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Become A Sponsor - Kirsten SmithI Would LOVE to Promote Your Biz or Cause

When it comes to DOING things, there are 3 activities I love more than most…

1. Racing (swimming, running, triathlon)

2. Social Media (connecting, building relationships, sharing)

3. Helping Others (business, personal, discover/nurture passions)

So I did some pondering on HOW I can combine all 3 to create a win/win/win situation. With the help of my HI-D Success Partner Tara from Marketing Artfully, we came up with a brilliant idea that achieves my goal of doing more of all 3 while creating value for all involved! YIPEEE!!

I am offering SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES for your business or cause. You can either sponsor ONE event, ONE event per month, or FOUR events per month.

This is a cost effective way for you to get your biz/cause out there for 4 reasons.

1. Social Media is THE way to get heard these days

2. I have LOTS of friends, followers, private groups, and interactions on social media

3. I usually place well in all my races so I am on the podium, in pics, and am WELL seen at my events.

4. I hang around after the races and build relationships, meet new people, and chat with athletes, spectators, and volunteers

Here is what I am giving you…

1. Your logo, website, cause, etc displayed on my racing gear on race day

2. Your logo, website, cause, etc displayed on 2 facebook timelines for 7 days with almost 10,000 friends

3. Your business, website, cause or any other shout out mentioned in my race report video on youtube

4. For monthly sponsors, I will mention your business or cause daily on facebook, twitter, and Instagram

5. For monthly sponsors, I will join facebook groups (1-4 depending on your level of sponsorship) with your target market as members and mention your business, product, cause, event, promotion, etc at least once a week

If you don’t own a business or have a cause close to your heart you support, but you think I would be a good fit for someone you know of, I would be TRIPLE grateful for a referral or at least a mention.

I am super excited about this program!

Email me at to discuss details and costs and to get an application.