What’s The Difference Between Vegetarian and Vegan?

What’s The Difference Between Vegetarian and Vegan?Over the past week I have had 2 people ask me what the difference between a vegetarian and a vegan was. I figured there must be other people out there who don’t know the difference, so here it is!

Before I share the difference, I just want to put out there that I know there are several specific types of vegetarians, as some will eat fish or even poultry, but I’m going by the definitions I know to be true for myself.

A vegetarian is someone who doesn’t eat any meat or meat by-products. This includes all meats such as beef, pork, chicken, veal, etc where an animal is killed and its meat is eaten. Most vegetarians still eat eggs and dairy, but won’t eat things like gelatin and other products made directly from animal parts.

A vegan is someone who eats no animal products at all. No eggs, dairy, or meat. Most vegans also get to the place where they don’t wear leather, wool, angora, fur, ivory, or any other parts of an animal whether the animal was killed for that sole purpose or not.

Because dairy and eggs are so rampant in North America, and cheese is so addictive, there are far fewer vegans than vegetarians. Plus many vegetarians can see the harm in killing an animal for food, but not in taking its eggs or milk.

The name “vegan” came from the founder of the Vegan Society in 1944 as a statement against vegetarians who ate dairy products. He took the first and last letters of the word vegetarian to create his orthodox version of vegetarianism (blog.dictionary.com/veganism).

There are lots of great resources out there these days to help educate you on both veganism and vegetarianism.

Netflix has several documentaries such as Forks Over Knives, Food Choices, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, Vegucated, Food Matters, Cowspiracy, and Live And Let Live.

There are also many great books about the subject, my faves being Skinny Bitch, Thug Kitchen, Meat Is For Pussies, and Main Street Vegan. #promo

My favorite podcast that often goes into depth on plant-based eating is the Rich Roll Podcast.

I’m sure there are many other amazing resources out there (please share if you have one you love) as when I googled “veganism” over 298,000,000 results came up!

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See you on the VEG side!

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