Food: Join Me in My Vegan Crockpot Adventure

Join Me In My Vegan Crockpot AdventureWhy would I turn to crockpot vegan cooking? Let me count the ways.

I was listening to the Dave Ramsey podcast today during my run…as I do every day…and had an epiphany! Yay!!

My husband and I have been on the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace Plan loosely for about 7 years, but tightly for 2 months. If you have ever listened to Dave talk about “living like no one else so later you can live and give like no one else” you will know his phrase “beans and rice” when referring to tightening your budget to get out of debt (btw, the #1 advice rich people give to become wealthy is to get out of debt). Basically he is saying don’t go out to eat, stay home and cook w inexpensive ingredients…so

basically “beans and rice”.

Where we always get off track on our budget is food. Both eating out and buying convenient meals from the grocery store. So when he was talking to someone about beans and rice today, it hit me! I need to jump on the beans and rice bandwagon.

This will accomplish 10 things…

1. My meals will be less expensive

2. We can get out of debt more quickly

3. I can share my yummy meals with others who need to save costs on food

4. I will be eating healthy

5. I can teach others to eat healthier on a budget

6. I can put my crockpot to use, it’s been feeling left out

7. I can make big batches to last several days which saves time

8. I can come up with some amazing easy cheap vegan recipes to share on my YouTube channel, Vegan Diva Kir

9. I can add recipes to my 7 Day Veg Challenge on Facebook

10. Finally my husband can stop telling all his friends that all I make for dinner is twigs and berries

Sounds like a win-win-win-win-win-win-win-win-win-win (yes that is 10 wins) situation to me!!

So I am committing to at least one crock pot/beans and rice type meal a week for the next 10 weeks. If you have some good, inexpensive, easy, and vegan (or can easily become vegan) recipes, I would LOVE for you to post them. I’ll be sharing mine each week with ingredients, prep time, coat, and taste results from both me AND my hubby (he naturally gravitates toward chocolate, coffee, and Pepsi ) so most people will probable lean toward his review of the meal.

Stay tuned!!


  1. Jeannine Maxwell says

    Please keep me posted! I am vegan, but my husband isn’t. My oldest daughter is vegan as well and is an AMAZING chef, but I just don’t have the time that she does AND her boyfriend has been vegan longer than her. MY challenge is to appeal to my husbands pallet! So CROCKPOT away, but just let me know what works and what tastes great!

    • Will do! AND…my hubby is NOT vegan either so I will let you know his opionions of my experiments too 🙂

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