The Adventures of Garden Girl: Cilantro

The Adventures of Garden Girl - CilantroCilantro…take THREE!!! Third time’s a charm right? I sure hope so because my first attempt at cilantro ended up in a car accident during our move.

Plants in the front seat with no seatbelt=disaster on the FIRST corner I rounded. BOO! Sorry Cilantros (or is it Cilantri?). And sorry car for filling you with dirt. I should probably vacuum that out one of these days!!

My second attempt ended with too much direct sunlight. I thought I was being a good mommy and letting them sun themselves on the deck. Plants like sun right? Apparently not THAT much sun! Sunbathing Cilantro=crispy critters (yikes…sorry again fellas).

So I am on my third attempt and so far so good. I am keeping them on the window sill to get sunlight but off the deck (too much light). Damn…they are the Goldilocks of herbs! And water every day. They are looking good so far but I’m keeping a close eye on them.

Should I keep them inside forever? Do I ever transplant them outside? When can I start eating them?

Ahhh…so many questions. I need Cilantro advice STAT!!

I also want to start one more herb this month. What should I grow next? Something easy that “grows like weeds”!!

AND…is there anything I can grow indoors during the winter as far as food to get started on next year’s garden? Does this come naturally to any of you? Am I the only black thumb? Send me advice or a garden planner so I can get on with my dream of eating from my garden all day every day!

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See you soon!

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