The Demise of Garden Girl

The Demise of Garden GirlOne year ago my husband, Rick, and I decided we wanted to move out of the RV and back into our house. We had renters in our house so we couldn’t actually move back in for another 6 months, but we knew we were going to, so we started planning what our life was going to look like back in the house. We both had wanted to have a garden and grow our own food for years, but we never had the time or money to do it.

As the next few months passed, we combed the internet for pics of what we wanted our new garden to look like. We were so excited telling everyone we were going to grow our own food! I even got a part time job at the RV park taking care of their plants every day to keep me excited and inspired to make gardening my next big thang.

I was anxious to get started so I bought some seeds, soil, and pots and started growing some of my favorite herbs inside the RV before we moved. I wrote a few blog posts about how cool I was getting my little garden started and how I was ready to be known as “garden girl” since I would be of course eating 90% of my meals straight from our amazing garden that I was going to plant and care for all on my own.

From the beginning, I did admit I was a bit of a “black thumb” and had a past of killing plants, but I was vegan now, a lover of nature and all things living, and I was starting a new chapter of my life where I would have time, energy, and patience to make my garden grow. I had full confidence that I would kick ass in my new adventure.

Not so much.

Here’s how it went down…

  1. I declared to the world (or at least to the 7 people who “liked” my post on facebook) that I would be starting my garden by growing herbs inside and that I would be a master by the time we moved into the house, ready to take on a full sized garden!
  2. I started with mint because I heard it grows like a weed with hardly any attention
  3. I moved on to basil because my hubby loves Italian food and I can put it on our pizza
  4. I went wild and planted 3 pots of cilantro since it’s my fave
  5. Cilantro grew, I was excited
  6. Cilantro died, I replanted
  7. Cilantro grew again, I was as excited
  8. Cilantro died, I was devastated, but replanted
  9. Cilantro never came up
  10. Basil started dying
  11. Mint started withering up
  12. I gave up on cilantro, but kept watering the soil for 2 months with hope
  13. Basil withered
  14. Mint withered
  15. Gave up on all my herbs, felt guilty for destroying life, decided not to have a garden after all

So there you have it. In one year, the birth and death of Garden Girl. I still like to imagine I am her, but in reality, I’ll stick with what I know: business, triathlon, eating, writing, and snuggling with Joey. Maybe in my next life you will get to hear more about the adventures of garden girl.




Join me in what I do know…

See you soon!

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