I Didn’t Do My Weekly Newsletter Last Night and I am Not Sorry

I didn't do my weekly newsletter last night... and I'm Not Sorry! | Motivation and Personal Development“Sorry” is a phrase that IMO (in my opinion) is overused. At least in my world.

In my businesses I am constantly following up with people who have told me they wanted something from me. A product, the biz opportunity, a party, a meeting, etc. Often when I am following up, I get this response, “No thanks, sorry”.

I like to ask “Thanks for your response, what are you sorry about?” But I never get an answer. I actually truly want an answer because I am curious what they are sorry about? For example if someone is wanting to lose weight and I tell them about Beachbody’s nutritional shake, Shakeology, and they say they want to try it and will order when they get paid Friday, I follow up.

“Hi Cindy…did you still want to order Shakeology today?”
“No thanks, sorry”

Why are you sorry? Who are you sorry to? Me? I’m not the one wanting to lose weight. I’m not the one asking for help. I’m not the one who said I wanted to order it Friday.

Maybe she is saying sorry to herself? For not making her health or her needs a priority? For not following through with what she wants for herself? For putting other people’s needs in front of her own?

This is what I woke up thinking about his morning. Not Cindy or Shakeology or even any of my businesses (I have no idea how that tangent even happened), but about saying “sorry”.

You see, almost a year ago, I decided (or was prodded by my marketing coach, Tara) to start a weekly newsletter.

Every Wednesday I send a newsletter to whoever wants to get it with an easy vegan recipe, a fun workout, and one of my recent blog posts which mostly deal with my personal growth and all the things I am passionate about and screwing up in my life. Only one time I did not get my newsletter out on time and only one time I skipped the week.

The skip was “excusable” because it was halfway into my 7 marathons in 7 days in 7 states and that’s a cool reason to miss a week. The late time was because my life was so crazy I actually forgot it was Wednesday!!! I woke up early the next morning and apologized profusely and swore I would get my shit together! I felt like a loser and a slacker and that I let people down…all 28 of them who opened my newsletter that week!

Was I really sorry to those 28 people, half who may have opened it but never read it, the other half who probably wouldn’t have noticed it was late if I hadn’t mentioned it in the newsletter? Did anyone even care? I highly doubt it! So yes, I was saying sorry to myself, for not holding up my end of the bargain, for being the one who broke the deal, and finally for being so hard on myself for not getting it done.

I have no idea where that all came from as that (again) was not where I was going with this!!

Anyhoo…last night (Wednesday) after a long day with several unexpected, unplanned adventures, I got home at 7:57pm, gave my dog a kiss and my hubby a pat on the head (or maybe it was the other way around, I really can’t remember), and grabbed dinner and took it up to my office to get on a team video meeting at 8:00.

After the meeting, I was beat. I left my dishes next to my computer, took a shower, and crawled into bed. In the 8 seconds before I fell asleep, I suddenly remembered I didn’t do my weekly newsletter. I almost jumped out of bed to make sure to get it sent on the day it’s “supposed” to go out (it’s called Happy Hump Day from Kirsten) but then I decided against it. I chose to take care of me and get enough sleep for the first time in a month.

I woke up this morning (Thursday) and lay in bed thinking of the apologetic message I was going to write in my newsletter when I sent it out this evening, which got me thinking “why am I sorry?

I chose to sleep instead of doing the newsletter. I can’t be sorry for something I chose to do.” And that is what I wanted to write about today. To remind myself (and you) that we all make choices every single day and we need to own our choices, not be apologetic for them.

If you are sorry for your choices, make other choices. If you are sorry for your actions, chose a different action. I feel like “I’m sorry” these days is an excuse and easy way to get out of something. And that doesn’t feel good to me. I want to be impeccable with my word, and to me saying sorry when I’m really not sorry goes against that.

So I am committing to not saying sorry unless I really truly mean I am sorry. I’m not sure what that situation would be because as I am writing this I’m trying to figure out if there is anything in my life I am sorry for? My life is a compilation of every choice (both good and bad) I have ever made and has made me into the person I love (finally) today.

So I am not sorry.

But I do love you guys.

And I’ll get my newsletter out to you.

And I’m not mad at myself.

And I’m not a loser.

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See you soon!!

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