Are You 100% Invested in Your Biz?

Are You 100 Percent Invested In Your Business? | Direct Sales and Network MarketingAmong other things, I am a business coach. I specialize in home-based businesses and direct sales. I help entrepreneurs and business owners become aware of what they want in their business, what they need to do to get it, and what could possibly keep them from getting there. And then, of course, how to overcome those obstacles.

I have found over the past 10 years that most small business owners think they are doing more for their business than they actually are.

Many are stay-at-home moms who in between phone calls and data entry are cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the baby. So 3 small business activities turn into an 8 hour day. Then she feels like she worked 8 hours but only made $20. After 6 months of “full time” biz building and a total paycheck of $100 a week, she gets frustrated and quits saying she’s working all the time and not making any money to show for it.

Another issue I see often is that the biz owner is “wishy-washy” about the service or product they are offering. Like they aren’t quite convinced that this is really a business…maybe more of a hobby…hmmm…”I’ll decide after I start making money”.

It doesn’t work that way. To make money from a business, you have to treat it like a business, 100% of the time. That is the only way a business works.

I like to ask a lot of questions and listen to the answers. This not only lets me learn about my client and what they want, but it also helps them learn about themselves.

The following is an assessment you can take yourself to see how you are treating your business right now.

If your business isn’t where you want it to be, the answer to these questions may give you some insight as to the reasons. Are you truly 100% invested and committed to what you spend over half your waking hours on?

Ask yourself the following questions…

1. Do I get on all training conference calls and webinars for my business or industry?

2. Do I have a weekly coaching call with a business or life coach?

3. Do I have my business name in my voicemail?

4. Do I have my business, email, website, etc. on my email signature?

5. Do I have my company name, email, website, phone, etc. on my car?

6. Do I wear or carry something with my logo or business every day?

7. Do I personally use all the products and services I offer?

8. Do I attend local meetings and networking events to share my business?

9. Do I participate in social media and other online interactions for my business/industry?

10. Do I tell everyone I meet about my business?

11. Do I talk about how much I love my business every single day?

12. Do I carry business cards, catalogs, literature, flyers, etc. everywhere I go?

13. Do I attend every conference and convention in my business/industry?

14. Do I get info to stay in contact with every new person I meet?

15. Do I read all my business/industry books and magazines cover to cover?

16. Do I read from personal growth and development books every single day?

17. Do I have 100% belief in my business or company?

18. Do I have 100% belief in the industry I am in?

19. Do I have 100% belief in the products or services I represent?

20. Do I have 100% belief in MYSELF??

If you answered “NO” to any of these questions, you know where to start to be 100% fully invested in yourself and your business! Talk to others in your industry to learn how they dealt with the question you are stuck on.

If you are not willing to do every single activity listed, think about WHY NOT…what is holding you back??

HAVE FUN learning about yourself and how you can grow belief in what you are doing!

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Re-take the quiz in a month and see how far you have come! PROGRESS ROCKS!!!

See you next week!

I Heart Sales | Sales Tips & Training

I Heart Sales | Sales Tips & Training Currently I run two sales-based businesses where I work on commission only. And I LOVE IT!! It’s interesting to me when I talk with people about sales, I often get the response “I am not a sales person”, “I could never do sales”, or “I am just not sales-y”.

What I think a lot of people don’t realize is that we are ALL in sales. We have all been “selling” since we were kids. Here are some examples from my own life…

It started for me when I was a kid and had to sell my parents on the idea that even though we were dirt
poor, I was going to play Basketball, Softball and Soccer, and do Gymnastics, Baton, and Swim Team.

Then I moved into adolescence where I had to sell some guy on the idea that I would be the perfect girl for him.

I also at that time got a job delivering and collecting on a newspaper that was FREE! Talk about tough. I had to convince people to pay for a free community paper!

At age 14, I got my first “real job” at Burger King. It wasn’t so much selling Whoppers and fries, I made $3.35 an hour no matter how much I sold. It was selling my manager on the idea that I would be the best “Drive Through” girl for the job, after all, “Drive Through” was the cool job at Burger King at that time…and I became the “Drive Through” girl for four years!

I then graduated to waitressing where I worked at several restaurants over the next nine years. Now this is where sales really stared to matter. My pay actually depended on what I sold. Here I learned the value of selling. Here are two examples that stand out…

The first one was a contest I won selling Kahlua. How many of you buy Kahlua at a restaurant? Exactly! Well, for a 5 day all inclusive ski vacation, I sold 500 in a month. And I don’t even drink!

The second was while working at a fine dining restaurant. I waited on a group of friends celebrating. They ordered a $40 bottle of wine. I sold them on a $70 bottle instead.

Over the next six hours, they ordered nine more. Their total bill went from approx $500 to almost $1000 and my tip reflected a percentage of the total bill! That is when I realized sales can really make me a lot of money.

During that time, I also began coaching a swim team. Talk about a hard sell, convincing a group of hyperactive, ADD, hormonal Middle School kids that swimming up and down the pool for two hours was fun…that is sales at its finest!!

Also at this time I began my 17 year career as a Personal Trainer. This was the first job I had where my pay was ALL commission and depended 100% on selling myself, my expertise, and my services to a tough crowd of instant gratification people who want to be fit and lose weight while doing as little as possible.

Maybe you can’t relate to any of my selling scenarios, but I bet one of these hit home…

If you are a parent, you are DEFINITELY in sales! Selling your kid veggies? And bed times? And going to school every single day?

If you are an employee, you are selling your boss on keeping you around because you are worth it.

If you are married, you are selling your partner the idea that you are his/her one and only!


So we are ALL in sales! And as long as we believe in WHAT we are selling or WHY we are selling it, we will be successful. THIS IS KEY TO SALES SUCCESS.

I am a huge movie watcher, and a couple movies come to mind to give you an example of how WHAT and WHY will help your success with selling.

WHAT-“Remember the Titans” or any inspirational movie really. That coach sold his team on team work. He believed so much in WHAT he was selling (team work, getting along, building relationships, equality, etc), that the ENTIRE team ended up buying in … well, except Ray who got kicked off anyway.

WHY-“Pursuit of Happyness”. Selling whatever medical thing he was selling was pretty boring and seemed like a “hard sell” but his WHY was to better his life, feed his kid, and get off the streets. That’s a pretty big why if you ask me, so he was successful regardless of what he was selling.

You know, I have no idea what my point is to this story. I had a conversation with someone today who said “I wish I could do what you do but I suck at sales” and it was weighing heavy on my mind. I truly believe that if you are passionate and believe 100% about something, selling it is EASY. And if you have a strong reason why you want to sell something, you will also be successful. It’s almost like I wish this man would have said, “No thanks, I don’t believe in your product enough to sell it.”

Which reminds me of another awesome movie, “The Invention of Lying”. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone just spoke the truth…but that’s a whole other animal!!

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Business: How Not Being Transparent Cost Me A Business Partner

I made this video for my personal team in my business, but I decided to share it because it can help any of you who either are afraid to share who you are OR you just don’t think it matters.

These days…IT ALL MATTERS!


Business: How Not Being Transparent Cost Me A Business Partner