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Pretty Girl Book ClubSo my mom and my sister are avid “Book Club” ladies and I have always liked the idea of a Book Club, but have never been interested in reading fiction, get-togethers, or hanging out with people I don’t know on nights where I could be snuggling with my doggie or watching movies with my hubby.

So I came up with the perfect solution. A non-fiction Book Club where we focused on personal growth, discussions in a Facebook group, and read/post at our own pace when it is convenient for us! YAY! Jackpot! And I called it “The Pretty Girl Book Club” because that would include ALL girls who want to be a part of this awesomeness!

Each month we will be reading a non-fiction book designed to help us learn more about ourselves, grow into an even more incredible woman, and move always toward the life of our dreams.

We have a private Facebook group for discussion and I am always taking requests for books that will help mold us into SUPER WOMEN.

Here is the group…

Most of our books will be on the topics of health, wellness, relationships, loving ourselves, sexuality, boundaries, family, time management, money, and love. And again, I am open to suggestions because I want each and every book we read to benefit as many women as possible.

I made a list of books I have wanted to read based on either recommendations from other amazing women or authors I have heard interviews with who I felt a connection to.

I started with a list of 6 books to cover the first 6 months, and am open to ideas from the group for books we can read after.

Here are the guidelines for choosing the books…

1. Can’t be super long or have too many big words. In other words, something that ANYONE can pick up, read, and understand in 30ish days.

2. Must add value to our lives as women.

3. Needs to be inspirational and positive, no victims or pity parties in this group!

4. Preferable something that inspires immediate action, or better yet lays out a plan or suggestions for making changes immediately.

Check out the Pretty Girl Book Club Book List!

One goal I have is to be an affiliate. I have applied like 5 times and have been rejected every time (any tips on how to be accepted are greatly appreciated) but will keep at it! Luckily I’m not afraid of rejection (thanks to The Four Agreements which I totally need to add to the list) or failure (thanks to The Success Principles….another good one). Once I am accepted I will be posting the links to each book through my affiliate site since one of my main goals this year is to monetize my site (again, any tips are welcomed).

I will also be posting a review of each book, along with reviews from others in the group, so check back each month or if you need a good book to help you become the very best version of you.

Here is the link to join the Book Club…

“See” you there!!

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