3 Reasons I Love My 30 Day Smoothie Challenge

3 Reasons I Love My 30 Day Smoothie ChallengeIn an ideal world, I would LOVE to eat mostly raw, always whole foods, primarily fruits and veggies, and in just the right amounts that I need for energy, nutrition, performance, and recovery. Despite what most people think, I am not even CLOSE to that!! I am only human and right now my nutrition is about 50% of where I want it to be.

One thing I have learned over the past few years is that I can get on a slippery slope very quickly and the best way for me to stay on track with my nutrition is to stay aware and when I find myself on that darn slope, “nip it in the bud” immediately. Of course I do allow myself a day or two or three of leeway when I am celebrating, stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, etc, but I know myself well enough that if I let it go too long, I am SCREWED and can spend weeks, even months, undoing all the good I work to do in the area of my nutrition.

With that being said, my favorite thing to do when I have “fallen off the wagon” is a 30 day smoothie challenge. If 30 days seems way too long for you, start with a 7 day, you will be able to see positive effects in that short time. But 30 days isn’t that long when you realize you don’t have to cut anything out, change anything else, other than ADDING one smoothie a day. A smoothie consists of a high quality protein powder (I recommend plant based) like Shakeology (www.myshakeology.com/realresultsrock), fruit, and veggies.

Here are some smoothie recipes for you…



So here are the 3 reasons I love doing my 30 days smoothie challenge…

1. I HAD to drink a smoothie every single day.

When I do a challenge, I stick with it. Making myself drink a smoothie every day whether I felt like it or not, helped fill my body with tons of nutrition, gave me instant AND sustained energy, and cleared my head of brain fog to help me be more productive throughout the day. Because of all these perks, I felt so much better and didn’t need to eat as much or as much junk to get through my day. I naturally moved toward healthy options the rest of the day, had better workouts, and as a result, lost weight! And I never regretted FORCING myself to drink a smoothie each morning when I was done. They are always delish and satisfying!

2. I improved my broadcasts on Periscope.

I made a commitment to video making my smoothie each day. One reason was to hold myself accountable and the other was to get my recipes on video to show you guys how easy it is to make a smoothie. Plus, on a regular basis I get people asking what I put in my smoothies, now I can direct them to my YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/vegandivakir). I also wanted to know what questions people were asking and wanted to know about doing their own smoothie challenge. My first broadcast was a disaster! They improved daily. Now I have the confidence to make a video about anything I decide to video! YAY! You can follow me on Periscope @throwtogethervegan

3. I learned some things about myself.

I love challenges because they are challenging! DOY!! And when you do something challenging you will always learn something about yourself. One thing I learned about myself is that I need boundaries and rules when it comes to food. I have an extremely addictive personality which is why I don’t smoke, drink, or do drugs. I am addicted to food. I can’t abstain 100% from food, but I can abstain from certain foods I know trigger my addiction or foods that don’t benefit me in my goals and the way I want to live my life.

Having a healthy challenge helps me stay focused on my goals and what I do want my nutrition to look like, so these challenges are very good for me.I also learned that I need the accountability. The more people I told about the challenge, the more I had to stick with it so that I was living in integrity. The videos helped because even if no one watched, it was proof to myself that I did what I said I would do.

And finally I was reminded that food is fuel. When we put crap into our bodies, we get crap out! When we put clean, nutritious, whole foods in, we get productivity, clarity, and energy! Even 3 days into the challenge, I felt so much better!

I know there are so many of you out there who are tired all the time, have no energy, procrastinate, skip workouts, and are generally unhappy with your life. I double dog dare you to take a hard look at your nutrition. I lead weekly nutrition challenges, I write out personal meal plans, I analyze your food journal, and I can support you in moving toward your ideal health and wellness.

Please reach out! I want to make more of a difference this year in the lives of the people around me!

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AWESOME! Now I want to make myself a smoothie! BONUS!!

See you SOON!! YAY!

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