The Importance of Knowing Your Mission

The Importance of Knowing Your MissionIn the world of Personal Growth, your Mission is a big deal. In network marketing we call it your “why”.

It took me years to figure mine out. Partially because I was comparing what I wanted to other people and so mine ended up seemingly small and selfish, and partially because I was so wrapped up in my own world of learning to take care of myself that I couldn’t see the forest through the trees…or whatever that saying is.

I spent time in workshops and seminars figuring out what my passions are, what I wanted to do with my life, and how I wanted to impact the world with my Mission. I met people who wanted to stop world hunger and cure cancer and put clothing on all the precious babies on this earth. I couldn’t compete with that! All the ideas I came up with were so small and insignificant so I always thought I needed to come up with something bigger and more impactful.

So I did…for the workshops…and I shared them with others and they all thought it sounded great. But I got home less than excited about my new found life’s Mission. So obviously that wasn’t it.

Back to the drawing board. I talked with Life Coaches about it and came up with more of the same. I couldn’t come up with anything worthy of a Mission that got me passionate and excited about my life.

One day while talking with one of my Life Coaches, Kim, about just this topic, she asked, what is it that you want to do with your life if it could be anything you wanted it to be. That was easy…I wanted to live my life exactly the way I wanted to and for that to be enough to inspire someone to want to make theirs better.

“So why can’t that be your mission” she asked me.

“Because it’s not big enough or important enough and kind of selfish.”

“How is inspiring people selfish?”

Well okay then! Problem solved…I found my mission in life. I spent the next couple weeks tweaking it until it ended up as this…

My Mission is to Inspire Hope and Life Transformation

And that makes me super excited!!

So why is this so important and what made me write about it? One day last week I was posting my usual stuff on Facebook. My meals, workouts, positive quotes, etc. I send a daily text with a health/fitness/nutrition tip (text me at 970-214-7745 with your first name and FT if you want to start receiving it) and then I post it in one of my groups, fan pages, or on my timeline.

This day I posted it on my timeline. I got a comment saying: Could you give it a rest. Yah you’re in great shape. I know you’re trying to get others on board with your mission but maybe some find it offensive that you have all the time in the world to do so. You’re doing great with your physicality but everyone needs to know at all times? I may be completely out of line but you should think about it.

In the past I would have taken that very personally and been upset, but because I have read THE FOUR AGREEMENTS like 100 times ( and I believe 100% in my Mission and why I am posting all my stuff for the world to see…and criticize…I responded with compassion and love.

OK…full disclosure…not initially…my first response was a little defensive…I let him know that I am a health/nutrition coach so posting health/fitness related stuff on social media actually IS my job.

When you KNOW your Mission and believe 100% in what you are doing, nothing anyone can say or do can stop you from moving forward. There will ALWAYS be “haters” and you will always get to decide how you want to respond. I choose love. No matter what your Mission is, love will always help move you in the right direction.

For today, choose love.


See you soon!