The Adventures of Garden Girl: Basil

The Adventures of Garden Girl - BasilI decided while we are waiting to move back into our house and get our garden going, I would start with herbs. I will learn about one each week and grow them inside until we can transfer them outside. Is that even how it works? I hope so!!

I am starting with Basil because my hubby loves Italian food and I can put it in his pasta, on my salads, or just eat it plain.

I bought a little Basil plant, a pot, and some organic garden soil. It all sat in my car for 2 days.

NOT off to a great start. This is why I don’t have kids!!

I finally potted it and read how to take care of it. Direct sunlight (not a lot of that in the RV, I mean not a lot of shelf space to put it in the direct sunlight), water every other day (do I need a calendar? A schedule? I know I can remember now but what happens when one plant turns into 10?), and cut leaves to use (will they grow back? How do I know?). I am already feeling overwhelmed.

The next day I was gone for 6 hours, my intention was to put the Basil outside for his sunbathing before I left…I forgot…sad face. By the time I got home it was overcast and a storm was rolling in. Sorry Basil, maybe tomorrow.

Halfway through the next day I finally remembered to take him out. He loved it. But he looked hot after a few hours so I watered him, but wait, did I water him yesterday? I couldn’t remember. Ahhh! I want Basil to survive so I watered him. More water is better than less water right?

Probably not. I totally sound like a crazy person.

So it’s been a week, Basil is still alive (yay). My plan is if I can keep a plant alive for one week, I am ready for a new one. Baby steps right? I like having him around and it is making me more and more excited for my eventual garden.

In one year when I am a garden goddess I will be laughing at my old super green garden newbie self. I can’t wait for that day!!

Until then I will take ANY Basil and general herb advice. What should I grow next?

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See you next week!

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