This is SO embarrassing…

This is so embarassingBut I’m going to write this post anyway…just in case it happens to help ONE person feel not so alone or it leads ONE person on a healthy path toward weight loss. Then it will be worth the mega butterflies I have in my stomach about sharing this story…

Last night I was scrolling through facebook on my phone when I saw an ad for Garcinia Cambogia. It was late at night (first mistake), I was having a string of “low self-esteem” days (second mistake), and I was feeling fat (third mistake). The ad was offering a few 30 day sample of this new amazing weight loss pill.

I opened it (fourth mistake) and read the “testimonial” WITH PICS (fifth mistake) and then googled it and read the first link that popped up (sixth mistake) which explained that it is a natural fruit from Asia, India, and Africa that promotes weight loss with no side effects. I googled (seventh mistake) more reviews which were mostly positive. I was on the fence (ok…so maybe 1 foot off the fence and about to purchase) and the final straw was that one of the reviews said her skin cleared up as an unexpected bonus. Now I was lying on the greener grass on the other side 100%.

As much as I have been obsessed with weight loss and my body the past 30 years, I am also preoccupied with clear skin. I am super blonde and my skin in very pink, so even though I didn’t have blemishes as a kid, it was always red and irritated. As a teen I had normal breakouts, but my skin had been itchy and dry so it seemed to look worse on me than other teens. And then as a 23 year old, I developed adult onset acne which came on quickly and within 3 months my face was covered with zits. This only cleared up with the consistent use of Retin-A and oral meds which also made me nauseous, itchy, and sunburned so I would stop and start on a regular basis over the next 15 years.

Changing my diet helped a LOT and using a great product made my skin look the best it had in years. But this year I decided I wanted to use a more “natural” home DIY product and have been struggling to find a combo that works well for me. So now my skin is back to “not as bad as it was 5 years ago, but not as good as it was last year” and I have been frustrated with it lately.

So needless to say, I was ready to place my order.

I went to the website that was offering the free trial and searched for a list of other ingredients. The ad mentioned it was “all-natural” but there are plenty of all natural ingredients that show up in supplements that I won’t eat…like gelatin. I couldn’t find a list so I emailed the company to ask.

LUCKILY…I didn’t get a response that night. THANKFULLY…I have been eating 100% vegan diet and wanted to make sure there were no animal products in the pills. And GRATEFULLY…my credit card was in the car and it was pouring rain outside and I didn’t want to get wet.

I went to sleep dreaming about how hot I was going to look once I lost those last 10 pounds and my skin became as smooth as a newborn baby.

One thing I love about waking up is that I never feel desperate or anxious about my skin or my body, no matter how crazy I felt when I went to bed.

I went to check my email…no response yet from the supplement company. I went online to do a little more research with a clear and open mind (phew) and started finding all sorts of negative reviews. Not negative like side effects or poisonous or even anything artificial or chemical, but more like “waste of money” type reviews and “diet scam”. I found an article in “Women’s Health” which discussed the company that scammed their own magazine (which is ironically the ad that sucked me in the night before).

I was mortified. It took me back to my high school days where Hydroxycut was all the rage. I would spend my hard earned $3.35 an hour wage to make sure I never ran out of pills.

I felt like a total chump! Here I was, 24 years later, and none the wiser (or however that saying goes). And to add insult to injury, I JUST wrote a blog post like 2 weeks ago about how there are NO shortcuts to weight loss. That eating clean, moving daily, and loving yourself are the ONLY “secrets” to losing weight.

UGH! Have I not learned anything? Am I seriously still a desperate teenaged girl putting my hopes and dreams into a bottle of pills (which BTW, I learned the free trial, AFTER you place your order, shows the fine print of being charged $90 four days after your “free” trial is shipped unless you cancel).


In the past I would have NEVER told anyone this story, but I know that if I was about to spend $100 for the hope of clear skin and toned thighs, someone else out there also was…or did. And if you did, it’s OK…we didn’t know! Companies spend MILLIONS on marketing so they KNOW how to suck us in. If it didn’t work, they wouldn’t be doing it.

So the moral to the story is…

1. The only way to lose weight, NO MATTER WHAT YOU SEE ON FACEBOOK, is to eat clean, move daily, and love yourself.

2. Don’t beat yourself up if you want the “easy pill” or want to be better, just know there are no quick fixes.

3. When you feel desperate about changing something in your life, turn OFF your computer, call a friend, take a hot shower, and get a good night sleep.

4. You are NEVER alone. We are all in this together. Reach out. Share your fears. Be brave.


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