The Adventures of Garden Girl: Mint

The Adventures of Garden Girl: MintSo I decided to grow Mint next. I saw a little Mint plant at the store and it look liked it needed rescuing!!

Plus, since I stopped using toothpaste last year, I feel like my breath could use some freshening and I could just chomp on a Mint leaf every now and again.

I bought a pot and still have a HUGE bag of organic soil so I repotted the plant and read the care instructions…

Direct sunlight, water every other day. I have been following that to a tee (I think) and my Mint isn’t doing so well. The leaves are getting brown on the ends and drying up. Does that mean I need more water? Ahhh…this plant thing is hard!

I googled and OF COURSE there are 5 different people giving 5 different advices. My heart tells me to water it more but my head tells me to follow the original instructions. Again…this is why I don’t have kids.

On a positive note, the mint tastes and smells amazing. And it totally works for my fresh breath plan.

And if any of you are curious about my no toothpaste journey, don’t worry, I still brush and floss. I floss once a day and brush my teeth twice a day with water. Every other day I brush with a combo of baking soda and coconut oil. My teeth have never felt cleaner. They don’t get “fuzzy” like they used to and I don’t feel like I am ingesting crappy artificial sweeteners and weird ingredients. And it’s 100x cheaper

than the natural toothpastes I have been buying the past 5 years. I still buy them for my hubby, but that makes them last twice as long! I am super happy with my teeth care system I have been using for almost a full year now.

Back to Mint…

I will take ANY Mint and general herb advice. What should I grow next? Something easy that “grows like weeds”!!

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See you next week!