3 Easy Ways to Start Eating Vegan

3 Easy Ways To Start Eating VeganI’ve heard about people who one day just decide to eat vegan and never touch an animal product again.

Those people are pretty darn amazing! I am NOT one of those people. It took me 10 years to become a vegan after I had declared that I wanted to stop eating eggs and dairy. I was already a vegetarian so meat wasn’t an issue at all for me…it was that darn cheese! And Saag Paneer!

But you know I am all about baby steps, so I want to show you some easy things you can start doing now to work toward eating a vegan diet…or at least eating cleaner and healthier than you do now.

1. Do what’s easy first.

Start by taking the easy things out of your diet. The things you don’t care about or things you can’t even taste.

For example, bread. There are breads made with milk and eggs and breads that aren’t, and I bet you can’t tell the difference! So why not choose the one without? This way you still get your bread, but you are eliminating one or two ingredients that aren’t vegan and full of hormones and inflammation causing properties.

Another example, chips. There are chips made with whey and chips that aren’t. And being a “chip” girl, I can tell you there are dozens of tasty (even flavored) chips made with no dairy at all. So start looking at labels and choosing the vegan option on foods that don’t make a big difference to your taste buds.

2. Cut the meat/cheese portion in half.

Again, something you will barely notice! If you eat a sandwich for lunch, order half the amount of meat and cheese (or even just start with one) until you get used to the new sandwich and then half it again!!

I used to be a pizza addict. I mean I still am, but I eat vegan, typically gluten-free pizza these days…Amy’s makes an amazing one if you’re too lazy (like I am) to make one from scratch! I would get double cheese and double veggies and suck that thing down like I hadn’t eaten in days.

When I was working toward being vegan, I cut down to “normal” amount of cheese and double veggies. It actually tasted EXACTLY the same. Then I went to “light” cheese (same taste) and eventually no cheese.

Luckily these days there are so many delicious vegan cheeses, I don’t usually go “cheese-free” anymore. Of course just last week after my final marathon of the series I did, I had Pizza Hut. Double veggies, double sauce, no cheese!

Delish!!! Always check ingredients though…I almost got their gluten-free crust until I checked the ingredients and it was made with egg whites!! Boo!

3. And finally…as I always suggest with any life changes…forgive yourself if you mess up!

No one is perfect! Use your “screw-up” as a lesson. Evaluate the situation and decide what you will do differently next time.

One time last year I was 3 months into being 100% vegan and my sis and I went through the Del Taco drive through on our way to the movie theater (I know…I’m a rebel).

I had done a long hard workout that day and was so excited to eat the 4 BRCs “no cheese please” that were sitting in my purse smelling soooooo good. When I took a bite into the first one, I tasted cheese. I took out my phone flashlight to sneak a peek and discovered all 4 of my BRCs were NOT “no cheese please”.

Ugh! I was so annoyed and so hungry I ate them anyway. Then I was mad at myself for days for failing as a vegan. From then on I ALWAYS check my orders when getting take out from any restaurant to make sure my order is as requested.

I hope these 3 tips help you transition to a healthier, cleaner, and hopefully vegan diet with ease.

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See you soon!

And thanks for caring about yourself and the animals enough to even read this!!!

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