What a Difference a Year Makes

What a Difference a Year MakesI was driving home from a massage last week feeling grateful and relaxed, drinking water and chomping on a Two Moms in the Raw Goldenberry Bar (check them out here http://amzn.to/1Ds7G4N they are DELISH!!), feeling like the luckiest girl in the world because I was living a life I chose and then created.

I quickly flashed back to almost exactly one year ago where I was driving home from a massage with the same therapist feeling hungry and agitated. I stopped at the first grocery store I saw to get some fruit or juice or something and ended up grabbing a dozen donuts. I was going to eat a few and then bring the rest home to my hubby. I ate 11. The only reason I didn’t eat 12 is because I was too embarrassed to admit to myself I ate a dozen.

I threw the last one out the window. I know I know…littering is bad! But if I didn’t, I would have eaten it too. So I tossed it. I spent the next 30 minutes tapping (EFT) since that is how was dealing with stress last summer (BTW love it and highly recommend it), crying, and shaming myself for being so weak and undisciplined…especially while training for the ironman in Kona. What was wrong with me??

I continued tapping until my emotions felt stable and promised to abstain from donuts for the rest of my life. If you have read any of my other posts in the food category of my blog, you know I have not abstained, but I haven’t had an episode like that since.

I have had binges and have over-eaten several times in the past year, but not this severe. And by severe I only mean the way it made me feel.

So what has changed? That is what I have been contemplating the past week. Like all my changes, they came gradually, baby steps over time, which resulted in an amazing transformation!! And this was no different.

Here are the 3 things I think caused the most change in my quest for self-acceptance, self-love, and handling my emotions sans food…

1. Time Management. Blocking out more time for each activity I do each day. I used to block out 30 minutes for a 30 minute commute. If I hit a red light, accident, or a train, I was screwed for the rest of the day! That 2-5 minutes put me late to my next thing which put me late to my next thing which caused more and more anxiety as the day went on. And of course each day more than one activity didn’t stick to my time frame so by the end of the day I was not only loaded with stress, but I felt like a failure and that I let others, mostly myself, down.

These days I schedule more than enough time for each activity. If that means I have to do less, then I have to do less. NO is not a 4 letter word!! So if I have a 30 minute call, I will block off 45 minutes. If it goes a little long, no biggie! If it goes only 30 mins, or less, bonus! I get to eat a snack or pee! Yay!

2. Personal Growth. I am constantly listening to podcasts, books, and CDs on improving my life and loving myself more. This may sound cheesy to some of you but I think by now I’ve weeded out those non-growers and they don’t bother with my blog anymore.

You can check out my favorite podcasts here…

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My fave books here…

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And if that all seems too hard, time consuming, or tedious, just do this…

Homework: Gratitude Journal

I hear a lot of people who are unhappy with their life and say they want to change but then don’t do anything to make the changes. If nothing changes, nothing changes…DOY!!

3. Start living the life you want to live NOW. Don’t wait until you are (skinny, rich, healthy, relaxed, not-busy, happy, older, etc) to do what you love. When you do what you love you emit joy and positive energy. People pick up on that and are attracted to you. This will in turn give you MORE of what you are putting out! It may sound a little “the secret” to many of you, but ask ANYONE who has what they want in their life…they created that life by starting to live the life they desired EVEN when it was scary, hard, or they weren’t ready.

I suggest first KNOWING what you want your ideal life to look like (this may take some time, be patient with yourself, most people have NO idea what they want) and then doing ONE thing each day to work toward that life. It can be TEENY TINY!!! For example, let’s say you want to start your own biz selling your homemade energy bars. But you work 50 hours a week, you have 3 kids in 5 sports, and you decided to join 2 book clubs to get out of the house twice a month. No time to start your biz right??

Right!! BUT…you can do baby steps like pick a name, write down a recipe, take a pic of the last batch you made, post it on Instagram, set up an Instagram account for your bars, tell a friend about your dream, listen to a podcast while folding laundry about starting a biz, take an online course on Quickbooks, make a dream board, design a logo, register your new biz name, read an article about startups, look at an inspiring quote, write down another recipe, figure out your target market, talk to others who have done the same business, tell another friend about your dream (the more people you tell, the more likely you will run into people who want to help you get started), look into packaging, make a budget, apply for a biz loan, I could go on and on but you get the point. One little thing, every single day, and suddenly you have a business!!! Awesome right!

This year our #1 goal is to get out of debt. We live on a tight budget anyway so I had to cut my favorite thing out…racing. I LOVE RACING!!! But if I were to truly stop racing, I wouldn’t be as happy, healthy, energetic, or fulfilled as I am. So I didn’t wait until we were out of debt to race, I made it so I could race by volunteering, asking for race entries, trading my time, services, or product for entries, and putting out there that I am going to race because it’s part of my ideal life. When you follow your heart and your soul, the Universe will conspire to help you succeed!! SERIOUSLY!!!

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See how I did that?? Put it out there!!


See you super soon!

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