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The Shitters Full - Living The RV Life
The Shitter’s full…and frozen so we can’t dump. Grey water tank is full…and frozen. Fridge has been broken for 2 months. Washer/dryer not working. Water is frozen every morning until we turn on the space heater underneath the RV to thaw it.

Dishes are piling up in the sink. Clothes are piling up in the laundry basket which blocks the hallway to our bedroom. Our electric blanket is failing to produce the heat it once did.

And our laptop where we watch a DVD every night to provide some small relief before bed decided to die last night.

But I wouldn’t change it for the world!

I was looking around as I walked I the public building to go to the bathroom this morning. I am in love with where I am, not Cheyenne specifically, but wherever I happen to be on this earth at this time.

Apparently that’s called “living in the moment” and I’ve been “trying” to get there for years! I’ve read every personal growth book, listened to audios, podcasts, and attended several weekend and week-long conferences, workshops, and experiences.

It took selling everything we own and moving into an RV for 2 years to finally learn how to live in the moment.

My husband asked me the other night, “If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?” My answer “I don’t care.” Not because I am a compliant or complacent wife (I am for sure neither), but because I can and will be happy and content wherever I am. I am happy in my own head, my own body (sheesh…that one took a while), in my own skin, and my own life…wherever that may be.

Here are some of the things I do when I know I will be traveling or living in a new place that help relieve anxiety, calm me, and help me feel at home…

1. Find a pool: Swimming is the sport I have discovered over the past 2 years that calms and relaxes me the most. So as long as I know where a pool is, what the cost is, and what the hours are, I can start planning in advance my pool time. And usually when I get somewhere or after long travels, I make a stop by the pool before anything else, including unpacking or eating.

2. Make sure I have enough Shakeology: I used to stress and agonize over food when I traveled or moved. Would I find a health food store? Would it be far? Expensive? What if it’s closed? What if truck stops are the only access to food I have for days? Two years ago Beachbody came out with Vegan Shakeology which is a meal replacement shake that I happen to love…mixed only with water (bonus!!).

Now I just make sure I have enough to last however long I travel (including emergencies) and I am set. I can get cold water when I fill up w gas and mix and drink. I can wake up anywhere and drink a shake. It’s healthy, vegan, fills me up, and keeps me energized for the day!

3. Come up with a routine…that I have no attachment to: Wow! This one took a while I master!! Not the routine part…I am an expert at routine, schedules, and planning…but the “not being attached to it” part.

Because it will have to be changed at least 20 times before it works, and even then it may change. Being open and adaptable to ever changing schedules, activities, and plans is the definition of success in my world! So I still love to plan each and every day to the minute, but I have learned to be ok with the ebb and flow of the day and know the outcome is as it is supposed to be. How enlightened of me!!

4. Home is a state of mind: Home is not where you have your stuff, where you sleep, or where your family is, home is where YOU are. Home is loving something about wherever you are physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. If I lost any or everything I own, I would be fine. Well…my laptop and phone would take some time to get over!

5. People (and animals) are better than places, things, and stuff: Knowing I get to see my husband almost every day, planning trips to visit my sister and her kiddos, and popping into my mom’s every couple weeks make me more excited about life than anything else. Wherever I am, I have friends nearby. If not physically, they are only a phone call, text, or facebook message away. Wherever I am, whatever other circumstances are occurring in my life at the time, I can reach out and be taken in physically, emotionally, or virtually into the arms and hearts of the people I love.

Love trumps ALL!

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