What I Learned About My Relationship With Food During The Master Cleanse

What I Learned About My Relationship With Food During My Master CleanseFor the last week I have been doing the Master Cleanse. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s the one where you drink the lemon, syrup, cayenne mixture all day, every day, for 10 days. OK…now you know the one I am talking about!

This wasn’t the first time I had done a cleanse, or even this particular one, but this was by far the easiest experience for me.

I started doing cleanses when I was a teenager…for no other reason than to lose weight. Back in the day there were some pretty poor options, most of them centered around drinking some type of juice all day every day….typically cranberry.

Over the years I have done hundreds of cleanses…99.99% of them only to lose weight. Now you know I’m all in support of losing weight, the problem is that a cleanse to lose it is like cortisone on eczema. It may make it feel better but the underlying issues that caused it are still there. So it typically doesn’t last.

With many cleanses, a lot of the weight loss comes because you are taking in less overall calories in a day. So if you just jump back into your usually eating after, you will gain the weight back.

Before I go any further, I just want to say a cleanse is a very personal decision and I am not recommending any specific cleanse to anyone. However…I personally believe that we breathe toxins, put them on our skin, and eat them daily, so there is a definite need to cleanse your body both inside and out. So if you DO decide you want to do a cleanse (of any sort), I would do your research and find out which is the best one for you and your specific situation, goals, lifestyle, etc.

So back to my Master Cleanse story…

I have probably done this specific cleanse a dozen times, like I said to lose weight. The problem with that was I was depriving myself of food that I really wanted in order to lose the weight, so the minute I was done with the cleanse I would eat all the foods I had been dreaming of over the past 5-10 days. In fact, one time my 10 days were up right before a dinner party we were having w friends. I made lasagna, ravioli, and garlic bread, and our friends brought chocolate cake. I went from 10 days of liquid to approximately 3,000 calories of CRAP! Needless to say, I had the worst stomach ache!

Another time I did the cleanse from Dec 21-31 and at midnight I ate a pan of brownies and drank 2 quarts of milk (Happy New Year right??) Sheesh! You would think I would be MUCH smarter than that!!

The Master Cleanse instruct a very specific way to come off the cleanse, but I had NEVER done it, until this time. So what was different?

This time I had a different reason for doing the cleanse. I had taken a few years off from this cleanse because of the unhealthy reasons I was doing it and went back and forth with myself this time to make sure I was in it for the RIGHT reasons…health. I have lots of food allergies which affect my skin primarily.

When I eat foods I am sensitive to, my skin gets very itchy (gross right). When I eat those foods for days in a row, it gets unbearable. Some of my sensitivities are constant, but some come and go and sometimes I don’t know what they are. Right before I did the cleanse this time, I had been eating fairly healthy, even started eating way more raw meals. But I was progressively getting itchier. Plus my face had been breaking out more than usual which typically happens when I am eating foods my body disagrees with.

So I decided the Master Cleanse was a good way to “clear” my system and start from scratch. I would do the cleanse, follow the plan to come off it to a tee, and pay attention to what foods I am eating that are wreaking havoc on my body.

On the last day of the cleanse I felt amazing. Skin clear, no itches, tons of energy, mind was sharp, and as a bonus I did lose a few pounds. I went to the store to get the veg broth and juice to ween off the cleanse and I was SO scared to start eating food again. It was crazy! Usually I was super excited to eat food. Even though I always felt this great after the cleanse, I would dream of the food I would have when I was done. This time, it was more of a nightmare.

At first I thought this was my old friend ED (Eating Disorder not Erectile Dysfunction…haha I crack myself up) sneaking his way into my head telling me I failed at another diet and was going to get fat as soon as that first piece of food passed my lips.

But when I listened closer, it wasn’t that mean bastard, it was my loving self, nervous that I was going to eat something that would make my face break out and my legs itch, scared that I was going to be mad at myself for something I have very little control over until I can find out the cause, and apprehensive because I just spent a week feeling amazing and I didn’t want to mess it up by eating something my body disagrees with.

It felt good to honor myself instead of put myself down. It was refreshing to know that there was more to me than the old negative self-talk patterns. And it felt INCREDIBLE to know that after years and years (and years) of working on loving myself more, there is hope that it is happening! Eeeeek! Super exciting!

I actually wrote most of this 2 months ago, but it got lost in my travel, holiday, move, life-got-crazy folder. I wanted to finish it because this is a really big step for me. And if there’s hope for me, there is hope for you! In any area of your life where you feel out of control.

This week I have been SUPER itchy again, which is why I thought of this today, and have been wanting to do the cleanse again, but instead I am going to re-do the allergy tests I usually do every 2 years so I can get to the root of the problem.

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See you next week!!

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