You Can Eat ANYTHING For Breakfast

You Can Eat ANYTHING For Breakfast!I was chatting with a nutrition client this past week and she said she has a hard time losing weight because she doesn’t eat breakfast because she hates breakfast foods. I asked her which foods she hated and she sent me a long list of cereals (hot and cold), eggs, breakfast meats, pancakes, French toast (What? Who on earth hates French toast???), waffles, donuts, etc.

I then asked her what her top 10 favorite foods were. She sent me the list. I asked her if she had ever considered eating THOSE foods for “breakfast”?

She said she had never thought about it.

So I decided to write to you all today to let you know that you can eat ANYTHING for breakfast. There is no law stating that “breakfast” foods are the only thing you can eat in the morning!!

Remember back in college when cold pizza was the meal of choice first thing in the morning…YUM!!

Ahh…the good old days…

The reason eating breakfast is important in your health and weight loss is NOT because of the foods (waffles, eggs, and bacon are NOT a recipe for optimal health by any means), but because you are getting your metabolism and digestion revved up, you are filling up on (hopefully) nutrient dense foods to start your day off with a BANG, and you are staving off hunger which typically results in poorer food choices later on in the day.

I remember I had a client when I was personal training at the gym who’s doc had her eating broccoli and spinach for breakfast. She said it was weird at first but it gave her tons of energy throughout the morning and ended up helping some of the issues she initially went in for.

Once we open our mind to possibilities instead of trying to fit into a mold that whoever decided was the way it should be for whatever reason they chose it, we find unlimited possibilities! This is true in nutrition, in business, in relationships, and in life.

I have lived far from a “traditional” life and to some people it may seem strange or odd, but I am doing what works for me to get me closer to my goals and toward the life of my dreams!

So go crazy!! Open the fridge tomorrow morning and grab whatever looks delish to you! If you are
feeling brave, post a pic on Instagram with #dinnerforbreakfast or something WILD like that. Come on peeps…let’s shake up this cookie-cutter life and eat mac and cheese for breakfast!! Vegan of course!!

I double dare you!

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See you SOON!

PS…Stay Weird!!

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