Toss it Tuesday…Everyone Join in the Fun!

Toss It Tuesday - Everyone Join In The Fun!Toss it Tuesday started in January 2013 when we brought our new RV home and started to move our life into it. Obviously, when you move from a 1,600 square foot home into a 37 foot RV, you have to get rid of some stuff.

It was easy at first, I would go through a drawer, cupboard, or closet each week and get rid of things we didn’t need or want. In the first month we took 25 bags to Goodwill.

Then it started getting harder. We were down to the stuff we wanted, but we physically COULDN’T fit it all into the RV. For example, my clothes. I love my clothes. I bought them for a reason. I had an entire walk in closet to myself in the house and I took advantage of that and filled it up. Anytime I had an excuse to buy something fun to wear, I would. When I started moving my clothes into the RV, I quickly noticed they would totally fit…if I didn’t have a husband, didn’t need food, and didn’t need the..or the couch. That was NOT the case.

At first I put some clothes in a bin under the RV and my closet space inside was PACKED top to bottom with my clothes and shoes. But month after month, living in the RV, I realized I didn’t need all those clothes. In fact, I wore maybe 10 things over and over again.

So every Tuesday, I challenged myself to get rid of stuff I didn’t need. I did this in all the areas of my life: books, DVDs, kitchenware, bathroom stuff, office supplies, etc. And by the time we set sail, I had taken another 25 bags of stuff to Goodwill.

We have been on the road for over 18 months and I still challenge myself every single Tuesday to toss (or give away) at least 10 things. Sometimes it’s garbage or cleaning out the fridge or cupboards, but sometimes it’s making tough decisions like getting rid of a fun belt I never wear or a cute pair of blingy jeans I haven’t worn once since we took off!

Since I rarely see the same people twice or do repeat daily activities, I don’t need as many outfit options. Plus I realized I’m the only one who cares if I wear something more than once. It’s funny how we think people pay more attention to us than they do!

I have also learned that stuff is just stuff. I still have an emotional attachment to some things, but not as many things and not as badly as I used to. If our RV blew up and we lost everything…except each other…and my cell phone…and my laptop, I would be fine. Oh wait…can I take my bike out first too? And my Grinches…and Sam and James’ ashes…and…

Never mind…I still have some work to do…

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