What I Think About Your Diet

What I think about your dietI had 3 people in the past 2 days ask my opinion about their diet. I don’t mind this question, but I never give the answer most people want to hear. I think the majority of people just want to hear that the way they are choosing to eat is good…or at least acceptable. It’s why people who love bacon are super into the high protein thing and people who love bread are into the high carb thing.

Although all 3 diets I was asked about were very different, they all got the same response from me. This is my response when ANYONE asks me what I think about the _____ diet…

First of all…everyone’s body is different and responds to foods differently, so there is no diet that is generally best for every single person.

Second of all…any diet that is considered a “diet” is typically a temporary fix and is not healthy long term.

Third of all…most people’s poor nutrition and unhealthy portions have nothing to do with food, it has more to do with habits, emotions, addictions, and comfort levels.

Fourth of all…any diet that is too restrictive, complicated, time consuming, or inconvenient is NOT going to last.

Fifth of all…wait…is it even legal to have a fifth of all??? I don’t think so…I’ll just move on!

So instead of giving my opinion on one of the countless specific diets out there, I share what I think is the BEST way to eat, in general, for most people, for long term health and wellness.

Here is what I say…

1. Eat more veggies. I typically challenge people to eat one more serving per day that what they are accustomed to until it becomes a habit, and then add one more again.

2. Eat more fruit. After they are loving on their veggies, at least 5 servings on most days, we add fruit, same thing, add one more serving until it becomes a habit.

3. Feeling great. At this point, most people have more energy, want to move more, feel healthier, and don’t have enough room in their body for all the crap they were eating before so they naturally start eating less junk food.

4. Drink more water…duh…we all know that one!

5. Eat less sugar (tough one for most people). I have them find one food they love that is not sugar, but is sweet, to tie them over at least one day a week. When one day is easy, we move onto two, and then three. Mine is Zevia…check it out here… http://goo.gl/AGRdQu

6. Eat less dairy (even tougher than sugar for most people). Again…find a dairy alternative that you love and start with one day of no dairy. Use the alternative if you HAVE to have dairy that day!

IMPORTANT TIP: Do not expect your dairy alternative to taste like what you are used to…especially milk. It will NOT taste/feel the same. Be open to new and exciting tastes, textures, and flavors!! This was my biggest issue when I first started eliminating dairy from my diet.

7. Eat more real foods. That means less packaged foods. If 5/6 of your meals each day don’t come from a package, you are doing AWESOME!!!

8. Take baby steps and ONLY make changes you are willing to commit to for the rest of your life.

9. You WILL slip up…no biggie!! Don’t beat yourself up!! When you do, forgive yourself and move on!

10. Enjoy your food! Food is energy and nutrients, but food is also delicious!! I know from experience that the more good, clean foods you eat, the more you will love the taste of healthier, less processed foods. Give your body and taste buds time to adapt.

I have a daily health/nutrition text I send out to remind you of these tips. To get the daily reminder, text your first name and “FT” to 970-214-7745.

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PS…start today with whatever meals you have left!!

See you next week!

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