My Most Relaxing Holiday Season Ever

My Most Relaxing Holiday Season EverI reached out to one of my support groups today and shared that I was getting anxious about the next 6 weeks that most people call “the holiday season”.

In the past I have struggled with the following during the holiday season…

  • Over Eating
  • Under Sleeping
  • Over Spending
  • Under Working
  • Over Traveling
  • Under Alone-Timing

When I reached out to my peeps, I found they all had similar struggles, which leads me to believe there are MANY of us out there fighting the same battles.

SO…what can we do NOW to lessen the anxiety that comes with these overwhelming undertakings…BTW…which haven’t even happened yet!?!?

I don’t have an answer (obviously…or it wouldn’t be an issue for me) but I think a great start is that I am even thinking about it BEFORE the point of no return. In the past, I would be mid-December already feeling fat and lazy and getting mad at myself for letting it happen. This year, I’m going to be proactive.

I think there are 3 things that I need to focus on NOW in order to alleviate the stress of the next 6 weeks.

Number 1: PLAN PLAN PLAN!!!

It’s funny that I am such a planner for my life in the LONG term, but don’t do as well for the short term. I have the next YEAR planned but not the next 6 weeks. So I am going to spend a few minutes making a general plan in each of the areas I struggle with.

For example…over eating. I tend to overeat at parties, get-togethers, late nights, and when I am tired or anxious. So I can look at my calendar in advance. Reach out to all the family and friends involved in such occasions, and plan my meals, snacks, etc accordingly. One thing that really works for me is to KNOW when I will be at a function where I may overeat, and then plan to eat less before and after the function.

So if the party is Thursday night, I will have a light Shakeology and fruit breakfast and a salad lunch. That way if I DO overeat, I won’t feel as gross as if I had eaten 3 big meals for the day.

Here is another “trick” I use to keep party bingeing at bay…Yes! I Am THAT Person At The Party

Number 2: Set Boundaries.

WOW! Just typing that SOUNDS scary!! I don’t know about you, but when I set a boundary, I feel like a selfish meanie. I have to remember that bounderies=self-love and respect.

It’s a way to let people know how important YOU are to yourself. When I think of it that way, I remember how important setting those limits are. So I am going to WRITE DOWN…in advance…where I stand with what I want to allow others to have a say in for each of the 6 issues I am anxious about. I think that is a GREAT start, and for those of you new to boundary setting just do that for now, but the next step would be to make a list of the people who are potentially affected by your new boundaries and LET THEM KNOW!

And again…remember…setting a boundary is NOT saying “no” to the other person, it is saying “yes” to yourself.

For me the over spending comes to mind. Every year I say I’m not going to buy presents but every year I feel like I should, and then I do. I typically go into debt spending money I don’t have to buy someone something so I don’t feel like the GRINCH. But this year our number one goal is to get out of debt and that currently doesn’t allow us a big gift fund. I’m not sure if I am going to tell everyone in advance or just not bring it up (suggestions are appreciated…PLEASE) as I am getting anxious just thinking about it!! But this is more important for me than ever this year so I want to stick to the limit I set for this.

Here is an article I found recently that is simple and effective at explaining how to set boundaries:

And Number 3: Stop stressing!

Immediately after I reached out to my group, I came across this quote…which was NOT by accident I am sure!

“I’ve got 99 problems and 86 of them are completely made up scenarios in my head that I am stressing out about for absolutely no logical reason.”

So as Elsa sings so eloquently…


Plan as best you can, set yourself up for success, and then let it go.

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