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Food, Fitness, Finance and Fun Newsletter ArchivesIf you are not on my newsletter list, you are missing out on some of my best “stuff”! Each week I send an email chock full of all kinds of great information, tips & tricks and RECIPES for eating healthy!

Just like the Food, Fitness, Finance and Fun site, it is an eclectic mix of everything that I have going on right now!

Here are the archives of past editions for you to take a peek at…

Issue 001 04/29/15 Swim Workout, Vegan Mashed Potato Recipe, and my New Mediation Practice

Issue 002 05/06/15 Bike Workout, Creamy Avocado Rice Recipe, and my Financial Woes

Issue 003 05/13/15 Run Workout, Vitamix Recipes, and Watch me Bring Lazy Back

Issue 004 05/20/15 Strength Workout, Raw Carrot Curry Salad Recipe, and all about The Pretty Girl Book Club

Issue 005 05/27/15 Core Workout, My Favorite Salad Ingredients, and Why Personal Growth ROCKS

Issue 006 06/03/15 Flexibility Workout, My Favorite Vegan Recipes, and Why I Love Throwback Thursday

Issue 007 06/10/15 Swim Workout, More Vitamix Recipes, and Why I Hate my Hormones

Issue 008 06/17/15 Bike Workout, Quinoa Curry Recipe, and Crafting Your Perfect Day

Issue 009 06/24/15 Run Workout, Grape Salad Recipe, and Awesome Books to Read

Issue 010 07/01/15 Strength Workout, Grilled PB&J Recipe, and Living Life in the RV

Issue 011 07/08/15 Core Workout, Super Hummus Recipe, and How to do a Gratitude Journal

Issue 012 07/15/15 Flexibility Workout, Crazy Oatmeal Recipe, and Budget RV Tips

Issue 013 07/22/15 Swim Workout, Cheesy Rice Recipe, and How to Look Good Naked

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