Happy New Year!!

Happy New YearI LOVE the New Year. I love fresh beginnings, goals, resolutions, bettering myself and my life, planning, reflecting, and all that goes along with a new day, week, month and ESPECIALLY year!

I think it’s HILARIOUS when people say “I don’t make resolutions because they don’t ever last” like they are blaming the resolution for not making it past January! Come on peeps…get with the program!

To me a resolution is something you really want to change about yourself or your life. Something that will improve your current situation, something that is realistic, and something you are willing to make a priority.

I think where most people go wrong (including myself) is that we ADD to our lives without TAKING OUT something. I don’t know about you but my life is pretty full. My time, money, energy, and focus are already used on something every hour of every day. This leaves no extra of ANYTHING to spare. So if I want to add something that takes time, money, energy, or focus, I have to give something up.

If you DO have extra lying around, YAY!! Go for it…and YOU ROCK! If not, here are some things you can think about when making decisions on what you are going to change in 2015.

In my opinion, making lasting changes is all about priorities. What is important to YOU. Take 10 minutes and go through this quick, easy process. I do this monthly to help decision making easier throughout the month. If I am given a choice between this and that, I look at my list of priorities and whatever is higher on the list, wins. This makes decision making super fast and easy.

For example…

If I am tired and want to go to bed early but I have to make a video for my business, I look at my list.

What is higher on the list, sleep or building my biz? If it’s sleep that month (or week…you can change your priorities weekly if your life changes quickly), then I go to bed, if it’s building my business, I stay up.

It’s as simple as that!

Another example…

If you are asked to volunteer at your kid’s school but you need to get your workout in and you only have time to do one, you look at your list. If exercise is higher on the list than volunteering, you head to the gym. If not, you head to the school.

I think you got the idea. SIMPLE…but not always easy. Especially for those used to saying YES to everything!!

Here is how you make your priority list for the month…

1. At the end of the previous month (or as soon as you realize you didn’t make your list for that month) you look at your calendar and write down EVERY SINGLE thing you have going on in the month.

2. Now add in the activities that make up your health, financial, career, personal, and relationship goals.

3. Add in anything you may have missed that you just habitually do (like sleep, cook, clean, sex, etc).

4. Categorize anything that can be lumped together.

5. If you have more than 20 categories, lump more!

6. Put them in order of importance to you AT THAT MOMENT. Remember life is ever changing so you can re-prioritize when something dramatically changes. If you are having a hard time choosing between 2 or 3 categories, take a minute to think which is moving you MORE toward the life of your dreams. If you are still stuck, think about which will make your life better immediately.

7. Read through your list OUT LOUD (oh by the way, you do NOT have to show anyone your list if you aren’t ready to make your life and what you want a priority. Keep it to yourself until you have people in your life who support every move you make) and make changes to your order until you believe this is the best order for YOU at this moment.

8. Put the list where you will see it daily…or again, if it’s a bit of a secret right now, just put it where you can easily access it when faced with a decision. I keep mine in my planner.

9. Share your list with someone you trust, if you are ready.

10. Have the best year EVER!!

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Every year my life gets better and better. Every January my husband, Rick, and I look at each other and say “This is going to be our best year ever”. We have MANY ups and downs, but our general trajectory is UP and it’s because of processes like this I have been using every single month for the past 8 years.

Here is another technique I use whenever I feel my life is spinning out of control…


Happy New Year and I honestly DO hope yours is your best EVER!!

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