How I Lost My “Baby Weight”

How I Lost My “Baby Weight”I have been using various Beachbody products since I became a coach (rep) in 2010. I have never been overweight but have fluctuated between 140-160 throughout most of my adult life. In 2017, I changed my diet and got down to my lowest weight since middle school. I was in the best shape of my life, competing at a high level in ironman distance triathlons.

In November 2017 I found out I was pregnant. I was 45 years old so this was a bit of a shock, but a miraculous blessing! In June I had my perfect baby girl and was surprised that instead of losing weight immediately after I had her, I actually gained weight.

None of my maternity clothes fit because I was bigger everywhere (except my belly of course). I was frustrated and depressed and already sleep deprived and overwhelmed having a newborn. I have a background of depression, anxiety, and eating disorders, which didn’t help at all!

During my pregnancy, I knew I would have some struggles with my weight gain and new bod, so I immediately started the 2B Mindset program as soon as it was released in May 2018. 2B Mindset was the newest program from Beachbody (a health/fitness company) which focused on simple healthy nutrition habits and changing your mindset about food, eating, and your body.

As soon as I could mentally wrap my head around starting to take care of myself again, I started back up on the program that I had spent 6 weeks practicing before I had Coura. It was easier because I had been working on it for 6 weeks already and I understood and believed in the concepts and practices it taught.

Between the 2B Mindset, drinking Shakeology several times daily (typically 3-4), PiYo, and Energize, 7 months later I am back to my pre-preg weight.

The main principles of the 2B Mindset program are: weigh daily, water first, veggies most, and track everything.

I have always weighed myself daily with mixed emotions. This program taught me how to do this as “data collection” only and not to be so attached to the number! I love that the 2B Mindset program encourages this!

It also focuses on drinking water first thing in the morning and before each meal/snack throughout the day. This has helped with the dehydration of breastfeeding and lack of sleep as well!!
And eating more veggies is one of the main principles of the program, so I am eating twice as many veggies as I was before. I love veggies but I am lazy and tend to grab a shake or bar instead.

When I am tired or cranky or only have one hand to make a meal (due to baby holding/feeding), I still opt for a shake since Shakeology is easy to make and drink!

The other thing that helped is after 6 weeks of not being able to work out, I was able to start. Exercise has never helped me lose weight, but when I exercise, I feel less stress and anxiety so it’s easier to want to eat healthier and take care of myself and my body.

I am super grateful for the tools and products that Beachbody has given me! I am still following the principles of the 2B Mindset and will forever. It is a lifestyle change, not a short-term diet/nutrition plan.

I am getting my 2B Mindset Coaching Certification so I can help others who are struggling like I was. I am also running monthly success groups to help teach others these basic principles.

I would love for you to join us!!

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Thanks for all your love and encouragement over the past 7 months!!

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Cherish this moment? Tips For Real Newborn Moms!

Cherish this moment? Tips For Real Newborn Moms!Every time I post a picture of Coura on social media, I have somebody comment to “cherish this moment” or something similar. It’s probably my fault because I only post the totes adorable pictures of her and avoid posting the ones where she’s blowing a gasket or needing to eat every 45 minutes for 45 minutes, but I’m not really sure I want to treasure all of these these moments.

A month from now, I may read this and wish I would’ve paid more attention and appreciated the point in time more, but for now I’m ready to start feeling like me again.

Next month, I may change my mind, and regret writing this, but right now I can’t figure out what moments I would want to embrace. Is it…

  • The fog I’m walking around in day and night?
  • My constantly sore nipples?
  • Being too big to fit into even my maternity clothes?
  • All the fluids leaking from me nonstop?
  • Having no energy to give to anyone, including my baby or my boyfriend?
  • Wishing she was asleep because I’m too tired to play with her?
  • Feeling like I have no idea what I’m doing?
  • Crying for no reason?
  • And then crying even more about something stupid?
  • Not having the time or energy to even organize her room, which she’ll eventually want to be living in?
  • Staying inside because it seems like too much work to leave the house?
  • But then going crazy because I haven’t left the house?

Are these the moments I should be cherishing? Because to be honest, I’m so tired that even if all these memories were great memories, I don’t think I have the capacity to enjoy them.

Yes, when I look at her she melts my heart, and she is pretty damn perfect. She’s a part of me and I love her completely and unconditionally. But I will still love her just as much in a month or two, when I’m a little more rested, I have my shit figured out a little bit more, and I have a glimpse of hope of having enough energy to laugh when she does something funny or play with her after she eats instead of hoping I fed her enough to fall asleep on me so I can get a quick nap in.

As I write this I feel like a horrible mom wishing she would be just a few weeks older so that we can be a family sans headaches and tears, but it is what it is, and I am who I am, and these are the feelings I am feeling.

I know this is a lesson for me to live in the moment, and by default, it’s all I can do, so thank you universe for forcing it on me.

And I know I am allowed to live in the moment while also being excited for my future. It’s like I learned in recovery: I can work on being better while accepting myself as I am.
And of course I will go on doing my best. Taking care of Coura and loving her with every cell of my being. But I will also be looking forward to the day when I am holding her just to have her in my arms and give her love instead of to feed her and hope she falls asleep after.

Until that day, I will be open to the advice from the hundreds of moms who are wiser and more experienced, and I promise I will do my best to cherish this moment, right here, right now. I promise.

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Our Birth Plan: Have a F-ing Baby!

Our Birth Plan: Have a F-ing Baby!On Wednesday, June 13th, exactly 4 weeks before I was “scheduled” to have my baby girl, I had some “leaking” from my girl parts. If this is already TMI, I suggest you close out and pick another one of my 200 blog posts to read instead.

Anyhoo…I went straight to the experts at Google to find out what was going on. I read it was no biggie, but to call my midwife if I was concerned at all. After a call in and call back a few hours later, she specifically said (I swear I wasn’t in denial) it could be my water and if so I would need the antibiotic for the strep strain my body had in it (super common) so to come in to the hospital at some point that evening to get it tested. No rush. Eat dinner, do whatever, just come in sometime tonight.

We casually hopped into the car and drove to the hospital. The nurse on duty tested the fluid and yes, it was some water leaking. She said she needed to start me on the antibiotic and asked if I wanted to wear what I had on or I wanted to change into a gown. I was a little confused as to what we were doing as I thought I was just getting a shot of Penicillin or something and then heading home. So I asked “it depends, what are we doing?”. She looked at me like I was joking (which I wasn’t) and said “we’re having a baby!”

WHAT?? Now? Huh? I was super confused and I looked over at my boyfriend and shrugged my shoulders and said “apparently we’re having a baby”? He kind of nodded-ish? And that was that.

I watch a lot of movies and I had no idea your water can break without being a flood of fluid flowing down your legs on the street corner or in a fancy restaurant, but apparently it could be disguised as a small trickle of fluid that I thought was drops of pee from my incompetent bladder as a result of being 8 months pregnant! I had no idea that my water had “broken” and a baby was on it’s way! We had no bag packed and only a loose list of what we might need for the hospital when the time came. Well the time came! Matt went home to get us some stuff for the next few days and came back with vegan pizza from Whole Foods and a Zevia. Life was good!

We started the process to induce labor, but since I arrived at 0 cm dilation, this could take a while. After 24 hours my midwife was ready to start Pitocin, but my body wasn’t. I was only at 1.5 cm dilation and needed to be at least 2 to start the next step. So she manually (yes it is what is sounds like) dilated me another cm (OUCH) to get the party started.

The Pitocin kicked in WAY too fast and within an hour my contractions were coming back to back with no break. I needed something to take the edge off so they administered nitrous gas which is supposed to block pain signals to my brain.

I still felt the pain but added puking and dizziness and slurred speech and everything else that goes along with being higher than a kite. It was NOT what I wanted to feel at all. It was a great reminder why I don’t drink or do drugs. I hated that feeling of being out of control. The worst part was, after an hour on Pitocin and 3o mins on the gas, I was still only dilated to 3cm. CRAP!

I asked for an Epidural. They take about an hour to administer. That hour SUCKED!
After the Epidural kicked in (thank god) I was able to relax a little. I even slept a couple hours.

I was woken up at 5:30 the next morning feeling MUCH better! I was dilated to 8 cm and my midwife came in and broke the rest of my water. After that, things progressed quickly. Within 30 minutes I was at 10 cm and ready to push!

Pushing wasn’t hard. It just takes time. After 90 minutes of it, I was getting pretty tired, but was making progress. Her head was starting to peak out and my midwife grabbed my hand so I could touch her head (weird). She asked if I wanted a mirror to watch? Um…no thanks! I didn’t need to see all that 😊 but did look down during the final few pushes to see her make her way out of my body and into the world. She was immediately placed on my chest where she laid for a while before she was taken across the room for measurements, weight, and a few tests to make sure she was as perfect as I had known she was. My baby girl was born at 7:28am on Friday, June 15th.

Going into the hospital, my birth plan was “to wing it”. Whatever needed to be done for a safe delivery was what I wanted to happen. I didn’t plan on anything but was open to anything. When I told a friend about my birth plan, she told me hers was “to have a fucking baby”. YES! That was mine too! And that is exactly what happened.

If I were to do it all over again, the only thing I would change is to get the Epidural sooner. Having it made me so much more present and aware in the moment. When I was in pain and using the gas, I was trying my hardest to “be somewhere else” or to “not think about my body” and that isn’t what I wanted at all.

The birth of Coura was perfect! I had my bf, Matt, and my mom with me the entire time. My midwife was AMAZING and all the nurses were great! The Boulder Community Health Family Birth Center was exactly where I was meant to have her.

I can’t wait for her to read this!!

Thanks for all your love and support and messages and texts during the 5 days we were in the hospital. You have NO idea how much it helped me! THANK YOU!

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My Top 10: Reasons I Like Being Pregnant

My Top 10: Reasons I Like Being PregnantWhen I first began to share the news that I was pregnant, after the initial shock from others wore off, I started getting stories of how awful pregnancy is. From morning sickness to being uncomfortable all the time to weird cravings and back pain! Gee, something to look forward to!

Luckily, I know everybody is so different, and I always wait to see what my experiences are instead of worrying from others’ past experiences, so I was still optimistic. Curious and interested to see how the next 9 months of my life would look but had no expectations or judgements about the process.

I followed my “word” for 2018, which is “trust”. I trusted that everything would unfold as it should.

Fast forward almost 8 months…

The question I get most often these days is “how are you feeling?” It’s hard to answer that question because in general I feel amazing, I mean for being 8 months pregnant and 30 pounds overweight!

Am I full of energy and in peak racing condition and emotionally stable and high as a kite? No, but I never am. Is anyone?

I have had ups and downs, cried a few times, gotten down on myself, felt elated, and pretty much everything in between. I have had “perfect” eating days and shitstorm eating days. I have had great workouts and cleaned the house and worked on my bizes and been super productive one day, and then sat on my lazy butt and watched 8 hours of “Grey’s Anatomy” the next.

But this is exactly how my life has been the past 45 years, so really, not much has changed!

I will, however, say I don’t mind being pregnant at all! It’s been much easier physically, mentally, and emotionally that I had imagined. From stories I have heard, I am having a very easy pregnancy. I know I have several weeks to go, and I know I will be growing exponentially over this time so I prob shouldn’t put this in writing, but as of now, I would say being pregnant is a walk in the park!

Here are the 10 things I like most about being pregnant…

10: When I over eat I can say “I’m eating for two”
9: I can forget anything and say I have “baby brain”
8: When I want junk food I can blame it on pregnancy cravings
7: I can have sex and not worry about getting pregnant
6: Any excuse to go shopping
5: Motivation to eat healthier and exercise
4: It’s a great conversation starter
3: A way to connect with others I formerly had nothing in common with
2: Feeling her move around inside of me
1: I have the honor and privilege of bringing new life into this world

I am grateful you are in my life to share this journey and adventure with me!

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