Eat Your Junk Food With Purpose

Eat Your Junk Food With PurposeThis is a subject I am very passionate about these days.

A…because I still love junk food

B…because I also want to be fit, fast, and healthy

C…because I believe in balance and baby steps and meeting people where they are at…including myself

So what do I mean by “eat your junk food with purpose”? I mean, if you are going to eat crappy food that does nothing for you nutritionally, eat it for a reason. Not mindlessly while watching TV or driving.

Eat it when you are happy or sad or anxious or whenever it will make the biggest positive impact on you and your life.

What do I mean by junk food? Food that does NO good for you (nutritionally) by eating it. Like soda, or chips, or ice cream, or movie popcorn.

For me, I like to eat crappy foods when I am anxious or overwhelmed. Typically early in the week I feel OK, so if I have a soda in the fridge, I don’t NEED it on Monday. I may want it on Monday, but I know on Friday I will NEED it. And since I don’t want to drink one on Monday AND Friday, I will save it for Friday!

Make sense?

I also like to eat snacks while watching movies. We sometimes watch parts of a movie throughout the week, maybe 30 minutes each night before bed, but on the weekends we do movie marathons where we sit on the couch for hours watching movies. Of course I would love to eat snacks watching movies every day of the week, but like I said, I also want to be fit, fast, and healthy, which only allows a couple days each week for movie snacks. It’s more fun to eat my snack all weekend long while enjoying our movie marathon than shoving snacks in during a quick 30 minute section of a movie, so I choose to wait until the weekend to enjoy my movie snacks. Got it?

And finally, I love eating massive amounts of my fave foods like pizza, saag, Del Taco, and mac and cheese. Would I like to eat them every night for dinner? Sure!! Who wouldn’t? But that is exactly what I used to do and ended up tired, sick, stressed, over my ideal weight, and fighting constantly with my disordered eating. Now I save these special pig-out sessions for after a long workout or race. That way I know the calories are filling in the deficit I created during my training. To be clear, this is NOT my recovery meal, I make sure I get proper nutrition immediately after training/racing, which is how I recover so much more quickly now than I used to, which also helps with curbing my junk food cravings…a little!

In my ideal world, I wouldn’t even want any food that wasn’t benefitting me as an athlete and a person, but unfortunately I am not quite there, so in the meantime, I make sure I am not mindlessly throwing nutritionally void foods into my body on a regular basis. Instead I am being mindful and making very specific choices about where and when I consume my empty calories.

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Happy eating…ALWAYS!

See you soon!

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