Progress not Perfection…PHEW!!

Progress Not Perfection I have been a vegetarian since I turned 8 years old. I have been in the process of being a vegan for about 8 years. I used to beat myself up because I wasn’t perfect. I would go a day or a week or even a month 100% vegan and then I would eat Saag Paneer or something with butter or dip my chip into Queso. I gave up so many times because I kept failing.

Then I would read an article about how inflammatory dairy is or watch a video on the mistreatment of animals on the big dairy farms, and I would want to try again…and AGAIN after a day, week, or
sometimes even a month, I would fail.

I was so embarrassed because I would tell people I was vegan and then they would see me eat a bite of something that had dairy in it. I felt like a hypocrite so I just quit telling people I was vegan, and stuck with being a vegetarian, which was easy for me since I haven’t eaten meat since my 8th birthday.

But I don’t want to eat, wear, or use ANY animal products…eventually! I know that FOR SURE…I also now know it’s a process and that is OK!!

Thanks to AWESOME activists and advocates like Rich Roll, No Meat Athlete, Kathy Freston, and others who preach to “go at your own pace”, “lean into it”, or “just eat more plants”. You all have made me feel like I AM making a difference and that I CAN get to where I know I want to be.

I was actually listening to an interview with Kathy Freston today and she used the word “veganish” to describe people who are working toward a vegan lifestyle. I LOVE IT! And I am stealing it. So from now on, when people ask, I am veganish!

So first of all…THANK YOU KATHY!

Second of all…this can apply to all areas of our lives where we KNOW we want to move toward something (specific goal, weight loss, financial freedom, relationship status, career, living situation, etc) but aren’t quite there yet.

This has definitely been one of my greatest challenges to overcome in my personal growth journey. The idea of black or white thinking somehow snuck into my brain at a very young age and has taken me decades of un-doing to realize there are shades of grey.

And third of all…as a recovering perfectionist, I am proud to announce that I am not perfect and that I FINALLY value progress over perfection. I may not be making progress daily, but the graph of every area in my life is on an upward trend…and that ROCKS!

All I can promise you is that if you are AWARE of what you want and you CONSISTENTLY do things in your life to get there (even super duper small things), you WILL get to where you want to go!

I’m writing this from HAWAII…where I have been for a month…all because of tiny baby steps I have
taken over the past 10 years. I promise it works.

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