Homework: Your Perfect Day…

Homework - Your Perfect Day“Our visions are only actionable if we say them out loud. If we keep our dreams to ourselves, they will remain a figment of our imagination.” –Simon Sinek

Every night before we go to bed, my husband and I discuss three things.

1. What was our favorite part of our day

2. What was our least fave part

3. What would we change (that we have control over) if we could

We don’t just do this to make small talk, we do this because we are in the process of creating our perfect day (week, month, year, life) and this is a baby step to get there.

If you have read my article on “Creating the Life of Your Dreams” you will know I have done this process for years and years until my life closely resembled my ideal life. If you are unhappy, stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed with how your life is going at this time, I highly recommend reading that article. If you don’t even have time to do that and work the 7 simple steps, then THIS is the article for you!

I love homework! Call me crazy but it makes me feel productive, like I accomplished something, like writing down answers to questions will get me somewhere, and it has. It’s one thing to THINK about something, to DREAM about a goal, an accomplishment, a wish, or something you desire, but it’s an entirely different outcome when you WRITE IT DOWN!!

I am a business coach and I have found when I have people actually write down their business goals instead of just talk about them, they are more likely to accomplish them. I would dare to say even 50% more likely. AND…I have read tons of studies that show that increase is more like 80% to 90%. WOW!!

So why wouldn’t you write it down!!! Oh wait…that’s a question. Why wouldn’t you? Are you afraid someone may see it and laugh at you? Are you nervous that if you want it bad enough to write it down and it doesn’t happen you’re a failure? Are you scared that it WILL come true? I am…all of those! And so are you I imagine.

So let’s do something together today. This will take 5 minutes and I KNOW you have 5 minutes some time during your day. If not, make time, this is important. Take your phone to the bathroom and open your note pad, bring a notebook with you in the car and write while you are waiting to pick up your kids, ask your partner to finish dinner so you can do this assignment. You KNOW you can find 5 mins today!!

Homework: Write at the top of your page “My Perfect Day” and then write hour by hour (or if you are super mega special like me you can do minute by minute) what your PERFECT day would look like. Not what you think it should look like, not what your spouse, family, friends, etc want it to look like, but what YOU would be doing in your ideal life. You don’t have to show this to anyone…ever. And if you are really uncomfortable, you can rip it up or delete it immediately after.

If you are having a hard time getting starting, take a deep breath, close your eyes, and think for a minute about your very favorite things to do. This may be hard for you because you might not be doing what I do every night and go over the parts of my day I like and dislike every single day. But challenge yourself to dream, wish, hope, and give yourself every single thing you want and deserve in your life…or at least on this prefect day.

When you are done, I want you to read it out loud to yourself. If it scares the crap out of you, makes you smile, or gives you butterflies in your stomach, you did it correctly. If not, redo it until it does.

After you have crafted your perfect day, you have 4 options. I’ll list them from hardest to easiest and let you decide…

1. Share it with the world, everyone you know, post it on facebook

2. Share it with someone you love and trust

3. Save it

4. Toss or delete it

Whichever you decide is fine. No one choice is better than the other. The homework was to create your perfect day, that’s it! CONGRATS on taking a step toward living the life of your dreams!

Now reward yourself!!!

If you are feeling really brave, you can share with our loving supportive community…


See you next week!!

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