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My Nutritional Supplements Summer of 2015

My Nutritional Supplements Summer of 2015One of the nutrition questions I get most often is “What supplements do you take?” Instead of answering what I take, I typically ask about their life, health, etc to see what THEY may want to take.

I think people ask me what I take because they want to figure out what they may want to take, not because they ACTUALLY have in interest in what I am currently taking.

BUT…just in case you do, I thought I would give a quick rundown of what I am currently taking. I say currently because my life, health, needs, etc are constantly changing as is research and new info which have an effect on what I take.

With that said, this list is what I am currently taking as supplements to my plant-based, primarily fruit, veggie, and whole grain meals that make up roughly 3,000 calories a day, not what I would recommend to you or anyone else. Like food choices, supplements are very personal and I would do your due diligence before deciding to add ANY of them to your daily routine.

Also…I am writing about why I personally take them and not claiming ANYTHING. This isn’t a scientific article, it’s an opinion/personal article, so if you don’t agree with me, it’s all good!!

To start off, like I said, I eat more fruits, veggies, and whole grains than the average person and I do believe we should be getting the majority of vitamins, minerals, superfoods from food, but that doesn’t always happen. Especially days I am travelling, training extra long or hard, or decide to eat cashew milk ice cream for dinner instead of brown rice with veggies and curry.

Vegan Shakeology

Every single day I drink at least one serving of Vegan Shakeology. This is a health shake that has over 70 ingredients so I won’t list them, but they include all vitamins and minerals your body needs as well as antioxidants, phytonutrients, adaptogens, prebiotics, probiotics, and digestive enzymes. Here are more deets for you data geeks…

I typically drink one for breakfast and one for recovery after my workouts so even if they rest of my meals that day are low on nutrients, I feel good about what I have already put into my body. PLUS…I can workout immediately after I drink it with no stomach issues and I love it with just water which makes staying healthy while traveling and training even easier…BONUS!


Soothe is a supplement that is part of a cleanse I did a couple years ago that I continued to take because it aids in digestion and reduces inflammation which are 2 things I ALWAYS need help with. Here are more details about Soothe…


Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory which helps speed up my recovery since I abuse my body with hours of training every single day. You can buy turmeric capsules at any store, just read labels as there are brands that use a ton of fillers and animal products, both are gross!! Here is the brand I use…

Wobemzym N

Wobenzym is a more “Eastern” approach to fighting joint soreness and inflammation. It’s a digestive enzyme you take it on an empty stomach so there is nothing to digest except stuff that causes pain and soreness in your joints. It’s pretty expensive, but worth the price to me, especially when I am running a lot and pounding my joints! Here is the best price I have found…


I started taking this a few months ago after reading over and over again how Spirulina helps with cleansing the body and boosting the immune system, both of which I am passionate about! Spirulina has 2300% more iron than spinach, 3900% more beta carotene than carrots and is a complete protein. As with turmeric, there is a wide range as far as quality of the supplement. Powder is great for adding to smoothies, but I like the capsules for ease and travel. Here are the ones I use…


Suma is an herb that promotes stamina and energy and helps with muscle recovery. Here is the one I take…


Cordastra is an ancient Chinese herb that helps strengthen your immune system. Here is the one I use…

Other than Shakeology and Soothe, I don’t take every supplement every day. Wobenzym has to be taken on an empty stomach 45 mins before a meal. That is only convenient for me 3-4 days a week. The others I have in my swim bag and I take them after my swim which I do 5 days a week.

My advice is to fit your supplements easily into your routine or you will NOT take them consistently. And supplements need to be taken on a regular basis in order to reap the benefits.

I love learning about new and exciting nutritionals so if you have something you LOVE, comment on this post or share with us here…

Happy supplementing! See you next week!!!

How I PRd My Ironman Marathon

How I PRd My Ironman MarathonFrom what I have seen, read, heard, and experienced, the Ironman marathon is one of the toughest parts of the race.

Even for runners, experienced triathletes, and those who have completed their training “perfectly”, too many factors come into play after 5-10 ½ hours of swimming and biking.

Whether it’s fatigued legs, tired heart, overworked brain, or lack of digesting the calories, electrolytes, and nutrients you are feeding yourself, I have seen the best endurance triathletes in the world reduced to a walk (or something resembling a walk, shuffle, wog, drag) by the end of the marathon.

I completed my first Ironman distance tri in August 2001 and immediately signed up for another then another then another. I added in some shorter distance tris and runs for training, but always focused on the long distance.

I typically finished in the 30%-ish of my age group but I was determined to get faster and train more and maybe on the off chance when the planets were aligned with the sun on the 1st Wednesday after the full moon I could MAYBE qualify for the “elusive” Kona World Championships.

But I kept training and getting similar results. I was really hard on myself telling myself I needed to eat less, train more, blah blah blah. I continued to disappoint myself so in 2008 I decided to take a year off to get my HEAD in the right spot. A year turned into two. And in 2010 I was ready to come back.

It was a harder process of getting in shape because I had gained 20 pounds and no longer taught regular fitness classes. I struggled through an early season ironman distance race and then started to focus on my nutrition and recovery more. By the end of that year I had one of my “easiest” races ever!

But even in my easiest race, the marathon at the end of the ironman distance was always pretty ugly.

Even after I had done hundreds of 5K, 10K, half marathon and marathon races, I still couldn’t nail it! I typically had bad GI distress coupled with achy joints and tired muscles. If I was going to improve on my run, I would HAVE to make some changes.

The reason I just shared a bit of my background with you is so you can understand that I am an average runner and athlete. I am not a natural cyclist or runner and it’s taken me years to learn about my body and fine tune my training so that I get the best result I can get.

I have read my share of tri stories and training programs and bios and although they are SUPER inspiring, there aren’t many that have helped me in a practical way. They are either written by amazing athletes or people who have had tragic accidents or illnesses and have overcome and conquered.

My story has neither…I am a boring, average girl wanting to continue to set PRs and possibly hit some good luck at a super cold, hilly, high altitude race where such a high percentage of people didn’t finish that I could finally grab that Kona slot!

So I want you to know that you don’t need to be a naturally gifted runner, you don’t need to have a compelling “why”, and you don’t need to do anything super crazy to feel great during the marathon portion of an ironman distance triathlon. I made 5 simple changes to my training that I want to share with you.

In my 10th Iron distance triathlon over a span of 13 years, I finally had an awesome marathon. I attribute it to these 5 things…

1. I ran more overall, total mileage, frequency, and distance

2. I cleaned up my eating

3. I was on my bike more, mostly on my trainer

4. I swam longer sets with more drills, fins, recovery

5. I visualized my race every single night before bed

Now I know you may be looking at these 5 “secrets” to my success and be thinking “DUH” but there are a lot of reasons we don’t do any or all of these, and I hadn’t for 9 other races, so I couldn’t be the ONLY one.

The reasons I hadn’t done all 5 of these before is…

1. I was addicted to junk food

2. I worked long hours

3. I was too tired off the bike to run

4. I wasn’t motivated to get on the bike

5. I was always sore/fatigued

6. I had reoccurring overuse injuries when I added more running

7. I didn’t have the energy for long workouts

8. I thought I had to do my long workouts back to back

9. I was following a strict training program that didn’t allow me to listen to my body

10. I wasn’t in a place in my life to take the time to allow my mind to focus on me

Train Smarter for Better Results: How To PR Your Iron Distance MarathonGet the book! Train Smarter for Better Results: How To PR Your Iron Distance Marathon

In 2013 when I PRd the marathon, I had FINALLY found a way to get around all 10 of these obstacles and I share them in my book “Train Smarter for Better Results” which you can get here ( for only $2.99.

I hope this gives you hope that you too can conquer the 26.2 mile run after swimming 2.4 miles and biking 112.

HAVE FUN!! And see you next week!!

Making Long Swims More Fun

Making Long Swims More FunI love doing long swims…like 6,000-10,000 meters…in the pool!

The question I get most often is “don’t you get bored?”

They obviously don’t know I have done 8 hour rides on my trainer and a marathon on the treadmill so I happen to have either a screw loose or killed too many brain cells growing up swimming in the most chlorinated pools on the planet.

But it got me thinking, “What keeps me from getting bored during a long set in the pool?”

The answer is I am constantly changing up what I do. I use a lot of equipment, constantly change up the intensity, cut most sets with kicking w kick board, and most of all, I am ALWAYS changing up my breathing patterns. This not only makes the sets go by super fast, but it also works my lungs, technique, balance, and strengthens my non-dominant weak side.

So I wanted to share 3 of my favorite ways to get through 1,000 (meters or yards) continuous swim. If you have longer or shorter sets, you can adjust these workouts to fit what you are swimming whether it’s a 200, 500, 2,000, or 5,000.

1. Breathing Pattern AND Strengthening Non-Dominate Breathing Side

This one is my favorite. On the 1st 25 I breath on 10s to my NON-DOM side (my left) only, on the 2nd 25 I breath on 3s, I count this as 10-1 and repeat it 4 times so my count would be 10-1, 10-2, 10-3, 10-4, then I move onto 8s. So 25 breathing on 8s to non-dom side only and 25 breathing on 3s. I repeat that 4 times so my count would be 8-1, 8-2, 8-3, 8-4. I then move onto 6s, non-dom and am over halfway done! See how fast and FUN that is? Move on to 4s and end with 2s. BAM! Easy 1,000

2. Breathing Pattern

This is the hardest one for me, but since it’s a challenge, it keeps my mind off of the laps and all of a sudden I am DONE! By 50s I start with breathing on 10s, then 9s, 8s, etc all the way down to 1s. This is a 500, then depending how I feel I EITHER repeat that OR go back up from 1s to 10s (the 2nd option is the harder one). But suddenly…1,000 DONE!

3. Mix In A Stroke Or A Kick

I do this one more often when I am either recovering, tired, or bored because it mixes it up more.

Basically I do this 2 ways depending on how much time I have. If I am shorter on time, I will do a 25 stroke or kick every 8th 25. So 175 swim/25 stroke/kick, repeat 5 times. If I have more time, I like doing the stroke/kick every 5th 25 and repeat it 8 times. When I am feeling lazy, I always do breaststroke for my stroke because it’s the easiest for me. But it’s more fun and time flies by when I do IM order. It’s also easier to keep track of lengths that way! Fun and done!

And if you are thinking “this girl thinks 1,000 is a long swim, sheesh, I’m looking for a REAL long swim”,

then I want to share my FAVE super long swim workout…

Warm Up:

1,000 drills w fins (I mix this up but typically do 6×100 free alt kick/drill by 100 and then 4×100 IM order kick/drill by 50)

Main Set:

1,000 Pull w paddles and buoy
100 Kick
900 Pull w buoy no paddles
100 Kick
800 Pull w paddles no buoy
100 Kick
700 Swim
100 Kick
600 Pull w paddles and buoy
100 Kick
500 Pull w buoy no paddles
100 Kick
400 Pull w paddles no buoy
100 Kick
300 Swim
100 Kick
200 IM
100 Kick
100 IM
100 Kick

Cool Down:

500 Easy drills/kick w fins

Total 8,000

And if you are short on time or aren’t strong enough for the whole workout yet, you can do parts and then work up to the whole!

For more swim workouts go here…

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See you next week!!

I didn’t even really like running…until today!!

I didn't even like running until todayWhen I was a kid, running was just something I did to keep up if I wanted to play with other kids. Then when I got into team sports, here’s how it went down: I was the goalie for soccer, coach stuck me under the basket in basketball, I was short stop for softball, warmed the bench for volleyball, and I was on JV tennis and we had so many girls that we always just played doubles against each other and no one could complete a serve anyway!

So as you can see, I have done very little running.

I actually did run track in Junior High, I ran the mile, probably because no one else would, but I’m not sure that I ever enjoyed it. My senior year in High School I went out for the Cross Country team. I said it was to “stay in shape for swimming” but it was because I really wanted to lose weight since when I wasn’t swimming I would gain a few pounds.

And I was the slowest one on the team. Running was so hard for me so I hated it. And being the last ranked on the team sucked! If you know how they score Cross Country, my race every week was torturous AND didn’t even count for the team. Double UGH!

And the last time as a youngster I “tried” to be a runner was in college. To avoid the Freshman 15, I started to run. Again, it was so hard that I quit after 2 days and decided to become a speed walker instead.

I was a speed walker until race day of my very first triathlon at the age of 27. I even trained for the 2 mile run with speed walking. The only reason I even ran in the race is because I really wanted to beat this one girl I knew.

And then I decided I wanted to do an Ironman distance triathlon so I figured I better start running since there is a marathon involved. It’s harder to fake your way through 26.2 miles. But even after 10 years of Ironman distance triathlons, I STILL didn’t enjoy running. Running was just something I had to do to finish a triathlon.

In 2013 I decided to do a running streak where I had to run at least 2 miles every single day, unless I was super sore from a race or long run or something then I could walk the 2 miles. After about 90 days I started looking forward to my runs, and it got me wondering what had changed.

Here is what I came up with…

Starting most things in life are hard. A new job, a new habit, a workout program, having a baby, a new diet, etc. When something is hard, it is typically not enjoyable. Since running is hard (it’s one of the highest calorie burning forms of exercise out there), unless you are the 1% out there with natural running talent AND a runner’s build, it will probably not be fun in the beginning.

However, the more you run, the easier it gets, and the easier it is, the more you will enjoy it. It makes sense! I think most people (including me) never did it enough to get to the point where it felt effortless. And only when it feels effortless will you actually love the feeling of running.

So I began to enjoy running, I even considered myself a runner, but I didn’t really love it because it still felt like more work than I wanted it to.

Tonight I decided to go to the gym after a long day of not having time to work out. I was a little anxious and overwhelmed all day (week, month) and ALMOST didn’t go since it was late and I never go to the gym at night, but my sister told me to go because I knew I would feel better after I went (thanks Kara). I walked in and the lights, sounds, smells, and energy made me feel instantly better. I hopped on one of the only open treadmills, turned on my favorite Pandora station (Pink), and pressed start.

The belt started moving, slowly at first, then steadily up to where I typically warm up on a run. It felt like I was floating, barely touching the belt. I wasn’t thinking about my body, it just knew what to do next. I felt relaxed, like I had done this a thousand times before. I increased my speed 2 mph and it still felt easy. I just went with it.

I looked around, smiled, and for the first time in my life, loved the way it felt to be running. The thousands of miles I had put in over the previous 13 years finally paid off.

Clients tell me all the time “I wish I was a runner”. I believe if you WANT to be a runner, you can be a runner. Be patient with yourself, enjoy the process, and have fun. Enjoy the journey. I completely agree with Henry David Thoreau when he said “What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” I am who I am today partly due to the hours I have spent becoming a runner.

Here are more deets on my journey and how I increased my running with no injuries or burnout in my popular e-book “How to PR Your Iron Distance Marathon”…

Happy Running!!

I Love a Great Bargain! Swim Outlet

I-love-swim-outletI Love a Great Bargain! Especially on things I go through quickly like food, water, soap, running shoes, and swim suits.

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I have been a competitive swimmer since age 8. My sister who was 6 at the time was on swim team and came home with a handful of ribbons after a swim meet. I signed up the next day!!

I immediately became super obsessed with swimming (who me?) and would swim every chance I got.

Now that I am an adult, I can’t imagine how expensive it was for my mom to be buying me suits, goggles (well, we didn’t really use goggles all that much back then), caps, towels (lost at least one a week), sweats, etc.

PLUS…we had to actually GO somewhere to buy all this stuff! I’m sure there were mail order catalogs, but we didn’t know anything about them. So thanks Mom for using your hard earned (she was an elementary school teacher so she worked her butt off for every penny) money to support my green hair, red eyed dreams!!

Now that I am paying for my own gear, I am super grateful that I found over 10 years ago. I order from them almost monthly which saves me hundreds of dollars each and every year.

Here is more information about is the largest online specialty shop for swimming, water polo, fashion, beach, and surf products in the US. For over 10 years, we have focused on delivering the best online shopping experience and the best value. Our success and very existence are dependent on the repeat orders and word of mouth recommendations of loyal, satisfied customers.

We are confident you’ll find to be your first choice for quality products, lowest prices,
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We also take pride in living up to our company’s motto to help people live healthier lives through sports and fitness, so we’re pleased to have been recognized by the American Heart Association as a Gold-Level Fit-Friendly Worksite for helping employees eat better and move more.


Order here >>

Disclosure…the link included in this post is an affiliate link and I will get a stipend for recommending it to you. That said, I never recommend anything that I don’t actually use or know about and sometimes I can negotiate a lower rate for my peeps!

Why I Ran A Marathon On The Treadmill

Why I Ran A Marathon On The TreadmillMy BFF Wendy and I like to do crazy things to celebrate the holidays. Several years ago we started swimming 10,000 on Xmas eve, a couple years ago we starting ringing in the new year with a long swim on New Year’s Eve (this year will be 15,000 for 2015), and then of course there is our birthdays, where we always come up with something fun and interesting.

We had been talking for the past two years about doing a marathon around a track since neither of us had ever done that. About a month ago, we decided to make that our new Thanksgiving tradition. I’m in Southern California this year, but she’s in Colorado, which has been unusually cold so far this Winter.

So a couple days before Thanksgiving, she asked if I wanted to switch our new tradition to a treadmill marathon since neither of us had ever done one of those either. Of course I said yes!

So was born our First Annual Gratitude Treadmill Marathon.

I would love to say I do these challenges to raise money for a great cause, bring awareness to something important, or even inspire others to go big and stretch outside their comfort zone, but the truth is I do these challenges for more selfish reasons.

I like the attention of people calling me crazy, I love pushing myself and proving that at age 42 I can do more than I could at age 22, and let’s be real here, I adore the fact that I start my Thanksgiving weekend with a 4,000 calorie deficit.

However, as with all events in life, there is a silver lining.

I am a health/wellness coach and I love when people say to me “since you did that, I can do this” or “because you didn’t give up, I know I couldn’t either.” So to be able to inspire others to attempt something new, accomplish a goal they never thought possible, to do something purely for the fun or challenge, or to love themselves more is ALWAYS a bonus.

Join our community at

Life After Sleeping Pills

Life After Sleeping PillsAbout 10 years ago, I had a little diet soda problem. I also had a little anxiety problem. Neither of which were actually little.

The diet soda issue started when I was searching for a new career. I decided to go back to school to be a secondary science teacher. I started taking classes at school and online while working more than full time, building my own business, training for an ironman, and coaching and subbing at the local middle school to get to know the teachers/admin to help get a job after I got my certification.

Studying was tedious, time consuming, and boring, so I began mindless snacking to keep me awake and alert. I quickly gained 5 pounds in the first month, and if you know me, you know that freaked me out. I pondered my options and came up with nothing positive, including the one I chose. I actually thought I was brilliant!! Diet soda!! I could sip one while I was studying to stave off boredom with the added bonus of caffeine to keep me alert. I was so smart!

Well, needless to say (again…if you know me) one can daily quickly turned into a six pack. No biggie though…it was cheap, no calories, and got me through my days. In fact, I even started losing weight (bonus). I ended up at one of my lowest weights as an adult which sparked a long, torturous love affair with diet soda…but that’s a whole other story I’ll share one day.

About that same time, I was also feeling more and more anxious in my life (as if you couldn’t tell…I think my anxiety went up just writing the last 5 minutes). I had spent all my adult life (and half my childhood) feeling an overwhelming need to perform and be better. I was a deeply empathetic perfectionist which was a recipe for disaster. I was feeling like a failure in my relationship and my career and my highs were getting higher and my lows were getting lower.

My therapist referred me to a psychiatrist who prescribed 3 pills, one was a sleeping pill. A half a pill a night would take the edge off, but she also told me to stop loading the caffeine, especially in the late afternoon/evening…like that will happen!

Since I was much smarter than my doctor, I decide a better solution for me (since I know myself better than she possibly could in one visit) was to keep the sodas and take the whole sleeping pill to counteract the effects if the caffeine! Genius!

Fast forward 2 years…I dive heavily into personal growth, decide I don’t want to be a teacher, quit my job, stop my meds cold turkey, and start working toward creating a life I love. Sounds perfect right?

Except now I couldn’t sleep…oh, and I was still addicted to diet soda.

So I started taking over the counter sleeping pills. They say “non habit forming” on the container which is hilarious because if you sleep with them and can’t sleep without them, you will take them daily…that sounds like a habit to me!

Where were we? Oh yes…sleeping pills. So for the past 7 years I have been taking OTC pills to sleep.

About 85 times I have “tried” to stop, but there were so many more reasons to keep taking them.

Between getting a good night sleep leading up to a race to sleeping through snorers at retreats to making sure I was rested while traveling, I always found a reason why I needed to take them “just one more week”.

Over the past year I have been making small changes in my life to cleanse my mind and body more and more. I live a pretty clean life and I got to the point where there wasn’t much left to take out so I decided at the beginning of this month that when my bottle ran out, I was DONE! Time to work on relaxation or meditation or whatever it is I need to do to help my body unwind and sleep the natural way. I am ready to trust that when my body needs it, it will sleep.

I am super nervous because when I am tired I under-hydrate and overeat. When I am tired I am cranky and emotional. When I am tired my skin breaks out and my legs itch. When I am tired I procrastinate and am unproductive. All these things scare me. But using sleep as an excuse to continue being/feeling this way isn’t who I want to be, so I am willing to give up those stories and start taking 100% responsibility for 100% of my life.

PHEW! I’m exhausted! Of course…it is 3am…couldn’t sleep…

Please share your best sleeping tips here! I need all the help I can get!

Why Training for an Ironman is Easier than Getting out of Debt

Why Training For An Ironman Is Easier Than Getting Out of DebtAs a kid I was involved with just about every sport available to me. Basketball, softball, tennis, volleyball, swimming, track, gymnastics, baton, and soccer. Over the years I gravitated toward gymnastics and swimming, finally settling on swimming when at age 12. I was far too large and inflexible to be a gymnast.

One of the reasons I gravitated toward swimming was that for the most part it was an individual sport. I liked the way my success was dependent on only me, as were my failures. I only had myself to blame if I didn’t train hard enough and no one else’s outcome was dependent on my decisions.

Years later, I moved into triathlon, another individual sport, for many of the same reasons.

When I am training for a triathlon, I set up a very routine, regimented, specific schedule for swimming, biking, running, eating, sleeping, and recovery. Unless I decide to change something, it is constant and un-changing. In other words I have 100% control over my training. I like that.

Over the years one of my biggest struggles has been finances. In my life everything that involves money is constantly changing. Income, prices of goods, bills, living expenses, accidents, and emergencies.

Add additional people to the mess (friends, family, husband, pets) and it turns into a world of unknowns…which to a person with natural tendencies that include a type A personality and a love for order and control…can get very overwhelming.

Just today our internet bill went up $10, just yesterday our pipes froze in the RV, and with the ever changing price of gas and fruit, how’s a girl supposed to keep to a budget?

So what is the solution? Apparently it’s the same as the solution to 99% of our first-world problems…flexibility, surrender, and that darn serenity prayer.

Grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change
Courage to change the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference

When I am training for a triathlon I can change pretty much anything if I need to. If it snows, I bike on my trainer, if it’s too cold, I run on the treadmill, if I am sore, I swim, if I am too tired, I rest, and as long as I am paying attention to what I need, I still come out triumphant in the end.

I’m still figuring out how to apply what I have learned in my sports to end up successful in my financial life. Here is what I have so far…

  • It’s a daily practice
  • Be patient (argh)
  • Take baby steps
  • Stay committed to the cause
  • Take breaks if necessary
  • Ask for help (double argh)
  • Trust the process
  • Never give up
  • Stick with the plan
  • Surround myself with supportive positive people

WOW! Looking at that list gives me hope! I may just ROCK THIS yet. I would love any words of wisdom from those who have the financial game mastered.

Join our Financial Freedom group here…
Or join our community here…

Why I Have to do Another Ironman

Why I Have To Do Another IronmanI said I would take a break from triathlon after the Ironman World Championships in Kona…and I will…but I know AT SOME POINT I will HAVE to do another Ironman. WHY? Because I feel like I failed at my last race. Not because of my time or my age group place…I wasn’t expecting to place high at the World Championships, I was TRULY grateful just to have qualified and am proud of myself and understand that just being there was an honor and a great accomplishment.

Here is where the problem lies…

I let the race beat me mentally. I had a much harder bike leg than I anticipated and by the time I got 10 miles into the run, I had talked myself into walking most of the remainder of the race, convincing myself that running wouldn’t really make a difference since I knew I would finish well under the time cut off even with walking the entire 2nd half of the run.

And it worked, I finished in just over 14 hours (cut off is 17 hours), and was happy I finished since it was a long, hard day. I was proud of myself for being there, but I did NOT give it all I had. I cannot honestly say I gave it everything, that I did all I could do that day, that I left it all out on the course…and 3 weeks after the race, that isn’t sitting well with me at all.

I am a big proponent of the Four Agreements. The fourth is “Always Do Your Best”. And I do in most areas of my life on most days. So when things don’t turn out exactly the way I want them to, I am fine with it because I did the best I could at that given moment.

But on Saturday, October 11th, I did NOT do my best, I did not give it everything I had, and I want to. I want to make it up to the sport, to pay respect to the race, and to KNOW in my heart and soul that I gave all I could in that situation on that day.

I know some of my besties will tell me I am being too hard on myself, but I also know that my tri geek peeps will totally get where I am coming from. I appreciate and need both groups of people in my life.

I am grateful for those who challenge my type A, 3 on the enneagram, perfectionist tendencies so I know that what I do and how I perform don’t make up WHO I am and are the only basis’ for how much love I deserve and receive.

On the other hand, I am also thankful for those in my life that make me feel like I’m not the crazy, OCD, addict and can get behind my decisions and fire me up when I need a little extra energy to move toward my goals and dreams.

I have for sure learned a lot about myself from this race and this experience and will take it all so that next time I can finish knowing I gave it ALL!

If you haven’t watched my race report, here it is…

Thanks again for being in my life!

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