How I Became A Morning Person

How I Became A Morning PersonIf you know me, you know I am NOT a morning person by nature! As a kid I missed the bus at least once a week because I could not get my little butt moving pre-dawn.

As I got older I chose swimming as my primary sport which consisted of early morning practices all week AND early morning meets every weekend. My body never adapted.

When I started my career as a personal trainer, I had to work when I was needed…before and after work. This meant many more years of 4am alarm clock to be excited to motivate tired clients by 5am.

And then as an adult I chose a hobby (triathlon) that training AND races typically cater to the early riser.

For big races, the transition area opens at 5am which means you have to wake up, eat, get ready, load all your crap, and travel to the venue all before sunrise. Still never became a morning person.

In fact, #357 reason why I never had kids was because the thought of having to get up early…and often…gave me massive amounts of anxiety!

As much as a personal growth junkie as I am, I have heard interviews with dozens of the most successful people in the world and one thing they all have in common is they are early risers. So part of me has WANTED to be a morning person to join the ranks of the world’s most inspiring, motivational, enlightened, successful, and happy people. I mean…who wouldn’t want that. But you can’t always get what you want.

And when I forced myself to get up early, my productivity, workouts, eating, and focus would suffer and I would end up needing a nap early afternoon to compensate, which took up my precious daylight hours I had to get my stuff done.

To make matters worse I never got into the whole coffee or tea drinking thing so not only do I not like waking up early, but once I’m up I have nothing to perk me up and get me revved up to rock my day!

I felt like I had tried everything! So I just accepted I would never be a morning person.

We’ll guess what? I am now a morning person!! “How did you do it?” You ask? I’ll tell you my secret…it’s pretty unbelievable actually…here it is…wait for it…

I go to bed super early!! What? That’s it! Yes! That’s it! Do I have to sacrifice some habits I used to have?

Of course! Did I have to give up some things I did before? Yep! We ALL only have 24 hours in a day, and we all have 100% control on how we choose to spend ours.

Not by choice (initially), we started going to bed super early. I mean like asleep before 9pm. In order to do this I had to shift my work schedule, change my eating schedule, and eliminate some things from my day to accommodate my new life. It’s never easy to give up activities you like or think you need, but the rewards are worth it.

Since we have been going to sleep early, I am getting enough rest (I need a lot…which is another reason I never thought I could get up early) and waking up before sunrise. This allows me to get busy work done at a time where there are few distractions, which allows me to get done more quickly and get to my work out sooner, which gives me energy to get started with my productive work as soon as most people are up and running.

This allows me to reach more people, build my businesses, make more connections, and make more money. This provides me with more money to buy nutrient rich and delicious foods to keep my energy up all day. An upward spiral of success FOR SURE!!

I even have time to clean a bit everyday (which I never used to have time for…well, it was always the first thing I gave up when I got busy), make my hubby dinner every night, and read or write a little as I am unwinding. We also watch a movie before we go to sleep every night and are STILL ready to pass out before 9pm most nights.

I know what some of you are thinking…

“But I have to do this…”

“But I have these responsibilities…”

“That won’t work for me because…”

“She’s so lucky she has control of her schedule…”

And so on and so on.

We all have control of our schedule. We all have the same number of hours in a day. We all decide what our priorities (are if you need help with yours, click here

It’s not easy, I had to make sacrifices, but as I am heading into my 2nd month as a newborn in the world of “morning peoples”, I am already seeing the positive effects it is having in my own life and I am excited to see where I will be a year from today.

What I am saying is that, to me, it is worth making the changes, no matter how difficult and impossible they seemed at the time. This doesn’t have to be an “over-night” change, but small changes over time equal big successes!!


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