You Can Eat Healthy Anywhere

You Can Eat Healthy AnywhereI had to write a quick post to let you all know you can eat healthy anywhere in the world!! OK…let me rephrase that so I don’t get people yelling at me because I haven’t been everywhere in the world and I’m sure there are some remote crazy places where there are no healthy options.

I am talking about the US and any other 1st world country or resort you visit on your travels!! Places the majority of us would travel.

I am doing a Clean Eating Challenge and I invited all my friends on Facebook to join me. I started following up today with the people who were interested and within a couple minutes, I got 2 responses from people saying they can’t do it because they are going out of town?? At first I was confused because you can eat clean and healthy anywhere in the world (well you know…pretty much anywhere), but then I realized maybe they don’t know that! So I decide to write this as a reminder.

When you are traveling it is for sure a challenge to eat healthy, but with a little planning and preparation, it’s actually very doable. I personally travel more than the average person (just about every month) and recently spent 2 ½ years traveling full time in an RV, so I would love to give you some tips from my experiences to help you have a better, healthier one…if that’s what you want.

I have a feeling that most people use traveling and vacations as an excuse to eat crap and indulge (I totally used to be that way), but for those of you who care about your health or travel so much that indulging is resulting in weight gain and health deterioration, this is for you!

Road Trips…

  • Bring your own food. Bring a cooler full of cut up veggies, grapes, watermelon, berries, and pineapple.
  • Make your own trail mix with pistachios, dried fruit, and dark chocolate chips.
  • Bring at least a gallon of water and make a goal of drinking it during the day.
  • Bring a carton of almond milk and your shaker cup so you can easily mix a protein shake.
  • Bring raw fruit/nut bars.
  • If you do like eating out, choose a salad with extra veggies and avocado at Subway or a baked potato w veggies at the restaurant for dinner.
  • Drink extra water. If you get bored of water, drink Vitamin Water or another non-sweetened, non-artificially flavored drink.
  • Put your food out of reach so you will only eat it when you are hungry, not snacking all day just because you are tired or bored.

Air Travel…

  • Bring snacks (non-liquid of course) like raw fruit/nut bars, seeds, apples, and carrots.
  • Don’t get to the airport hungry!!
  • If you do choose to eat at a restaurant in the airport, make healthy choices, there are plenty to choose from. Cinnabon smells so good but will make you feel like crap the entire flight AND you will be hungry an hour later!
  • As soon as you get through security, buy the biggest bottle of water you can find.
  • If the flight is providing drinks, choose V8 or 100% fruit juice. And then chase it with water.
  • If you are tired, nap instead of eating. If you are bored, read or play a game instead of eating.
  • Plan ahead for where you will eat when you get to your destination. Make it someplace you love so that you have incentive not to over eat during travel.

Staying in a Hotel…

  • Plan for a hotel with a fridge.
  • Get online and search for healthy restaurants around town. Or even better, find a health food or grocery store nearby and stop on the way to the hotel. Many even deliver now.
  • Stock up on easy healthy snacks like all the ones mentioned above.
  • If you do choose to eat all your meals out, save half your healthy option (all restaurants have them) and put it in your hotel fridge for another meal. Chefs will prepare meals to your specifications, just ask!!

I know there are a bunch of other travel situations, and I have not been in ALL of them, but I would love to help you with your specific circumstance if you truly want help in staying healthy and fit while traveling.

Please reach out as I would love my years and years of trial and extra error to help yours be more success and less failure!

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Happy and Healthy Travels this Summer!!!

See you soon!

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