Making Long Swims More Fun

Making Long Swims More FunI love doing long swims…like 6,000-10,000 meters…in the pool!

The question I get most often is “don’t you get bored?”

They obviously don’t know I have done 8 hour rides on my trainer and a marathon on the treadmill so I happen to have either a screw loose or killed too many brain cells growing up swimming in the most chlorinated pools on the planet.

But it got me thinking, “What keeps me from getting bored during a long set in the pool?”

The answer is I am constantly changing up what I do. I use a lot of equipment, constantly change up the intensity, cut most sets with kicking w kick board, and most of all, I am ALWAYS changing up my breathing patterns. This not only makes the sets go by super fast, but it also works my lungs, technique, balance, and strengthens my non-dominant weak side.

So I wanted to share 3 of my favorite ways to get through 1,000 (meters or yards) continuous swim. If you have longer or shorter sets, you can adjust these workouts to fit what you are swimming whether it’s a 200, 500, 2,000, or 5,000.

1. Breathing Pattern AND Strengthening Non-Dominate Breathing Side

This one is my favorite. On the 1st 25 I breath on 10s to my NON-DOM side (my left) only, on the 2nd 25 I breath on 3s, I count this as 10-1 and repeat it 4 times so my count would be 10-1, 10-2, 10-3, 10-4, then I move onto 8s. So 25 breathing on 8s to non-dom side only and 25 breathing on 3s. I repeat that 4 times so my count would be 8-1, 8-2, 8-3, 8-4. I then move onto 6s, non-dom and am over halfway done! See how fast and FUN that is? Move on to 4s and end with 2s. BAM! Easy 1,000

2. Breathing Pattern

This is the hardest one for me, but since it’s a challenge, it keeps my mind off of the laps and all of a sudden I am DONE! By 50s I start with breathing on 10s, then 9s, 8s, etc all the way down to 1s. This is a 500, then depending how I feel I EITHER repeat that OR go back up from 1s to 10s (the 2nd option is the harder one). But suddenly…1,000 DONE!

3. Mix In A Stroke Or A Kick

I do this one more often when I am either recovering, tired, or bored because it mixes it up more.

Basically I do this 2 ways depending on how much time I have. If I am shorter on time, I will do a 25 stroke or kick every 8th 25. So 175 swim/25 stroke/kick, repeat 5 times. If I have more time, I like doing the stroke/kick every 5th 25 and repeat it 8 times. When I am feeling lazy, I always do breaststroke for my stroke because it’s the easiest for me. But it’s more fun and time flies by when I do IM order. It’s also easier to keep track of lengths that way! Fun and done!

And if you are thinking “this girl thinks 1,000 is a long swim, sheesh, I’m looking for a REAL long swim”,

then I want to share my FAVE super long swim workout…

Warm Up:

1,000 drills w fins (I mix this up but typically do 6×100 free alt kick/drill by 100 and then 4×100 IM order kick/drill by 50)

Main Set:

1,000 Pull w paddles and buoy
100 Kick
900 Pull w buoy no paddles
100 Kick
800 Pull w paddles no buoy
100 Kick
700 Swim
100 Kick
600 Pull w paddles and buoy
100 Kick
500 Pull w buoy no paddles
100 Kick
400 Pull w paddles no buoy
100 Kick
300 Swim
100 Kick
200 IM
100 Kick
100 IM
100 Kick

Cool Down:

500 Easy drills/kick w fins

Total 8,000

And if you are short on time or aren’t strong enough for the whole workout yet, you can do parts and then work up to the whole!

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See you next week!!

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