5 Super Simple Weight Loss Tips

5 Super Simple Weight Loss TipsLast night I ate a pound of pasta. Right before bed! Um no! That is not the weight loss tip! You wish!!

I used to do that all the time after a long workout or a hard day. But yesterday I didn’t do a long workout OR have a hard day, so I had no excuse.

So as I finished up the pot of pasta, and could barely breathe I was so full, I asked (ok whined to) my husband “ugh! Why did I eat an entire pound of pasta?”

And he said (because men are practical, simple, and to the point) “because you are standing up talking next to the stove eating out of the pot”.

DOY! It was so simple! Classic mistakes!!!

Whenever I “mess” up in my life, I replay the scenario in my head so I can decide what I would do next time in the same situation. Last night while stuffed and lying in bed I kept saying to my extremely patient and understanding hubby “OMG! Never let me eat pasta again. My body hates pasta! I feel like shit. I’m so mad at myself for eating pasta! I should know better.” But it wasn’t the pasta, it was A POUND of pasta! I wouldn’t have felt that way if it was a cup of pasta or a plate of pasta.

So what can I do next time so that I don’t feel this way?

1. Put a small portion of the pasta into a bowl. Start small, I can always go back for more.

2. Sit at the table.
Relax, breathe, and eat.

3. Use a smaller eating utensil. I love giant spoons. Like not even the round soup spoons but those giant ones where I can eat fast! Grab a smaller spoon or a fork so I have to take the time to stab my food instead of just shoveling it into my mouth.

4. Table talk is OK. A great time to catch up with the fam, but slow it down, chew my food, set down the spoon (I mean fork) between bites. Stay aware. Taste my food.

5. Stop when I start feeling full.
They say it takes 20 mins after you stop eating to “feel” full. If you don’t have a good “full” sensor like me, just stop eating after your first serving and wait 20 mins. That’s when I can do my talking and if I’m still hungry after the “break” I can stand up, walk (don’t run) to the stove and get more.

I’m not saying these are all easy, but they are super simple. They take practice and awareness and patience with yourself as you will (I mean I will) screw up again!!

Hope this helps your weight loss, normalized eating, and healthy relationship with food journey!!

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