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Here are the archives of Issues 14-30…

Issue 014 07/29/15 http://conta.cc/1HVHAEp Bike Workout, Easy Vegan Taco Salad Recipe, and How to Count Calories

Issue 015 08/05/15 http://conta.cc/1MbPlMG Run Workout, Easy Vegan Dessert Recipes, and How to Get off a Slippery Slope w Your Eating

Issue 016 08/12/15 http://conta.cc/1L7ax3k Strength Workout, Easy Vegan Fajita Recipe, and a Very Personal Story

Issue 017 08/19/15 http://conta.cc/1MyPybj Core Workout, another Easy Vegan Taco Salad Recipe, and the Importance of Knowing Your Mission

Issue 018 08/26/15 http://conta.cc/1Elppvz Flexibility Workout, Easy Vegan Cucumber Salad, and Nutrition Challenge: Drink More Water

Issue 019 09/02/15 http://conta.cc/1HVIK2y Swim Workout, Easy Vegan Snacks on the Go, and Succeeding in Shades of Grey

Issue 020 09/09/15 http://conta.cc/1NCzjw2 Bike Workout, Easy Vegan Smoothie Recipes, and What I Gave Up for my Vitamix

Issue 021 09/16/15 http://conta.cc/1ihth6s Run Workout, Easy Vegan Curry Recipe, and What I Used to Think was an Insult

Issue 022 09/23/15 http://conta.cc/1KDS6RK Strength Workout, Easy Vegan Pizza Recipe, and Where Vegans get Their Protein

Issue 23 09/30/15 http://conta.cc/1KTxmEP Core Workout, All About Fake Meats, and How I Became a Morning Person

Issue 24 10/07/15 http://conta.cc/1OZ4Wjz Flexibility Workout, Easy Vegan Enchiladas Recipe, and How I got Debt-Free

Issue 25 10/14/15 http://conta.cc/1W0yGM8 WHY I Missed This Week’s Newsletter

Issue 26 10/21/15 http://conta.cc/1M9GThY Swim Workout, All About Fruit, and My Desire to Become an Advocate for Animals

Issue 27 10/28/15 http://conta.cc/1PV8x1F Bike Workout, Raw Pad Thai Recipe, and my 100th Blog Post!!

Issue 28 11/04/15 http://conta.cc/1XQUCfB Run Workout, Raw Fettuccine Alfredo Recipe, and Easy Ways to Eat Vegan

Issue 29 11/11/15 http://conta.cc/1O4I4N2 Strength Workout, Easy Vegan Pumpkin Pie Recipe, and my Birthday Celebration

Issue 30 11/18/15 http://conta.cc/1MVIamQ Flexibility Workout, Easy Pumpkin Pancake Recipe, and A Fun Way to Be More Successful in ALL Areas of Your Life

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