My Ninth and Final Raw Monday

My Ninth and Final Raw MondayToday is my ninth “Raw Monday” and I just made the decision it will be my last. It’s been a good experience for me to try new and different recipes and shake things up a bit, but after a tough day today, following too much time spent on prep yesterday for something that didn’t work out, I have realized for ME, it’s not fitting into my lifestyle right now.

I believe if someone REALLY wants something badly enough, they will make it happen, but to be honest, there isn’t anything I love about Raw Monday other than it is fun to have a theme for the day!

Here is how my Mondays looked:

  • Breakfast: Fruit and nuts or Raw Meal shake
  • Snack: Raw Bar or more fruit
  • Lunch: Made a raw meal from a recipe I found on or googling foods I like
  • Snack if needed: Raw Bar or fruit
  • Dinner: Giant salad with lots of veggies and fruit and nuts
  • Dessert: Made a fun raw dessert…cinnamon rolls, pumpkin pie, carrot cake

In my experience, here are the PROs…

1. AWESOME poops the following day (due to more fruits, veggies, and nuts…and most desserts were made with dates)

2. Found some yummy recipes (faves were the ones I posted about and

3. Introduced to new foods and learned what is raw and what isn’t

4. Gave me something different to try

5. For sure ate more fruits and veggies on Mondays

Here were my CONs…

1. The recipes I made each day cost much more than I usually spend on food (which is a lot to start)

2. The prep time was typically AT LEAST an hour, usually more since I was soaking nuts, letting
things dry, etc.

3. I have overeaten every single Monday since I started. I know I don’t HAVE to overeat…I’m sure I would be fine with fruits and veggies, hard to overeat there, but something was triggering me and every single day I went to bed stuffed.

4. I have felt dehydrated every Monday, even went to bed with a headache on 4 of the 9 days. I drink the same gallon of water I drink every other day so I’m not sure what was different.

5. I really miss drinking my usual Shakeology breakfast on Mondays. I have been drinking it daily for almost 3 years now and it helps with cravings and energy and I miss that.

So I’m throwing in the towel! The good thing is that I typically eat fruit for every snack and a giant salad for one of my meals every day, so by nature I eat about ½ raw anyway.

I’m sure living in the RV and not having some of the essentials for simple, easy raw “cooking” is part of it too, but like I said earlier, if I was seeing some great benefit, I would make more of an effort.

I would love to hear your RAW stories and experiences at

Hmmm…now what am I going to do on Mondays??? I’ve been playing with the idea of mini-fasts, so maybe Monday can be my fasting day???

To be continued…

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