Here are the CLEANSES I approve of…

Here Are Cleanses I Approve OfI get a LOT of questions about cleanses. I have done a countless number of cleanses, both healthy and unhealthy, throughout my lifetime. With most cleanses, you will get a result as usually you are cutting calories or cutting processed foods. But all cleanses are not created equal.

In my younger years, I didn’t care if a cleanse was healthy or not, or whether the results were short or long term, I just wanted to see results. As I got older, and wiser, I realized that without healthy, long term results, there is no point in putting that much stress on my body, not to mention going through the challenge of most cleanses.

Here are the cleanses I currently approve of. I have also rated them on a scale from 1-10 on “difficulty”.

This is my opinion on how difficult I think they are to maintain. Please reach out with any questions about any of these cleanses!

Smoothies i-love- my-30- day-smoothie- challenge

3 Day Refresh

Juicing days

Ultimate Reset

Master Cleanse

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See you soon!

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