Just. Do. It.

Just Do It... I always hear people talk about how hard they work to get to a certain place in their life, whether it's business, financial, relationships, fitness, health, spiritual, etc.I hear people talk about how hard they work to get to a certain place in their life, whether it’s business, financial, relationships, fitness, health, spiritual, etc.

I always feel bad when I hear this because I really don’t feel like I work that hard to make my goals. Today as I was doing intervals on the treadmill, I was thinking about this because, for once, I actually was working pretty hard!!

Since I was working really hard on my intervals, it got me thinking how often do I work hard in my life? And I came up with an answer that kind of surprised me. I don’t think I work hard very often, but what I do is no matter what, I do SOMETHING! No matter how I am feeling that week or day or moment, I just do it!

I know that sounds cheesy like a Nike slogan or something but it’s the truth.

For example, today I had no interest (or motivation) to run at all, but I wanted to get in a short interval run before my massage because I’m racing this weekend and I want to be slightly recovered. PLUS (let’s be honest here) I am trying to stay under myfitnesspal calorie goal and it’s been tough lately…like impossible, so I made myself get on the treadmill. I ran at a super easy pace for a few minutes which got my heart rate up, got the blood flowing through my body and brain, and the endorphins kicked in and I started feeling good! So I actually finished my interval run and here I am!

So I don’t feel like I necessarily work hard for the things that I want, for the things I accomplish in my life, and for my successes, but I do feel like I always do what needs to be done.

Now that I think about it, this is actually in alignment with how I do everything in my life, baby steps. I talk about baby steps all the time, how I take small incremental teeny tiny little steps toward what I want in my life, but I do them over and over and over again and it ends up looking like a success, that I’ve accomplished a goal, that I’ve done something big!!

And what I did today with my intervals is no different.

Last weekend I had a race. On the way there I had told a friend that I didn’t feel like I was ready for this race, that I didn’t feel like I’ve been training enough and that I hadn’t put in the hard work. When all was said and done, I did extremely well on the race. Looking back, I didn’t work hard to train for the race, I just did something every single day toward my goal of doing well in the race.

I have a big race coming up next week and people keep asking me if I am ready for the race. When I think about it, I think no, I’m not ready, I haven’t done hard enough workouts, I haven’t done many long rides or long runs, so no, I don’t feel like I’m ready.

BUT! In reality, I’m ready! I’ve put in the hours. I’ve put in time for the past 19 seasons that I’ve been a triathlete and for the past two years that I’ve been working toward this goal of qualifying and racing at the Ironman World Championships in Kona.

So yes! YES I am ready, whether I feel like it or not, I know I am ready!!

So I guess what I’m saying is that you don’t necessarily have to work hard all the time. Working hard is exhausting, it’s time-consuming, it’s mentally draining, and it’s often frustrating. So don’t do it, don’t work hard ALL the time, just do something, do something every single day. Do something every single day that moves you toward your goal. Do something every single day that move you toward your ideal life.

You will get there before you know it! Trust me!

Check out my updates on my journey to Kona…

And follow my journey when I’m there right here…

And please please please whether you feel like it or not, do something every single day to create your ideal life.

Just. Do. It.

See you soon!

Homework: Plan Ahead For Success (MyFitnessPal)

Homework: Plan Ahead For Success (MyFitnessPal)Typically during the holidays or stressful times or when I’m not training for an ironman, I gain weight. I tend I eat too much and not work out enough. The times where I am successful are short lived and usually I attribute it to relentless planning and discipline. This month I decided to take my planning to the next level for my best chance for success.

I love the app, my fitness pal, and have been using it for the past 3 weeks in a way I hadn’t in the past.

Here is what I have been doing to assure my weight loss/maintenance during stressful times…

1. Put the myfitnesspal app on the bottom row of my phone (dock) so it is always in view when I open my phone so I wouldn’t forget

2. I started utilizing the bar code feature to make my entering food way faster and easier so I would be more likely to use it when I was busy

3. I scheduled time each night before bed to enter the following day’s meals and exercise to make sure they balanced each other out

4. If/when my calories in didn’t balance my calories out, I would make adjustments to the following day’s schedule regarding food and exercise

5. I made this process a high priority for the month of December. In turn, there were only a handful of days where I exceeded my calorie goal. This is the best I have ever done as far as weight loss/maintenance during the month of December. I am excited to repeat this in the months next year when I am traveling, overwhelmed, busy, or anxious. I am slowly becoming better and better at life and am excited to see where I will be a year from now!

Happy New Year!

Stay in touch…


See you soon!

Make Next Year Your Best Year

How To Make Next Year Your Best YearDo you set goals? Do you break them down into “bite sized” pieces so they are easily digestible? Most people don’t do either and I think that is the reason most people don’t have what they want in their life.

I have been working with people on setting health, fitness, personal, and business goals for over 20 years. The reason I think most people don’t keep their new year resolutions (goals) is not because they don’t want to accomplish them, but because they don’t have a plan.

I have been setting and completing the majority of my goals each year for pretty much my entire adult life. I want to show you what I do so you can do it too and have a better chance for making all your dream and goals a reality next year.

Step 1:

Set a goal in each of the following categories…

  • financial/money
  • business/career
  • hobbies/recreation
  • health/wellness
  • relationships/family
  • spirituality/service
  • personal growth

I like to set 2 goals in each but I am an experienced goal setter and have more time than the average person. Well, not more time, we all have 24 hours each day, I’ve just mastered my time management skills. So I would start with one goal in each category.

Step 2:

Rate each goal on a scale from 1-10 on how excited you are about it. If it’s under an 8, change it!! You will never work to accomplish anything you’re not excited or passionate about.

Step 3:

For each goal, break it down to what you need to do in January to reach your goal by December. For example one of my goals is to have $15K in an emergency fund. So to start on track throughout the year I need to save $1,250 a month. Another one of my goals is to read a book on leadership every month.

Easy to break it down, this month pick a book and read it!

Step 4:

Make a list of all the daily/weekly activities you need to do to reach each goal. Using my example of savings I could put on my list: sell something, teach a class, make something to sell, market what I already have made, promote my amazon affiliate link, pick up an extra job, sub fitness class, spend less on food, limit eating out, check auto insurance plans, use less electricity, drive less, work business more, etc. I could go on and on but you get the point.

Step 5:

Schedule time to do your activities toward each goal. This is the most important step in my opinion. If you are waiting for extra time to get this stuff done, you’ll be waiting forever. No one has “spare” time!

We make time for what is important to us!! I have met people who like to argue with me saying they are too busy for anything extra, but again, we all have 24 hours in a day and we all get to choose how we spend it. So don’t consider your goals and dream “extra”. Make them a priority and schedule them into your day!

Step 6:

Get an accountability partner…or two. This is the next important step imo. I have success partners for every category in my life, and they are all different people. Most I do a weekly or monthly call/meeting with. This is a great way to keep you on track even when you don’t “feel like” staying on task, which as we know is often!!

Step 7:

Write all of this down and hang it up where you see it every single day. We all know out of sight out of mind. Don’t miss out on your goals and dreams just because you forgot all about them!!!

Step 8:

Just do it!! Do something right now toward one of your goals. Research shows people who take action immediately are more likely to achieve results.

If you have no idea what your goals are, I can help! I have a free 7 day video course to help you figure it out! You can find it at:

>> www.ItTotallyMatters.com

And if you are looking for some inspiration to stay on track, here are a couple more articles to keep you dreaming…

Thanks for being part of my life!

See you soon!

The Importance of Knowing Your Mission

The Importance of Knowing Your MissionIn the world of Personal Growth, your Mission is a big deal. In network marketing we call it your “why”.

It took me years to figure mine out. Partially because I was comparing what I wanted to other people and so mine ended up seemingly small and selfish, and partially because I was so wrapped up in my own world of learning to take care of myself that I couldn’t see the forest through the trees…or whatever that saying is.

I spent time in workshops and seminars figuring out what my passions are, what I wanted to do with my life, and how I wanted to impact the world with my Mission. I met people who wanted to stop world hunger and cure cancer and put clothing on all the precious babies on this earth. I couldn’t compete with that! All the ideas I came up with were so small and insignificant so I always thought I needed to come up with something bigger and more impactful.

So I did…for the workshops…and I shared them with others and they all thought it sounded great. But I got home less than excited about my new found life’s Mission. So obviously that wasn’t it.

Back to the drawing board. I talked with Life Coaches about it and came up with more of the same. I couldn’t come up with anything worthy of a Mission that got me passionate and excited about my life.

One day while talking with one of my Life Coaches, Kim, about just this topic, she asked, what is it that you want to do with your life if it could be anything you wanted it to be. That was easy…I wanted to live my life exactly the way I wanted to and for that to be enough to inspire someone to want to make theirs better.

“So why can’t that be your mission” she asked me.

“Because it’s not big enough or important enough and kind of selfish.”

“How is inspiring people selfish?”

Well okay then! Problem solved…I found my mission in life. I spent the next couple weeks tweaking it until it ended up as this…

My Mission is to Inspire Hope and Life Transformation

And that makes me super excited!!

So why is this so important and what made me write about it? One day last week I was posting my usual stuff on Facebook. My meals, workouts, positive quotes, etc. I send a daily text with a health/fitness/nutrition tip (text me at 970-214-7745 with your first name and FT if you want to start receiving it) and then I post it in one of my groups, fan pages, or on my timeline.

This day I posted it on my timeline. I got a comment saying: Could you give it a rest. Yah you’re in great shape. I know you’re trying to get others on board with your mission but maybe some find it offensive that you have all the time in the world to do so. You’re doing great with your physicality but everyone needs to know at all times? I may be completely out of line but you should think about it.

In the past I would have taken that very personally and been upset, but because I have read THE FOUR AGREEMENTS like 100 times (http://amzn.to/1J0j4WB) and I believe 100% in my Mission and why I am posting all my stuff for the world to see…and criticize…I responded with compassion and love.

OK…full disclosure…not initially…my first response was a little defensive…I let him know that I am a health/nutrition coach so posting health/fitness related stuff on social media actually IS my job.

When you KNOW your Mission and believe 100% in what you are doing, nothing anyone can say or do can stop you from moving forward. There will ALWAYS be “haters” and you will always get to decide how you want to respond. I choose love. No matter what your Mission is, love will always help move you in the right direction.

For today, choose love.


See you soon!

Happy New Year!!

Happy New YearI LOVE the New Year. I love fresh beginnings, goals, resolutions, bettering myself and my life, planning, reflecting, and all that goes along with a new day, week, month and ESPECIALLY year!

I think it’s HILARIOUS when people say “I don’t make resolutions because they don’t ever last” like they are blaming the resolution for not making it past January! Come on peeps…get with the program!

To me a resolution is something you really want to change about yourself or your life. Something that will improve your current situation, something that is realistic, and something you are willing to make a priority.

I think where most people go wrong (including myself) is that we ADD to our lives without TAKING OUT something. I don’t know about you but my life is pretty full. My time, money, energy, and focus are already used on something every hour of every day. This leaves no extra of ANYTHING to spare. So if I want to add something that takes time, money, energy, or focus, I have to give something up.

If you DO have extra lying around, YAY!! Go for it…and YOU ROCK! If not, here are some things you can think about when making decisions on what you are going to change in 2015.

In my opinion, making lasting changes is all about priorities. What is important to YOU. Take 10 minutes and go through this quick, easy process. I do this monthly to help decision making easier throughout the month. If I am given a choice between this and that, I look at my list of priorities and whatever is higher on the list, wins. This makes decision making super fast and easy.

For example…

If I am tired and want to go to bed early but I have to make a video for my business, I look at my list.

What is higher on the list, sleep or building my biz? If it’s sleep that month (or week…you can change your priorities weekly if your life changes quickly), then I go to bed, if it’s building my business, I stay up.

It’s as simple as that!

Another example…

If you are asked to volunteer at your kid’s school but you need to get your workout in and you only have time to do one, you look at your list. If exercise is higher on the list than volunteering, you head to the gym. If not, you head to the school.

I think you got the idea. SIMPLE…but not always easy. Especially for those used to saying YES to everything!!

Here is how you make your priority list for the month…

1. At the end of the previous month (or as soon as you realize you didn’t make your list for that month) you look at your calendar and write down EVERY SINGLE thing you have going on in the month.

2. Now add in the activities that make up your health, financial, career, personal, and relationship goals.

3. Add in anything you may have missed that you just habitually do (like sleep, cook, clean, sex, etc).

4. Categorize anything that can be lumped together.

5. If you have more than 20 categories, lump more!

6. Put them in order of importance to you AT THAT MOMENT. Remember life is ever changing so you can re-prioritize when something dramatically changes. If you are having a hard time choosing between 2 or 3 categories, take a minute to think which is moving you MORE toward the life of your dreams. If you are still stuck, think about which will make your life better immediately.

7. Read through your list OUT LOUD (oh by the way, you do NOT have to show anyone your list if you aren’t ready to make your life and what you want a priority. Keep it to yourself until you have people in your life who support every move you make) and make changes to your order until you believe this is the best order for YOU at this moment.

8. Put the list where you will see it daily…or again, if it’s a bit of a secret right now, just put it where you can easily access it when faced with a decision. I keep mine in my planner.

9. Share your list with someone you trust, if you are ready.

10. Have the best year EVER!!

If you have any questions at all about this process, feel free to message me on our community page at…


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Every year my life gets better and better. Every January my husband, Rick, and I look at each other and say “This is going to be our best year ever”. We have MANY ups and downs, but our general trajectory is UP and it’s because of processes like this I have been using every single month for the past 8 years.

Here is another technique I use whenever I feel my life is spinning out of control…


Happy New Year and I honestly DO hope yours is your best EVER!!

Finance: What I learned about my business while biking 120 miles

BLOG POST :: What I learned about my business while biking 120 milesLast weekend I participated in a cycling event called the Triple Bypass. It’s a 120 mile bike ride over 3 mountain passes in the Rockies. Stunning scenery, heart pounding climbs, and screaming descents pretty much sums up the day.

During my 10 hour ride, I was thinking about the lessons I was learning and realized I could also apply these lessons to my business.

1. Don’t compare yourself to others.

We are all at a different place in our lives, all here on a different journey, and have our own reasons for everything we do. There will always be people ahead of you and behind you. Stay in your own lane and focus on what you can do to make YOUR journey most beneficial to you and others.

2. Ask for advice.

When I was getting tired on the ride, I asked a girl if she knew what was coming up, and she did. Her telling me we had 8 miles of rollers until a 4 mile climb really helped me come up with a plan for those next 12 miles. Without the help and advice of others who have already accomplished what we are working to do, we are more inclined to make silly mistakes or have unnecessary setbacks.

3. Enjoy the journey.

You can’t know exactly how ANYTHING will turn out in the end, so you may as well enjoy every step of the way. Always be on the lookout for lessons and learning experiences, but also breathe in your surroundings and be grateful for the amazing life you are living. Whether it’s breathtaking scenery or the relationships you build along the way to your destination, remember to be present and soak in the moment.

4. Everything is better with good friends in your corner.

One of my favorite parts of the ride was running into my friend Wendy and we rode a couple of hours together. But before we met up, just knowing she was out on the course with me and we would be meeting at the end was enough to make me realize how many amazing people I have in my life. I don’t believe in luck, but I will say I have attracted some pretty incredible people into my business AND personal world.

Wayne Gretzky said “You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take”. This can apply to sports, business, and life! So stop comparing yourself to others, ask for advice, enjoy your journey, be grateful for the supportive people you have surrounding you, and go out there and take a shot!