My Nutritional Supplements Summer of 2015

My Nutritional Supplements Summer of 2015One of the nutrition questions I get most often is “What supplements do you take?” Instead of answering what I take, I typically ask about their life, health, etc to see what THEY may want to take.

I think people ask me what I take because they want to figure out what they may want to take, not because they ACTUALLY have in interest in what I am currently taking.

BUT…just in case you do, I thought I would give a quick rundown of what I am currently taking. I say currently because my life, health, needs, etc are constantly changing as is research and new info which have an effect on what I take.

With that said, this list is what I am currently taking as supplements to my plant-based, primarily fruit, veggie, and whole grain meals that make up roughly 3,000 calories a day, not what I would recommend to you or anyone else. Like food choices, supplements are very personal and I would do your due diligence before deciding to add ANY of them to your daily routine.

Also…I am writing about why I personally take them and not claiming ANYTHING. This isn’t a scientific article, it’s an opinion/personal article, so if you don’t agree with me, it’s all good!!

To start off, like I said, I eat more fruits, veggies, and whole grains than the average person and I do believe we should be getting the majority of vitamins, minerals, superfoods from food, but that doesn’t always happen. Especially days I am travelling, training extra long or hard, or decide to eat cashew milk ice cream for dinner instead of brown rice with veggies and curry.

Vegan Shakeology

Every single day I drink at least one serving of Vegan Shakeology. This is a health shake that has over 70 ingredients so I won’t list them, but they include all vitamins and minerals your body needs as well as antioxidants, phytonutrients, adaptogens, prebiotics, probiotics, and digestive enzymes. Here are more deets for you data geeks…

I typically drink one for breakfast and one for recovery after my workouts so even if they rest of my meals that day are low on nutrients, I feel good about what I have already put into my body. PLUS…I can workout immediately after I drink it with no stomach issues and I love it with just water which makes staying healthy while traveling and training even easier…BONUS!


Soothe is a supplement that is part of a cleanse I did a couple years ago that I continued to take because it aids in digestion and reduces inflammation which are 2 things I ALWAYS need help with. Here are more details about Soothe…


Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory which helps speed up my recovery since I abuse my body with hours of training every single day. You can buy turmeric capsules at any store, just read labels as there are brands that use a ton of fillers and animal products, both are gross!! Here is the brand I use…

Wobemzym N

Wobenzym is a more “Eastern” approach to fighting joint soreness and inflammation. It’s a digestive enzyme you take it on an empty stomach so there is nothing to digest except stuff that causes pain and soreness in your joints. It’s pretty expensive, but worth the price to me, especially when I am running a lot and pounding my joints! Here is the best price I have found…


I started taking this a few months ago after reading over and over again how Spirulina helps with cleansing the body and boosting the immune system, both of which I am passionate about! Spirulina has 2300% more iron than spinach, 3900% more beta carotene than carrots and is a complete protein. As with turmeric, there is a wide range as far as quality of the supplement. Powder is great for adding to smoothies, but I like the capsules for ease and travel. Here are the ones I use…


Suma is an herb that promotes stamina and energy and helps with muscle recovery. Here is the one I take…


Cordastra is an ancient Chinese herb that helps strengthen your immune system. Here is the one I use…

Other than Shakeology and Soothe, I don’t take every supplement every day. Wobenzym has to be taken on an empty stomach 45 mins before a meal. That is only convenient for me 3-4 days a week. The others I have in my swim bag and I take them after my swim which I do 5 days a week.

My advice is to fit your supplements easily into your routine or you will NOT take them consistently. And supplements need to be taken on a regular basis in order to reap the benefits.

I love learning about new and exciting nutritionals so if you have something you LOVE, comment on this post or share with us here…

Happy supplementing! See you next week!!!

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