Stay Sane and Maintain Your Weight Through the Holidays

Stay Sane and Maintain Your Weight During The HolidaysWhen I went full-time as a personal trainer, I wanted to come up with programs that could help my clients stay motivated throughout the holiday season even when I wasn’t there to coach them at every office celebration, every stressful shopping day, and every holiday party.

I spent hours and hours writing up meal plans and fun workouts they could do with their friends and families when they were too busy to get to the gym. I encouraged them to sign up for 5Ks and ski trips and other active activities, but without fail, New Year’s Day would arrive and I would have sad clients who ate their way through November and December instead of moving their way through it.

I wanted to do more but didn’t know what I could do since I couldn’t follow each person around all day long and give them motivating words and help them make different choices. And back then we didn’t have social media or text to easily stay in touch each and every day!

Around the same time, I was diving deep into personal growth and development. I was learning not only about myself and how to become a better version of me, but also more about others and how we all operate. In general we do not like pain. We don’t like giving things up that we love. This is why we choose comfort (sitting on the couch watching a show instead of hitting the gym before bed) and why we call ice cream a comfort food and not broccoli.

I began to think about all the things most people love and find value in. Something most people do not want to give up. Something that hurts when lost. A-HA! Money! People hate to lose money and when money is on the line, they may re-think the bet!

So I started a program where my client’s holiday activities (or lack thereof) affected their pocket book.

To join, each person gave me $20. If they maintained their weight between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, they got their $20 back. If they gained weight, they lost their $20 and I donated it to a local charity. And IT WORKED!!! The following year out of my 18 person “test group” only 2 had gained weight! And a few even lost weight! WHAT??? Amazing results! I continued this challenge for the next 7 years at the gym. It grew each year with excellent results. Clients even started wagering with each other who could lose the most weight, run the fastest, lift the heaviest, etc. Money talks!

As I transitioned from a “gym” coach to an “online” coach, I wanted to continue the tradition. So here are the deets…

The cost is $20. If you GAIN weight, you lose your $20, if you MAINTAIN, you get your $20 back. At the end of the program I will donate any money we have left over to a charity of my choice.

To join, paypal me $20, make sure your name is on the order AND you put it is to family and friends so you aren’t charged a fee. My paypal acct is

Next, join our support group here…

I will be posting articles, workouts, and recipes DAILY! Plus, you can use each other for support and accountability!

On Thursday morning (Thanksgiving), weight yourself and document it (pics are perfect for this) in the group.

I recommend weighing yourself WEEKLY as to avoid a “surprise” 5 pounds 😉

On January 1st , weight yourself first thing in the morning.

Post your results!

Get your money back (if all goes well).

I would love to have you join us this year. Email or text me if you have specific questions…

970-214- 7745

See you soon!!