Fun: 3 Life Lessons I have learned from living in an RV for 18 Months

[Blog Post} Life Lessons I have learned from living in an RV for 18 MonthsAbout 18 months ago, my husband and I sold pretty much everything that wouldn’t fit in the “new” RV we bought and left on an adventure. The first question most people ask me is WHY. Then they want to know details like how we are making a living, where we have been, how long we are planning on continuing this lifestyle, and do we actually poop in front of each other.

I have talked about WHY we started this journey, but wanted to share the incredible life lessons I have learned along the way. It’s funny because they aren’t things I didn’t KNOW before, I just needed a reminder of the importance they play in my life. These 3 messages I have learned are SUPER simple, so simple in fact that they are very easy to incorporate into ANYONE’S life, but they are often overlooked and forgotten, and leave most of us wanting more out of our lives.

Relationships are better when you spend time together.

I know! Shocker right??? Seems so elementary but in our busy, fast paced, electronic world, it was really easy to believe that an ”I love you” text or a Facebook tag saying “my hubby rocks” on Throwback Thursday was just as valuable as time together. And I think I just got lazy assuming he just “knows” how much I love him. After all, if I didn’t love him I wouldn’t be married to him right?? WRONGO!

Simplicity ROCKS.

We are hearing this more and more often, but “simplicity” to most people still means we each only have one car, one TV, and one closet full of shoes. When we first packed up the RV and realized 75% of what we own would NOT fit, we naturally rented a storage unit to store a bunch of crap. After only 3 months on the road we realized if we hadn’t needed it by now, it’s probably not that important. So other than one “memoir” box each and a few box files with tax stuff, etc, we gave the rest to goodwill. And every month we spend on the road, I need less and less. I make it a goal to get rid of 10 things a week. Simplifying is liberating, gratifying, and brings out my creative side that was hidden VERY deeply for the past 30 years!

I grow most as a person when I am thrown into the world with no rules.

UGH! This was a hard one for me. I am the QUEEN of personal growth. I am reading books, listening to podcasts, watching inspirational videos, and seeking personal development pretty much every waking hour. Where I failed was putting it all into practice. In theory, I understood what Darwin was saying when he said “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” And I believed him!

But…I was living a rigid life that only worked because I was disciplined and methodical in my work and personal life. When my environment changed and I no longer had control of many of my circumstances, the shit hit the fan and I had to adapt or fail at my big adventurous plan. I chose to adapt…and it was exactly what I needed to break through to the next level of ME.

So yes, I suggest getting out of your comfort zone ASAP and watch yourself grow into the best version of YOU!

Oh, and BTW…yes on the “poop” question! Get over it!

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