I’m Bringing Lazy Back

I'm Bringing Lazy BackMeghan Trainor may be bringing booty back (thanks for that BTW), but I am bringing lazy back!

I hear ALL THE TIME people saying “I’ll do (blank) when my life slows down”. NEWSFLASH…Your life will NEVER slow down! If you want your life to slow down, YOU have to slow it down!

I used to pride myself on being the busiest person I knew. I would work 3 or more jobs, do graveyard and overnight shifts to get in extra hours, and pick up extra hours, side jobs, etc, just so I could maintain my status. I was praised constantly for how productive I was, for how responsible I was, and how much I could actually do in a single day.

When I started doing triathlon it was even better because I also needed to fit in training for 3 different sports. And I did, and I was showered with accolades for all I would accomplish in a single day.

The part that people DIDN’T see was that I didn’t sleep, I ate crappy food, and my relationships were sub-par to say the least. For years I was on anxiety meds, which helped me think I was doing the right things in my life, I just needed a little dose of whatever it was to help my body and brain maintain the pressure I was putting on it day in and day out.

The sad part about all of this is that I was a hero to many of my clients, friends, and family. They constantly told me how much they admired my energy and productivity and that they were amazed at everything I did. And I loved it. I fell right into the trap of my self-worth completely wrapped up in what I could accomplish.

Unless I was DOING something…a lot of somethings…I wasn’t important. No one actually told me that, but the fact that my productivity was glorified, I assumed, and believed it to be true.

It was SOOOOOO hard to slow down, so hard to stop, so hard to accept mediocrity in exchange for sanity. But I couldn’t maintain it. I was slowly becoming a machine with no empathy, no emotion, no love for myself, let alone others, and I could feel it in my heart and my soul.

Of course my psychiatrist recommended another pill to help with that too, which I gladly started taking, and then quickly stopped taking after an amazing epiphany I had at a week-long seminar (I’ll write about that one of these days! Here is info if you want to check out the company that put it on…Peak Ambassador) which reminded me that to become the person I want to be, I can’t dull the pain in my life, I have to work through it. And so began my 10 year personal growth journey!

So here I am…bringing lazy back! My goal is to make working part time cool, to make scheduling an hour for a 30 minute call the smart thing to do, and to help make “NO” the new “YES”.

These days 80% of what I do is because I love it, it brings me joy, or it’s moving me toward the life of my dreams. The other 20% is necessity to allow me to have the freedom to do what I love and to keep myself and my relationship healthy…you know, like brushing my teeth, washing my hair, laundry, dishes, etc.

I say “NO” to anything that isn’t moving me toward the best version of me and the priorities and goals I have set for myself for the day, week, month, year, etc. (more info on how to figure out what that is happy new year motivational tips…)

So next time you feel like you HAVE to do something you don’t want to do and that isn’t bringing you any closer to who you want to become, I double dog dare you to say “NO”. You don’t need an excuse, but if you feel like you MUST have one, say you have a call with your life coach Kirsten. I’m fine with being your scapegoat until you have the confidence to do without!

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I am grateful for YOU! See you next week!


  1. Love this post! A message I need to keep hearing. 🙂

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