Finance: Why I sold everything I own to live in an RV

Finance Post :: Why I sold everything I own to live in an RVNot many people were surprised when I announced I was selling everything I own, buying an RV, and traveling around the US with my husband and dog until we got tired of it. Well, at least the people who didn’t know me very well.

From the outside, people think I am a spontaneous free-spirit who loves adventure and surprises. I’m not sure where that came from, but I think I liked that persona so I never really corrected anyone. The few people who really know me, know that I am a type A, routine-loving, schedule oriented planner who gets super anxious at the THOUGHT of not knowing exactly what I am doing every hour for the next 2 years. When things don’t go as planned, I freak out! Like a panic, can’t breathe, cry and eat cinnamon rolls type of fit.

So WHY would I sell everything I own, spend all the money I had to buy an RV (and BTW…we had never even camped in an RV before), and head out on the road with no set schedule and no way of knowing what each day will bring? The answer may surprise you…

Let me start by giving you a little background info on me…

1. I own two online businesses and if I had it my way I would work 14 hours a day

2. I am a competitive endurance athlete and if I could I would train 8 hours a day

3. That leaves 2 hours a day to sleep and I LOVE sleep and typically need about 10 hours a night

As you can see, these numbers DON’T add up. So I gave up a couple hours on each part of my life which left exactly NO time (much less energy) for my husband. And that was not what he signed up for when he married me. Don’t get me wrong, he is SUPER (to a fault sometimes) supportive of everything I do and have done in the 18 years we have been married, but after mentioning divorce on more than one occasion, I knew I needed to do something EXTREME!

My husband had always wanted to live in an RV and travel the US and we had talked about maybe doing it when we were old and retired. But desperate times called for desperate measures. At the end of 2012, I crunched some numbers and announced to my husband that we could make it work. And in January 2013, we drove to Salt Lake City, bought our new home, and drove it back to start our new life together.

We loaded everything that would fit into our 1998 37 foot National Tradewinds and sold or gave away everything that wouldn’t. And six weeks later, we were off on our adventure of a lifetime.

So far we have been on the road for 18 months. I have learned so much about myself, our relationship, living in the moment, being flexible, my values and priorities, and what I want and don’t want my life to look like for the remaining 60 or so years. And I don’t want to stop learning or experiencing this life anytime soon.

And YES, in case you are wondering, I am living my dream life with my BFF and we are closer than we have ever been…and the word ‘divorce’ hasn’t come up in a very long time.


  1. Do it while you are young, and enjoy the journey.. The choice to us seemed to be “stuff” or “stories”. We could have stuff when we were old or we could have stories.. We like the idea of stories over stuff. So we did the same damn thing…

    And it does make you closer, communicate more and it makes for a tighter relationship…

  2. Lisa Carter says:

    That’s an incredible story Kirsten and, frankly, wonderful in every way. Because you listened to your partner and made the choice to show him and yourself the value you place in your relationship and in him as the man you chose and still choose to spend your life with. May you continue to listen to that inner voice telling you what you and your BFF need to continue together for the rest of your lives.

    • Thanks Lisa! I appreciate your comment…A LOT!!! Relationships are work and it’s awesome to see work paying off 😉

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