them are failures…or as I like to now call them since I love myself more…lessons!

So after a few more meetings, blank stares, tears, nervous tummies, and resistance, I decided to just do it. With Tara in my lane for love and support (get one of these, they will help you through all the scary
stuff), I decided to write my first blog post. I have no idea what it was even about, but it didn’t matter. I just sent it to Tara to post for me (oh yeah, did you know you could hire someone to do the technical part of the blog. That pretty much eliminated 50% of my fears immediately! Novel idea to ask for help!!!

Unheard of in my old world. Glad I have evolved!! and waited for all the hate mail to start coming!!

How sad is it that I wrote something from my heart, my opinion, based on my experiences and I was most afraid of people thinking it was worthless.

Well look at me now, 99 blog posts later!! Now I write whatever I feel like. And it actually doesn’t matter to me if 99% of the people who read it aren’t into it. That’s ok…I’m not everyone’s dish. What keeps me writing is the one person every week who sends me an email, text, or Facebook message and says to me, “thank you for writing that”.

So that is why I am not afraid to share my feelings, opinions, embarrassments, failures, and successes anymore. Because there is someone out there who is waiting for me. Waiting for the exact words I wrote to comfort them, inspire them, motivate them, encourage them, or make them feel not so alone in this world.

Now THAT makes all my fears and doubts disappear. THAT makes this all worthwhile!!

So what’s my point? You have something inside you that will help others live an easier life and it’s your responsibility to get over yourself and your fake fears and do that thing you are dying to do!!!

And I want to hear ALL about it!!

OH! And I am so excited about the launch of my new video course on how to create your ideal life!

COMMIT today and I will let you know when it is ready!!

See you soon!

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