Finance and Food: Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

Finance and Food: Nothing Changes If Nothing ChangesIf you want a different result, you actually have to do something different. Darn!!

There are 2 things I struggle with every single day…

1. Money

2. Food

Now if you’re reading this, that means we were put into each other’s lives for a reason…so I would bet you ALSO struggle with one or both of these in your own life.

Every single month as I am setting my goals and making a plan for the month, I come up with the
perfect, simple solution…I’m brilliant by the way…Eat less.

I will be spending less money on food. Both problems solved!!

What? Sounds too good to be true!! Oh…because it is. I am an expert goal setter (big shocker) and this is my plan of how I can both lose weight and save money EVERY SINGLE MONTH.

I start every month excited and confident that THIS will be the month my plan is going to work!

However, this is how each month typically plays out-give or take a day…

On day 1 make some inexpensive dish that should last me all week. By day 2 it is gone. Day 3 I only eat what I have left in the house. By day 4 I want something delicious and exciting so I order take out because it’s enough for 2 meals right? Wrong. Day 5 I go to the store and buy whatever fruits and veggies are on sale. I’m hungry at the store so I get a couple pre-made salads from the deli and eat them that night instead of the fruits and veggies. Day 6 I’m tired and I want take out again. Day 7 the fruit and veggies went bad, I have no food in the house, and I have already spent my monthly food allowance.

Ugh! Is exhausting!!

After like 8 years if this pattern…no seriously…I decided I need to figure this out. Why can I NOT cut food and spending simultaneously?

It seemed like a daunting task, a deep dive into my bipolar psyche, years of research and therapy, and an answer I wasn’t sure I was ready to hear since I have had such deep seeded problems with both since a very young age.

But then I took a step back and remembered one of my favorite quotes “Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes”. The answer has been a cover photo on my facebook page and wallpaper on my twitter account hundreds of times and I never thought it applied to me! I used it to inspire the clients I coach to move toward THEIR health, wellness, and business goals. Yikes! That one hurt!!

So I decided to be open to make some changes…again…

I revisited both my nutrition AND financial mentors and their Venn diagrams of advice intersected at one very obvious place. Again…darn!

So here’s my new plan…

1. Stay away from restaurants…even take-out

2. Put on your big girl panties and cook meals…at home…from scratch!!

3. And LIKE it!!

My friend Wendy is BRILLIANT!! She sees what she has in her kitchen and she googles a vegan recipe using those foods.

Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes.

Today I am making a change.

PS…I am fully aware that overeating and overspending BOTH have deeper implications and I AM working through those. In the meantime…baby steps!!

What change can you make today to move toward a better version of yourself?

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