Baby Steps: Advocacy

Baby Steps AdvocacyI became a vegetarian when I was eight years old. I didn’t want to eat animals and didn’t feel like that’s what they were here on this earth for.

But I didn’t know any other vegetarians and never developed a voice to speak out about it. I just did my part and believed that was enough.

As I get older and search for and discover what I am most passionate about in my life, I am realizing I want to speak out for animal rights and be an advocate and a voice for those who can’t speak for themselves. I follow a lot of great activists on social media and will repost the milder posts in hopes that people will see them and realize how cruel and unnecessary eating meat is.

Sometimes I see more hard core posts and in my head I scream “hell yeah” and I “like” or even “comment” on the post but I don’t share it. Why? I don’t know but it got me thinking about it on my run last night.

I thought back to last Black Friday when I did my first (and only to date) group rally thing with PETA on the corner across from the mall holding signs to not buy fur, angora, or wool. I was so nervous to be a part of it even though my heart and soul were screaming w excitement and passion. Again, I don’t know why other than maybe I just wasn’t brought up with being comfortable as an activist?

I want to do more to help so last weekend I got on the PETA website and looked around for hours. In my mind I kept thinking how crazy and brave all those people were, secretly wishing I was that crazy and brave. But it also seemed over-whelming to suddenly be putting it out there how passionate I am about it.

I feel like it’s much more acceptable to be vegan for health reasons rather than ethical reasons. I think it’s easier to explain to people. I don’t have all the answers if someone asks me specific questions about the treatment of animals raised for food. Whereas my health, it seems like more of my personal choice, which is much easier to defend.

As I was thinking more about this over the past year, I’ve come to the conclusion that number one, I am over thinking this and caring way too much about what others think.

Number two, this is outside my comfort zone and that is ok. Actually better than ok! I coach in biz and life to get your ass outside your comfort zone anyway!!!

And number three, treat this just like anything else I want to accomplish or become in my life, with baby steps! I don’t need to wake up tomorrow morning throwing red paint on all the new wool sweaters I see at the local market or start sharing crazy videos of half dead animals screaming in a pool of blood at a slaughterhouse. Baby steps!

So I ordered a couple cute shirts from PETA, started sharing more on social media, adding #proudvegan to my posts, and looking for local events I can attend to learn how to get more involved! Oh…and I wrote this blog post! YAY!

I would love more ideas!! I would also love to meet more like-minded people and surround myself with other who feel the same way. Please reach out so we can go on this journey together.

See you soon!!

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