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Food For Thought - God damn food! It's such a blessing and such a curse. A necessary evil that brings so much joy!God damn food! It’s such a blessing and such a curse. A necessary evil that brings so much joy!

I think about food WAY more than I want to. It’s a habit I have had for over 30 years. I used to love thinking about food all the time. Planning what I would eat, calculating the exact amount of working out I needed to do in order to eat whatever I wanted, coming up with creative ways to trick my brain into thinking I was eating enough or too much or something healthy or something forbidden.

But now it’s more of a burden. Now I want to free up my mind for more productive thoughts: to plan new things. Maybe new adventures, business strategies, life purposes, visions, or to cultivate more self love and give more to others. And only obsess about which nutrients I need to eat to give me the most energy, make me the best athlete, and make me feel joy every time I put something into my mouth.

Don’t get me wrong, I have come a LONG way!! My food thoughts have gone from occupying 90% of my day to 40%. I’m grateful for the work I have done and e guidance and support I have been given, but now I want more (or less depending on how I look at it). I want food to be a quick decision when I am physically hungry, need to recover from a workout, or need a quick pick me up to get me through whatever else I am focusing all my time, energy, and effort on in that moment.

I am ready to let go of the habit of thinking about food more than what is necessary for me to reach my goals in my business, fitness, personal growth, and life.

I am ready to let go of whatever served me IN THE PAST when I first developed this habit as a child. I am 44 years old now and this pattern no longer serves me.

I’m open to what comes next.





These were my thoughts during a 4 hour bike ride at the gym.


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