Why I Love Streaking | Goal Setting Tips

Why I love Streaking | Goal Setting TipsSorry to disappoint you, I don’t mean streaking like running through the quad at a college party naked! I mean…if you’re into that, I don’t judge, I have just never done it to see if I like it, but any and all streaking stories are welcomed (no pics please, I still have Will Ferrell from OLD SCHOOL stuck in my mind and that’s plenty).

I’m actually talking about using “streaking” to pick up a healthy habit and repeat it daily for a certain length of time. This can be for health, nutrition, fitness, business, finance, relationship, personal growth, spiritual or any other area of your life. It’s so easy.You just pick something and commit to doing it every single day until the date you decide to end it.

Here are some examples of streaks…


  • Bike (one I am currently doing): bike every day at least 30 mins
  • Run/walk: run/walk at least a mile a day
  • Water: drink at least a gallon of water each day
  • Veggie: eat a serving a veggies at every meal
  • Vitamin: take your vitamins/supplements daily
  • No sugar: don’t eat any sugar


  • Meet new people: add one new person to your database each day
  • Share: share your business in some way with one new person a day
  • Savings: save at least $1 a day
  • Debt: pay at least $2 a day toward credit card
  • Sales: sell at least 2 things a day


  • Show spouse love: say “I love you” first thing every morning
  • Kiss: one passionate kiss each day
  • Write a note: write a note a day to your sig other
  • Friend gratitude: send a thank you card to a friend a day

Personal Growth/Spiritual

  • Gratitude journal (also doing this one currently): write or post something you are grateful for daily
  • Read/listen to books: read 10 pages or listen to 10 mins of personal growth book every day
  • Give back: do a random act of kindness each day

I could go on and on but you get the idea. And the great part is, like the drag race in GREASE, “the rules are…there are no rules”. This is YOUR streak so you get to make up the rules!

Here are 4 reasons I love streaks…

1. It moves me toward something I want. I would only pick a daily activity that is a habit I want to create for life or something that is working me toward a result I want.

2. I am forced to do it daily. Streaks are not easy or they would already be a habitual part of your life, like drinking coffee. Most coffee drinkers can’t get through their morning without coffee, but they don’t have to be on a “coffee streak” to drink their cup (or six) every morning!

3. In the end I am closer to creating a habit I want as part of my life anyway. Not only am I working toward a result I want, but along the way I am creating a positive habit. This habit may not stick daily but it will for sure be closer than it was before the streak.

4. It is fun and inspires others to be better. I have been doing streaks my whole life because they are fun and challenging and move me toward my goals. I have not always shared them because I never knew how many people I could inspire just by sharing my stories. Over the past couple years with social media being more and more a part of our daily lives, I have gotten better and better about sharing my own. I’m sure the people who know me think it’s TMI sometimes, but if I can inspire or motivate ONE person to be better, grow, love herself more, just do it, go outside his comfort zone, or follow her dream, I am happy!! And all the haters just fade away!!

So now what? Now it’s time to take action. Pick a habit you’ve been wanting to start and pick a length of time and start today!! Share your streak with those you love and trust (if you’re new to all this sharing and personal growth stuff) or with everyone you know or don’t know (if you’re more advanced and their possible negative reaction won’t faze you at all), and start streaking!!

If you have no idea where to start, my new video course will help. Go to www.ItTotallyMatters.com and sign up today!!

And I would LOVE for you to share your streak with me! Thank you!

See you SOON!

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